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Everything starts with a thought and than a plan

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Let's take under loop a handmade chocolate with a twist. Do apply and add/change/delete points as you wish. But generally the process is the same.

  1. Research and analyse the market - pros and cons, competitors direct and indirect.

  2. Meet the current supplier or potential investors, business partners - e.g. chocolate factory - meeting with a fair trade organisation.

  3. Arrange written and verbal communication before actual face to face or video meeting.

  4. Investigate their processes - learn from supplier.

  5. Ask for the the potential production of chocolate for a new client - meaning YOU.

  6. Spread the range of saving, own investing money flow, word of mouth - to the right people, business partners, investors, e.g. Dragon Den - go forward - on TV - business investments.

  7. Do you have a total new idea, or a really stand out logo, brand name - start registering process (trademark, register mark, patent the idea if necessary and if super different than anything otherwise TM or R) when all steps above including process of service/production is getting started well.

  8. Samples - produce samples only. No branding, packaging yet. Just brief low impact invest to present. Scale up when ready. Start small. There will be time for more.

  9. Test with test group: users/customers, business partners, investors.

  10. Run analysis.

  11. When approved, go to Local Enterprise - e.g. food, education, social industry grants.

  12. Do you need e.g. mold for chocolate? Who will do it, who will produce it, who will print and pack it, who will transport? Pay for Service to be done - top class.

  13. Research accurate audience, market - e.g. handmade chocolate - local market in Howth.

  14. Deadline to arrange real meetings and productions start.

  15. Brand locally and after globally - e.g. Irish Chocolate.

  16. Design the design with high quality digital presents and print brand packaging.

  17. Pack - be ready before. Test small quantity on high quality.

  18. Market. Sell. Test. Sell. Sell. Market. Test. Sell. and so on.

  19. Enjoy, share and grow. Pay back investors. Share profit with business partners.

  20. Keep engage audience/customers.

That's how to you craic the cocaine by thoughts process. Cocaine in this case is a speed of process. No need for lectures, how to do it, the how will find the way. Just start doing.

Power of meditation comes within the clear thoughts to erase the blockage by affirmation of want to come. Check Russell Brand when bored. Otherwise keep going.

Generate - Create - Organise - Change - Cancel - Destroy - Start again

Do not be afraid of falling down? It is a pleasant ride up and down. Lift.

Help of Jupiter - index finger - point direction and Moon - little finger - point the shadow within.


Eureka - εὕρηκα (heúrēka, “I have found”) by Archimedes

If the idea is that brilliant

- document to register in Patent Office of the country, Patent Attorney advice etc.

- application form

- full description

- restricted patent or protection

- short description

- drawings

Register Mark and Trademark

- exclusive right, protection but not a patent.

It is only for a trademark, trademark, logo, e.g. choco yogi, choco yoga, choco yogi

- R, TM - the symbol, shape, created logo, brand

- under the license deal

Industrial or utility design exclusive right

- the WIPO system in Madrid, international agreement - License in Ireland, Poland

- full, limited, exclusive, non-exclusive agreement on a trademark

- a trademark of the European Union

Patent is the idea, to have it the real ready to go product needs to be established at least on the paper. There is no need for patent but for a trademark TM or Register Mark R.

Values of Company, Brand and Product/Service grows with established, proof TM, R or Patent before meeting Investors

  • Contact offices of TM, R and Patents.

  • Phone lines do provide all information and answers to questions.

  • Info-line for Vat payers, business owners - check this out in Ireland.

  • TM, R or patent displays in the TAX / VAT payment balance, as it is expenses of company.

  • The Quality Added as Patent and must be priced.

  • It gives extra perspective for Investors when asking for invests when the company is having patent, TM or R but only if needed (patent). For anything what is already existing on the market TM or R is enough. TM or R depending on the country most likely.

Mindful Bites

As the name of the brand and all various products under one umbrella company

E.g. Healthy lunch snacks, fruits, salads, crackers, cookies etc.

Sub-name of products: Yogi Chocolates

Heading / sub-heading / sub-text - "Breath in and Breath Out etc. Love in and Love out etc., I offer you a piece of ..."

Proposed MVP 1, 2, 3 products within chocolate range:

Sub-names and types/taste:

Breath in Love, Breath out Love etc.

I offer you a piece of:

1/ Love (with strawberries)

2/ Acceptance (with sea salt)

3/ Appreciation (with orange)

4/ Tolerance (white, brown - black layers)

5/ Passion (with chillies)

6/ Health (90% cacao)

7/ Wealth (with almonds)

8/ Abundance (with mix nuts and dried fruits)

9/ Joy (with cream layer)

10/ Freedom (milky)

11/ Peace (vegan)

12/ Strength (with extra protein)

13/ Compassion (with pistachios)

14/ Balance (cookie layer crunch

15/ Friendship (with caramel)

16/ Powerfulness (with mint)

17/ Beauty (white)

18/ Wisdom ( dark and bites of plums)

19/ Happiness (cherry and dark)

20/ Trust (dark and crunch)

21/ Positivity (peanut butter and milk)

22/ Gratitude

23/ Devotion

24/ Healing

25/ Spirituality

26/ Openness

27/ Expression (colours - jelly)

28/ Forget and Forgive and Let go

Range of Selfies

1/ Self-esteem

2/ Self-expression

3/ Self-healing

4/ Self-love

5/ Self-care

6/ Self-compassion

7/ Self-confidence

How to promote

- faces of people (realistic not photoshop too much) send your photo or come to photo session to be together with us.

- names of people - international all kind - meaning of the name and origin, various spellings.

Establish Quality

Organic, Fair trade, Great Taste, 5 stars Producer, awards - price for the range of products)

e.g. We have won 18 awards so far

Swiss Made, Irish Made, Made in Switzerland, Made in Ireland

Peru Dom Rep (cacao origin)

Ch-Bio - 006 - EU Agriculture or Non-EU Agriculture


Fundopo in the Dominican Republic

Cocabo in Panama

Acopagro and El Quinacho in Peru

Slogan - Eat slowly and let it joyfully melt in your mouth

Chakra Fairies Range

Male/Female fairies on the packages - emoji type or more artistic - but kind, looking friendly not as in the real mythology, little drawings of fairies and chakra/runas/alchemic/horoscope symbols etc. Simple symbols on the top.

Primary Yogic Tradition

1. Root - breath in and breath out: security

2. Sacral - breath in and breath out: creativity

3. Solar Plexus - breath in and breath out: confidence

4. Heart - breath in and breath out: love

5. Throat - breath in and breath out: communication

6. Third Eye - breath in and breath out: intuition

7. Crown - breath in and breath out: enlightenment

Advert text

Mindful Bits, Mindful Treats or Mindful Chocolate


Treat Yourself

Take it slowly

Melt it and

Enjoy it

Take a deep breath in

and just feel it

How lovely is it


Oh Yes, it is Mindful Treats

I love art, I love nature,

I love yoga, I love design,

I love travel, I love money, but the most of all I love chocolate

and off course You

All I want for Christmas

is Chocolate, and be Mindful, Mindful, Mindful

Mindful Treats, Mindful Chocolate

Life is beautiful when the chocolate melts in your mouth

Meaningful and mindful way of enjoying your little Treats of Moments

My Story is Yours too - The Humble Beginning

Hungry for more than monthly pay checks, jobs which gives you specific skills and position but never really fulfil your potential. That's how business was made. Inspired by movie Joy, The Pursuit of Happyness, me a humble immigrant, brave adventures, creative designer, quirky artist, yoga and meditation teacher, Montessori teacher, holistic therapist and most of all chocolate lover. As Steve Jobs said, now I see all the dots from the past came into a place in one smooth order. Career and business can be linear but can be as well horizontal 360° degree as Indigenous Native Americans Indians would say and live by.

Never be afraid of being different.

Research available name for the domain/brand - food co-operative business, mostly base in the UK - exist already

To be verify once again:

mindful treats

mindful eats and treats

mindful chocolate - meditation books

mindful heart

mindful yogi




Mindful taste

Check Nastle - short/neat/clear/easy/one word

Yogi Bites

Yogi Chocolates

Choco Yogi

Yogi Cholocates

Breath in & out = BREATHIN&OUT - other languages

Samples of mold - one of many range - start small, grow big - have a fun, feel a joy of process, step into it with one solid foot and when approved with two, take risk with approval of production, sells, customers opinion (wants, needs, goals), profit, investors. Have a luck, local, national and international.

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