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My name is Katarzyna Hasnik

In my artistic career in Fine Arts, I am discovering various themes, mediums, techniques, and styles. Most likely the one which applies to me as a true calling is a figurative surrealism within a subject of theology, monotheism, polytheism, religion, symbolism, and humanism with a hint of iconic tradition but in a more provocative, unapologetic, radically honest direction to question us humans, our true essence and honest values and our relationship with Him, God and Life itself. The second theme is the relationship between your own body within the awareness and acceptance as well as two sexes and two genders: female and male in loving sensual and sexual acts to bring more intimacy and connection to our life with our significant other in a monogamous lasting dedicated relationship in the era where promoting polygamic casual fling became a glorified "norm", in social media, movies and music industry, which I stand firmly opposite.

Katarzyna Hasnik_4.jpg


May 2023

Best Design Award

Design Rush

May 2023 till present

Fine Arts Artists' Association

Howth Yacht Club

January 2019 till present

Drawin' Together Association

September 2018 till present

Best Design Award

Design Rush

October-November 2020

Fine Arts Artists' Association

Howth Yacht Club

International Best Design Award, in Communication Visual Design, UX/UI Design, Communication App "Small Talk". Design Rushread more

Fine Artists' Collaborative Group at Howth Yacht Club, Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Fine Arts at HYC

Drawin' Together - Artists' Group - artspace and individual and collaborative Fine Arts projects, Ireland. Drawin' Together

VIA, IAA - Visual Artist Ireland and International Association of Art, Member.

Visual Communication Posters "Women's Strike", Poland. Plakat Na Strajk

December 2019

Drawin' Together Association

Drawin' Together - Charity Laura Lynn Artistic Project of 24 Artists, Illustrators, Designers, Ireland. Laura Lynn

May-September 2016-2018

Dublin Canvas

Dublin Canvas Projects, Dublin, Ireland.

July 2017

Fine Arts Artists' Association

Howth Yacht Club

"Style" in Photography, Women's Photography Project, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

May-June 2010-2013

Colour Dublin Project

Colour Dublin Project, Dublin, Ireland. 


May 2023 - May 2024

Howth Yacht Club Gallery

Howth Sailors and Artists, Collective Exhibition, Howth Yacht Club, Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

March 2023

Institute of Art, Design + Technology

Collective Exhibitions of Master of Arts and Bachelor Honours Students, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.

March 2019-2020


ArtExpo, Collective Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain and Maimi, USA.

August 2019


ArtExpo, Collective Exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland.

May 2019

Gallery X

"Cock and Pussy", Gallery X, Collective Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland.

April-May 2019


ARTBOX.TALENT, Artbox Project, Collective Exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland.

October - November 2018


ARTBOX.TALENT, Artbox Project, Collective Exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland.

March 2018


"ArtFair - Collective Exhibition", ArtBox Projects, Collective Exhibition, New York, USA.

August 2017

Gallery X

"Cock and Pussy" Collective Exhibition, Gallery X, Dublin, Ireland.

June 2017


"Basel Collective Exhibition" - ArtBox Projects, Collective Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland.

June 2017

FilmBase Gallery

"Wonder" Illustrations Group Exhibition - FilmBase Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. FilmBase

May-September 2010-2013

D-Light Gallery

"Homeless" "Black and White" "Portrait" Collective Exhibition, D-Light Gallery, Photography Installations, Dublin, Ireland.

2009 - 2010

Various Galleries

Collective Exhibitions organized by Oakland College in various galleries, in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and London City, United Kingdom.


Various Galleries

Collective Exhibitions in various galleries organized by the University of Trade in Łódź, Piotrków Trybunalski, Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland.



Master of Arts

Institute of Art, Design + Technology

Master of Arts, Design for Change, Level 9 - Strategic Research, UX/UI Design, Visual Communication and Editorial Design, at Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.


Professional Diplomas

Career Foundry

Professional Diplomas in UX/UI Design, Frontend Development for Designers, and Voice UI Design, at Career Foundry, Berlin, Germany.



Dublin Business School

Diploma, Level 7 in Digital Marketing at Dublin Business School, Dublin, Ireland.



Illustori Academy

Digital and Manual Illustration Boot Camp, at Illustori Academy, Dublin, Ireland.


Professional Certifications

New Horizon

Professional Certifications in Digital and Print Visual Communication Graphic Design at e.g. New Horizon in Dublin, Ireland.



Oakland College

Certifications in Fine Arts (Drawing, Painting, Jewellery, Screenprinting) at Oakland College, Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.


Bachelor Honours

University of Trade

Bachelor Honours, Level 8 in Computer Graphics, Visual Communication Graphic Design and Fine Arts (Drawing, Painting, Analogue, Digital Photography, Digital Media, Graphics), at University of Trade, Łódź, Poland.




Fine Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Pottery, Screenprinting, Analogue, Digital Photography, Screenprinting, Digital Media, Computer Graphics) courses during secondary and primary school in Zakopane, Kraków, Katowice, Będzin, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland.

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