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what makes me tick and wake up in a good mood to be a great team leader and a successful executive?


  • National and International Collective Fine Arts Exhibitions at Galleries and Art Shows.


  • Teacher of Fine Arts, Drawing, Painting and Design to Adults.

  • Member of International Artist Association, Visual Artist Ireland, Drawings' Together Artists’ Group, ArtBox Project and Talent.

  • Member of the Irish Sailing Association, Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club, National Yacht Club Dún Laoghaire and Howth Yacht Club. Tallship Race. Race Committee Recording Assistant at Volvo Dún Laoghaire Regatta in category Cape 31, Cruiser 0, 1 and 2.

  • Holistic Wellness Health and Life Coach and Member of Yoga Alliance and Register Yoga School.

  • Making good changes by contributing time and talent by creating illustrations, paintings and designing projects for Irish Charities. Collective Illustrations Calendar for Laura Lynn Hospice. Vodafone Fine Arts Charity Project.

  • Passionate Runner at 5 k Park Run, Coast Run, and Half Marathon in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Member of UX/UI Design Tech Professional Networking National and International Groups. Speaker at Events and Webinars.

  • Road Trips, Horse Riding, Hiking, Old School Bicycle, Ice Skating, Diving and more. Theatre, Music Concerts,... = Love Life.

  • Just relaxing and doing nothing with a good book in front of the fireplace (hard copy, no e-reader, yet...).


16 personalities: Advocate INFJ-T

“Nothing lights up Advocates like creating a solution that changes people’s lives.”

Top 10 VIA Character Strengths:

1. Creativity
Brainstorming, coming up with new ideas, designing, creating eye-catchy, aesthetic visuals.

2. Perspective

Seeing opportunities versus issues, keep evolving and investing in personal & professional growth.

3. Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

Noticing beauty in design, surroundings, seeing imperfection as beauty unique to human nature.

4. Love of learning

Tech-savvy (AI, AR, VR, programs, tools, and skills), constantly learning and expanding knowledge.

5. Love

Positive, mindful, joyous approach to life, gratitude for what I have and who I am.

6. Curiosity

Ever-expanding interest in the world and everything I am fascinated about.

7. Honesty

Honest, responsible, believing in work ethics.

8. Bravery

Fearless and determined to take actions as actions speak more than words.

9. Leadership

Being able and willing to lead the team to reach the best goal-oriented solutions.

10. Teamwork

Adaptive collaborator, engaged in helping others.

Work-Ethic matters 🤓

The cat icon made by Freepik from

I redesigned the cat's eyes. Thanks, guys for a batcat.


Just to bring a bit of joy to this serious designer pixel-perfect part of me, here I share a few nicknames "titles" from the last companies, events and my mates' circle. Enjoy a bit of laughter. 😁

When you will be my teammate or client you can add another one to the ever-expanding list. 😏


7th Wizard, Tiny Noodle, Road Runner, Queen K, Dragon Rider, Magical Irish Fairy, Warrior of Light, Enthusiastic Citizen of Planet Earth, Stella Noris, 

Eclectic Witch, Leisure Sailor Girl, Lady Warrior, Solly, Inspector Gadget, Defender of Justice, Twinkle Toes...You get the feeling. 😉

There are just a few. Trust me there is more.

Would you like to invite me for a drink? 

Here is a clue. Sophisticated well-designed place from minimalistic, and elegant to classical. Relaxing and Cozy...

Red Wine vs White Wine definitely Red.

Coffee or Tea of course Coffee.

I have an outdoor Black Cat COOLIO.

The best Master of Zen ever.

The King of his land, all Neighbourhoods. 😎

Truly My Best Meditation Teacher,
who enjoys his freedom so do I.




One day, the owner of a wolfdog. 🐺  

That's my wish to You.  🙃  
P.S.: Dog must have massive land around the mansion house. That's a deal but that's for retirement time.

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