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9 Ways to Use AI in the Workplace

Rather than replacing human professionals, AI applications take a complementary role in the workplace and improve overall efficiency. Here are nine actionable ways to use artificial intelligence, no matter your industry.

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9 Ways to Use AI in the Workplace

Few people can turn on the news today without hearing a story about recent trends in artificial intelligence. Whether the coverage touches on promising potential or discusses more pessimistic scenarios, there’s no denying that AI is bringing major changes across society. 

You have likely heard much hypothetical talk about AI and maybe even played around with AI tools like ChatGPT. However, most people working in legal departments and IT offices still struggle to find practical uses for AI in their day-to-day jobs. 

AI capabilities have now reached a point where anyone in an office can benefit. Professionals like yourself have so many AI applications beyond just ChatGPT to make your jobs easier, and understanding these applications can help you leverage them in your everyday life. Here are nine potential AI uses for legal departments and other workplace settings.  

Use AI for Content Creation

Perhaps the most common AI usage for professional and private applications is content creation. By now, you’ve probably seen AI content creation tools like ChatGPT, which can create long, coherent texts based on user prompts. You may have also seen some examples of AI-generated art and visuals.

But while these technology trends have broad applications, professionals like yourself have options for content creation that apply to your career. Legal professionals must rely on content creation to meet client demands, organize documents, and communicate within their offices. Many of these tasks can be delegated to AI applications. 

You may fear using AI applications for content creation amounts to plagiarism. The good news is that current AI tools are specialized to handle very specific tasks while leaving actual content generation to human hands. 

When you use these tools, the actual content will still be produced by you. However, you can assign individual tasks to AI tools that would otherwise take up much of your time. By reassigning specific tasks in your office to AI content creation tools, you can better manage your time and dedicate your resources and energy to tasks that require much more focus. 

Do Research

Most legal professionals must conduct extensive research on multiple subjects daily. Legal research needs to be accurate but also quick. Spending too much time scouring databases and research platforms for specific cases or projects can cost time better spent on other tasks. 

Fortunately, you can now access AI tools that can perform comprehensive online research quickly and effectively based on specific prompts. Tools like AOMNI use informative retrieval AI technology to find, extract, and process any online data. 

AOMNI is particularly useful for gathering large quantities of raw data needed for specific types of written content. AOMNI’s AI application is designed to identify trustworthy sources for online data, collect it, and organize it into a user-friendly format. This means you can generate reliable research while better managing your time and resources for more active content creation tasks. 

Create Outlines and Rough Drafts

Content creation in your workplace can be much easier if you have a good outline to work from. Outlining content is often a tedious and time-consuming process. But with the right AI tools, you can create excellent outlines from simple prompts to better organize your professional writing. 

Applications like Notion AI are excellent for organizing professional writing for your current workplace projects. With Notion AI, you can create comprehensive outlines, generate rough drafts, and even brainstorm ideas for future projects. 

Write Long-Form Content

AI content creation capabilities are not limited to simple research and outlining. With AI tools like Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, you can create long-form content for promotions, marketing, or other forms of communication. 

Jasper is particularly useful because it uses AI capabilities to “read” your company or firm’s brand voice from previous documents. Jasper can then produce novel long-form informative content consistent with your brand tone. Jasper is also useful for generating interdepartmental emails and communications, where a more “professional” tone is important for maintaining an authoritative voice. 

Translate from Any Language

Accurate translation is often an essential tool for most professional settings. For law offices and legal departments, inaccurate translations can result in lost cases, missed deadlines, and fewer clients. In the past, legal offices hired the services of professional translators to ensure that all translations into English were accurate and complete. 

However, while human translators are still essential, AI technologies now allow for AI-generated translating applications useful in specific circumstances. Translation tools like Google Translate, DeepL, and Alexa Translations are useful for quickly translating documents like emails and professional communications. 

Make an Enterprise Content Management Plan

A good enterprise content management plan can help your office better define organizational processes, organize data, and strategize more efficiently. But these plans require extensive analysis of large quantities of data. 

AI applications like Box Skills employ advanced machine learning to organize your office’s raw data and extract sophisticated insights. You can then use these insights to develop a much more comprehensive and effective enterprise content management plan. 

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