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Katarzyna Hasnik, the 7th Wizard, says Hello to You. 😊 Do you know that Every Wizard has a hat? 🧙🏻‍♂️


There are The Sixth Edward de Bono's Thinking Hats. White for Facts, Data and Neutrality. Red for Feelings and Intuition. Yellow for Benefits, Values and Optimism. Green for Creative Ideas and Energy Growth. Blue for Planning and Organising. Black for Cautions of Risks, Constructive Feedbacks and Logical Reasons. And there is the 7th Magical Hat. This is a crucial one. Let it surprise you when we meet. 🤓


Katarzyna is a highly motivated, determined and creative Senior Lead UX/UI Designer, Strategic and Innovative UX Researcher and Executive Consultant, UX/UI Design Tutor and Mentor with a passion for Business and UX methodologies (Lean UX, Double Diamond, Design Thinking, Human Centre Design (Uuser-Product-Customer), Agile, Sprints, Scrum Master etc.), pixel-perfect precision, user-friendly products, service design, and eye-catching visual aesthetics. With 15+years of experience in Visual Communication Creative Graphics, User Interface and User Experience Research and Design with directing, management, seniority leadership and executive consultancy roles and skills combined together for various industries with experience in software systems, vehicle recovery, navigation, insurance, digital marketing, physical recreation, sports, mental health & wellbeing, public health, pharmaceuticals, logistics, retails, merchandising fashion, hotel & tourism industry, fine arts, art galleries and exhibitions, early education, special needs, and charities. 

I have the ability to bring everything I have learned over the years to User Experience by applying skills of researching target audiences, interacting with customers and clients, conducting, testing, interviewing users and prototyping wireframes. My intuitive and creative understanding of visual design, high standard problem-solving skills are my professional assets that lead to well-balanced excellence.

Because of my positive mindset, I can cope with time pressure and work with the highest performance to meet deadlines. 

I have strong communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills and I am an excellent team player. Your company will surely benefit from my creative imagination, education, knowledge, techy UI Design, and UX Design skills. 

Katarzyna Hasnik_UX UI Designer.jpg
Katarzyna Hasnik_UX UI Designer.jpg
Katarzyna Hasnik_UX UI Designer.jpg
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