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A dreamer, a sage, an inner child. To be successful follow your passion.

The Real Good UX Designer must be a bit Psychologist and Sociologist. And here is why. Why do we feel unfulfilled at work if we do not follow our passion for what we truly love?

Based on the multiply personality psychology books, lectures, coaching workshops, career and personal development studies.

Recently I read another book on the same topic. Why have I repeated reading something what I already "know".

  1. Because it is good to memorise techniques, remind ourselves, what was forgotten, (we are humans so we do forget things).

  2. To stay alert with our self-integration as we are never fully completed and fully done. Life is the process of learning and never stop learning.

  3. To fully support the action which we are taking and be able to help others in their progress.

  4. To apply even better once gained knowledge and upgrade our learned skills.

  5. To recognize our decision and if we doubt or others doubt us, based on their own biases, we once again we approve ourselves and our decisions. Oh yes, the self-approve is very important. Without our own approval, we cannot get the approval of others, even if we do not really need their approval, often without the proper foundation of understanding our actions, we cannot take subtle contra attack.

  6. To fully understand contradictions even in ourselves or in those who surround us.

  7. To refresh. Yes. It is good to refresh the knowledge, to once again practise as a student as knowledge without practice is just information.

  8. To become wise, the best approach is to know, that we know nothing as Michael Angelo said at age of 87. "I am still learning".

I recommended this book:

"A dreamer, a sage, an inner child." by Alioscha A. Schwarz and Ronald P. Schweppe, about Personality Psychology and Psychological integration.

This book reveals to us, the pure personality of each of us, unique and at the same time similar.

I would highly suggest to every seeker of true fulfilment in personal and professional life, to integrate the spirituality and inner knowing the ultimate connection with our inner self by reading this or any similar book.

This book as many other similar are giving and incredible power to overcome any obstacles, internal and external and to become the best of you for you and for others and for the society in which we all live together. We all are playing important role in our own lives and lives of others.

To play this important role and at the same time be tune to ourselves, to feel fulfilment, we have to follow our passion as that time our true quite often undiscovered hidden talents, make a difference in our individual lives, family lives, company lives, society lives and global lives.

Self-Development, and especially the top shelf Psychology Books give us a great ability to know ourself. What is our true calling? Do you already know? Maybe you came across this blog post, to find the answer, which you are looking for? To touch the inside, the inner light, which might not shine as you wish to.

I often heard the questions on various 1:1 sessions or group workshops:

How would I know what is my true calling?

When you ask, means your inner journey just begun.

Take a parachute and believe it is a safe jump.

The answer is within you. But to hear it, you have to understand all the voices, which are inside you. Some of them are quietly whispering, some of them loudly criticising all kind of ideas, which you might have, some of them deny coldly you and everything and everyone else, some of them want to protect you from any harm, unknown change, which might bring risks and lost, some of them encouraging you, dream with you, call you to perform actions, some of them believe in you more than anyone else outside.

I learnt from observation of my clients that it is quite difficult and challenging to drop unfulfilling job. People feel stuck for safety reason but they crave freedom and few holidays ande extreme adventures, hobbies, loving even spouse of friends, the beauty of material prosperous life do not ever go to make them actually happy, joyous.

Because there is no price to pay back for true calling, for passion.

No matter how rich you are or how loved you are by important people, how many travels you do every year if you o not do every day what you love, you becoming slowly gradually simply unhappy.

I learn based on the observation of my students, from yoga across to art and design, that passion is fuel, it is energy, it stops time and mental ageing.

By teaching Art and Design to all kind Adults of any backgrounds, material statuses, family members with or without children, solo living adults, religious or non-religious, classes, ethnical, nationality, race, sex and gender, age, current employment status, salaries, profession, regardless of all there is one thing in common: we all dream about knowing and doing what we love. By doing it, as a hobby maybe first and after for living, people do not retarded at all.

In the questionnaire of my Art & Design courses, there are few simple questions, which ask students to answer honestly, to open up, to be truthful with themselves and with me. This helps me to create an individual way of teaching, to provide different classes, subjects and exercises.

Those questions are interacting the voices within us. When we hear answers as below we would know who speaks the loudest and who is taking now charge of us inside of our minds.

Answer to question about the reason, often very deep reason, based on our individual life story is often a beginning of the self-discovery. To the Question as follow: why have you signed up for the Art & Design course, the actual answer, give the often unheard for years, inner voices. Below real samples answers provided by students.

  1. I stop drawing/painting/designing when I was a child and I always wanted to go back. (the voice of Inner Child speaks)

  2. I wanted to go to Art and Design College as I always draw, but instead, I went to (fill the gap) because I could get after a sustained job and income. (the voice of Inner Realist speaks)

  3. My parents couldn't afford the school and I needed to go to a job, however, know I feel they are telling to do it. ((the voice of Inner Father and Mother speaks)

  4. I got so many times all kind of art tools and/or downloaded design programs but I have never done anything with it. (the voice of Inner Historian speaks)

  5. I cannot draw, my parents/teachers told me I cannot. (the voice of Inner Critic speaks)

  6. I know I deny my passion for my loving family which is a good cause, as there was no time to do it before but now I have time and I want to learn once again. (the voice of Inner Doctor speaks)

  7. I have always been dreaming about it and now it is time. (the voice of Inner Dreamer speaks)

  8. I feel like this going to be an amazing magical adventure to discover my talent, just let my mind drift away and paint and create amazing handmade gifts. (the voice of Inner Magician/Fairy speaks)

  9. After all, life is going to pass, I have to try something new. (the voice of Inner Death speaks)

  10. Just wanna make some fun, my life is way too serious. (the voice of Inner Comedian speaks)

  11. I think it is wise to discover new talents and express inside out. (the voice of Inner Sage speaks).

  12. Many more inner voices we all have...some of them are standard one, some of them only applies to us. Maybe you notice different one?

Which suit will you wear today?

Which voice will take charge of your head?

Choose Now Your Inner Voice. Which one is predominant? All of them are creation of You. Your Ego. Your Psyche. Your Inner Self.

To mediate between them, the Inner Mediator need to be given space to speak and give a chance to let others speak, one by one, like the director gives a voice to each actors on the stage of theatre.

If the Mediator is awaken, he/she listens all of those voices and help us to choose one to follow. The Mediator never denies. If there is a deny, usually comes with super-dominant one voice and that's not good for none of us. And that time, we have drama or comedy or melodrama or thriller of real life. Our Life is like movie and to play it well, let's encourage of all inner voices, our internal actresses and actors together with important, crucial director. Without the director none of the movie ever is going to be make well.

The Importance of Positive Inner Voices vs Negative Inner Voices

Positive - encourage us, believe in us, engage us, likes us and our ideas

Negative - deny us, dislike us and our ideas, disbelief us, criticise us - however you might be surprised they do that to protect us from unknown, they afraid of risks, change and negative outcome, they are rational and pay attention to keep us always, regardless even of our unhappiness, lack of fulfilment in our safe place, the well known to all the famous although boring as hell and even annoying the comfort zone.

We already heard we have to find the BALANCE in between. Well, inside us, the balance has to be apply. Otherwise, it is a chaos. The chaos its not that healthy for a longer term and to change the path, especially the career path with all the responsibilities of adult life, we have to make our journey to fulfilment as pleasant and interesting and simple as possible. That's why need all Voices. Not just the "good" ones. As actually they are all good to us. We just need to hear them separately and direct our life from inner to outer.

And so on... there is many of us inside us. The constant inner chat, the inner voices speak and speak and often do not shout up at all. The mind is on, and it even doesn't really switch off while sleeping. Continuous voices do speak. Only in the stage of inner self-deeper development, mediation the tranquil will exist and often also disturb because the function of the mind is to think and to think si to express by words.

To ask the mind to stop thinking is like asking lungs to stop breathing and heart stop pumping blood.

The brain just has to do it. Although just like we can modify our heart by increasing the speed of pumping by, for example, running or our lungs by inhaling and exhaling slower and deeper, we can do the same with our mind by observing our thoughts, meditating on them, slowing them down and actually trying to hear them and by hearing trying to choose them as we choose our daily outfits.

To hear our voices, we need to awaken inside us, peaceful to be able to hear ourselves and be able to choose. Tranquillity in our mind comes often with but not always with age and the awarenesses, but time is kicking as soon as we start to hear ourselves, we might apply our passion to our life just faster and longer have a passionate life.

However often grown-up adults, however, get to the point that they never ever heard those voices. They deny them all in terms of making actions of possible positive outcomes and follow just criticism and realism.

Those who dreamers will stay dreamers if at the same time they are not doers. To be is to dream and to do. That's the human being natural, healthy, balanced condition.

When we stop dreams for too much rationalism, and even in the spare time we just do, do, the inner child might start knocking us out by sadness because the inner child if cannot play in the physical world, at least plays with the inner dreamer. The moment when you shout down your vivid imagination, the inner child, quite often deny at a young age in physical life, start to be really loud and sad, start to cry and even start to demand the attention like never ever before.

And that time, we might be in trouble...but good trouble. The Awaken Inner Child will make a good for us. By constant demand for attention, we actually will eventually follow. Just like in the outer world when the real parents need to just eventually give a toy to the child to shout their screaming, crying, not rational attitude especially when it is in the public place. This exactly happens inside of us with our inner voices.

Learning from own past

I learnt from my students a lot. Long ago I was in the same spot. I denied my inner child, my inner sage and my inner dreamer. But is deny a good word? With my approach to life, I would say I explore all variety of inner calling and interest until I became certain. The Art & Design world was even for the talent child and teenager unreachable, not because of the circumstances but because of variety of interests based on my family, my mum love to travel and work in the psychology field, and my dad love to travel and love to art and design from small items to bigger like small architectural planning and building from scratch while having quite hard physical work. Yes, indeed they had time for family life as much as that time in that generation was recognised as good and time for hobbies done with the family together. Parents had an impact on me based more on their own personal and professional interests, then making a decision for me. They gave me the freedom of choice and I will be always till the end of my life, so grateful.

Yes, indeed there is Love in Freedom and Freedom in Love.

Too much protective attitude make child unable to be independent and unable to fully become individual human being.

I grew up in the self-learned artists' family. As mentioned in previous posts, my dad learnt to paint himself and still does, nowadays due to ageing, he became a collector of art of upcoming new artists or those who paint a lot. He also, his name is Grzegorz, love you, dad, unconditionally, renovates antiques, mostly pre 1st World War furniture. My aunty Anna, from 1943 still paints. My cousins finished music school and one, Marek plays for National Music Hall. Regardless the amazing, outstanding results and highlights of my primary fine arts and manual design technician teachers, I followed my other passion, tourism and went to every good school, where unfortunately there was no art. Why I made this choice it will be for another post and it is a long interesting story to share. Although, I was still surrendered by art. I quickly signed up for various after school drawing and sculptures classes and I was surrender by many young talented individuals, new mates, who I met and some friends from hometown. Indeed, I was satisfied with that time choice, although after completing highly my grades, I had another passion, psychology and indeed cultures and geography. I passed the exams but decided to go abroad for two years. When I came back, there was still a passion for exploring Earth and study geography, to become a teacher most likely and tourism mountain guide. However, looking deeply into myself, I knew that I have to make a quick decision, to change from geography to design and art. I quickly reached design college and the rest is history. This was the best hit and the fastest decision I have ever made in my whole life. I studied geography for 2 weeks. I never quit anything with no regrets and I am fully satisfied with this life decision. While being abroad and soon after I came back, in mid-time I became fitness and pilates instructor yoga and meditation teacher. By growing up and discovering myself as young individuals I knew that design is something what I truly love, something that always had been inside me since I was little. When I was meditating, the dreamer was awakened, whispering to me, awaking my inner child, who altogether had a dialogue with my inner sage.

I still love my decision as they all were necessary to take and because of them, my life is very adventurous, unique and fulfilled and totally worth do it once again. All those choices made my path interesting and because of all those fields of educations, my User Experience Centred Design is even better, more understood the field, users, both customers and employees of the specific industry. My interests in the psychology of the human brain, the nature of mind, gives amazing results of my work as a User Experience Designer. I do believe that to know our own path sometimes, we have to explore other paths. To hear the inner guidance, we have to explore other guides.

To know, we have to live first.

The challenge of UNKNOWN

Easy to say from the moment when we look behind how all the dots come to one as once

Steve Jobs said " You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

The unknown always will be even if you plan everything from A to Z. Life is for living not just planning. Life is a challenge because life is about the challenge. It is a mixture of everything. It cannot be just easy, done from start, although doesn't have to be super hard either especially for those who are born in quite ok circumstances. Life is expensive when it is growing, changing, challenging. Life is unknown, unclear, uncertain, undefined because Life itself is an adventure from the moment we are born. No matter how our mothers had planned our birth, quite often their body surprised them. Not everything we can control, and if we control our lives too much there is no space for exploring. Just like parents or teachers who control children too much, they do not give them space to make their own decision. Life is like a child. Life sometimes makes the decision for ourselves or bring us unexpected moments, people, situation, where we have to just be in those moments, with those people, in that situation. Unplanned but sometimes the most amazingly important.

That's why is good to explore as inner voices whisper to us. If we are still before the ability to quietly listen to them, we might bring ourselves to our intuition, which brings us to various places, sometimes not really clear where we are going or how we going to get there. That's why when I have opportunity to be asked, newcomers, no matter of their age or experience, I quite often simply said, follow all whatever is calling you and you get there where you supposed to. This answer comes to life to those who are questioning themselves a lot unknowing that all the answers are within us. We just have to stop being afraid of the outcome or no outcome at all.

It is a challenge in the young age and even after many years to decide clearly what we want and who we want to be. Life gives so much option for most who live in developing countries.

But regardless of the status of your early life, the support which you get, it is a challenge. Sometimes having too many options, too much guidance from outside, we might get even more confused and even feel lost, especially nowadays when the world changes faster than ever before but we still have the same amount of years in school and hours in one day. However, please explore. Explore as much as exploring itself is learning. Whichever profession, you would choose in the end, those years of exploration will benefit you, your personal and professional growth.

It is challenging to decide earlier and declare for whole life which career is for you. It is a journey within our minds and hearts towards our dreams, goals and aims.

The wisdom and the voice of the inner "us", are always calling us. Sometimes to a very different, opposite directions. The process of searching takes time. Not only in our minds but also in life itself. What I have learnt through years, that the true calling is always there, although sometimes in wrap in multiple layers. Because of those layers, I have grown and gained friends for life. I wouldn't change any education or profession, any path. The inner voices are calling us and we have to choose which one to follow. And to hear them all, serenity needs to be applied. The quiet approach cannot be just done. It also comes with the time of listening and doing, feeling and doing, thinking and doing. This is various from each of us. 16 personalities come to my head right now. Do you know the personality test? Once I might write about it separately but before explore yourself. Here is the link to the most well known worldwide personality test. It doesn't give you all answer but gives you a good chance of understanding yourself and others better.

We are indeed unquestionably different based on the kind of general idea of who we are in terms of the definition of a variety of traits of personalities with never exactly the same story of individual life of each of us. That's why listening to ourselves is really crucial. Because only we truly hear our internal discussion and internal dialogue. Is it about love or hate?

My only true recommendation to all my network of newcomers will be:

1. Just be first, let flow, let go decision, outcome, explore, and after then take action while observing your head/mind/heart/intuition/soul/spirit/psyche step by step.

2. Never regret anything that didn't hurt with intention yourself or others. Never regret any education or profession path, which you have ever taken.

3. Do the research yourself, read, ask but while making a decision, actually do it yourself. Do not overload yourself with others advice, even above recommendations, opinions, stories. Do not let anyone impact your decision even those who you love the most and who wish you well. Let your life be yours. In your own hands.

4. Do not tight up yourself with only one story for a whole life. Stagnation comes to live, slowly, unrecognised, however at some point is actually creeping and slowly depressing your mind When comes to this unwanted point in most humans who stop exploring, it might a bit too late for actual change. Being stuck isn’t a good feeling in any area of life. Live, external and internal is only alive when there is a natural change, passionate exploration, constant growth. Stagnation usually ends with apathy and later with depression. Do not go this path by changing the way how you think at least as in those extraordinary words by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

"Eh, because I'm eighty years old, must I always think the same? I rather try to think differently every day, about something new, so as not to get bored. You must constantly change, renew, rejuvenate, so as not to get stuck." To Friedrich von Miller, April 24, 1830, Johann Wolfgang Goethe

5. Fifth and the most important. Have fun while living. Crave joy, not outcome. Do not give up when starts to get hard. Overcome the obstacles by taking breaks or exploring other areas of interest, going for a little adventure. That's why freedom is important not only in the state of mind but also externally. To overcome those days or weeks where the practice isn’t as fun anymore. However, to become someone, regular practice is necessary.

"If something is to be said, it would require a regular rhythm with all thought, which he only gains through early exercise and assimilation." - Johann Gottlieb Fichte

This also applies to internal practices of listening the same well cooperated voices with each other to fully be committed to the internal decision. If the other voices would become louder, it is a good time to step a bit outside and observe them. Would they say something interesting or do they only moan about?

Any conflict would be eventually easily resolved while approaching the technique of just listening and observing instead of making fast actions, especially of giving up when it is harder. The concern of allowing emotions and thoughts and actions make a unique bond is in necessary to start newly established goal. This also takes time, impact our energy, which might raise high and drop later and become stabilise at some point. Giving up and being clear about changing course is very different and it might be difficult to find the difference between. This also comes with time and learning lessons of life itself.


We all speak to ourselves. Even those who meditate a lot, still have internal voices. Why? As we mentioned before, this is a natural function of our mind. We might speak loudly and verbally communicate with ourselves by externally hearing our dialogue with our ears or only maintain our dialogue in our heads. Yes, it is a dialogue not monologue as all those personalities have their own voices and own important words to say. They pose personas and they are part of our one big ego. We have to decide which voice is playing the most important role in our lifetime. In the early stage, it might be even beneficial to speak loudly so we can tune ourselves better to each persona and recognise with time in our minds, which persona plays the role in the real-time. Each of that persona speaks with a different obvious tone of voice. In mind, the tone of voice might be not that well recognise at first. However, if that makes you think of yourself like a crazy person, do not do it. Although, please know it is normal to speak loudly to ourselves and most of us do it anyway, mostly when we look for something and we cannot find it, or we are annoyed by someone, curse or try to plan something. It is normal and for the purpose of discovering truth career path, it is beneficial too.

The really important voice ready to be heard, when you are ready to listen

The Inner Friend

Thank goodness for the a positive surprise, which you might get from all this internal voice personality own play. You will laugh a lot.

As you have a good friend, who doesn't judge you too much although if it is a really good friend, I hope you have one like that, the one which you can really count on, he/she might really point your ridiculous point of view or attitude towards others, him/her, life.

Well, you have an INTERNAL FRIEND too. That's good news. He/she is more than a mediator. Your internal friend gives you a hug no matter of what, he/she loves you no matter of what, he/she is always there for you, he/she always support you, at the same time trust in you, motivate you, listen your complains and it is very honest, truthful and sincere too. Oh yeah! Honest. His/her opinion might be a bit very straight forward without hesitation to say what she/he really thinks when you mess up with yourself. But is said with a kind, loving voice. Not critical judgement but truthful supportive. That's why coming to speaking loudly at the beginning of this psychological integration with your personality while choosing a career path is beneficial, because the tone of voice plays the most powerful and important role. An internal friend might be misguided with other voices, which might use a similar vocabulary. To have an internal friend is to have the best ever friend. True friend, internal and external never kills your motivation even to most unusual ideas. He/she believes in you. He/she might say if you ask only what he/she truly thinks but will always make a point that all that he/she does is with love and you by hearing her/him you know it is true.

Just like outside with my best friends. The real friend is honest. Kindly honest but honest. No b.s.

Anybody else are just encounters and mates. Friends are for life, everyone else comes and goes.

Are ready for the one responsible of constant critisms?

The Inner Critic

Oh, this one is like the epidemic in our own heads. Maybe because without self-criticism we would be all madmen. Especially if the critic integrates him/herself with the internal manager, which is run by power. Internal critic is necessary as it happens in our sad history and still happening that too much power with too much power of others turns to the evidence of evil. The internal critic needs to also criticism internal manager as every other internal voice to never let anyone become too powerful. having the voice of inner child loudly speaking constantly isn't healthy either. Internal critic is necessary to all so we are able to criticise others if their ideas are not human, planet, nature, business-friendly. We know what human can do to humanity when he/she become too powerful. That's why criticism is necessary, the internal and external.

We have to criticise ourselves to stay healthy. Although as every other voice needs to be balanced by the mediator, this one has to be really well mediate. Why, because self-criticism is healthy but too much crisis is making us sick. This might turn to the deprivation of our life. The other voices are unable to be heard anymore. A negative mindset isn’t healthy regardless of how many mistakes we made in the past or whatever is happening negative around us. To live is to feel joy. Without joy which critic doesn't even get, we are going once again with apathy towards life and in apathy, there is no growth and no fulfilment. Yes, the criticism criticises us to not make the same or similar mistakes based on our own story or story of others, because he/she wants to protect us from any harm, mostly from the harm of others critical voices. Yes, indeed critic doesn't like to be criticised and doesn't go well with other critics. When two critics come together, there is an argument. They are loud and want to be heard and they do not want to listen. When two critics come together with internal powerful managers, that time there is a fight. When more critics come together with powerful managers, that time we have war. And that's not good. Obviously.

Critic by protecting us from other criticism and from any possible harm even sarcasm might deny strongly that even other voice does exist by making them quiet as possible as a critic is loud, he/she is loud. That's why critic become overprotective because the most important role of the critic is to protect us from external criticism of other people, a society of their critical voices. His/her strategy is to make every other voice silent by being always there, ready to criticise everything that other voice trying to say. He/she treats everyone as a potential enemy. But here is a trick. When our internal voice denies coexistence of tother internal voices, we know that by hearing this, that something isn't right. We know, that our mediator became awake, as that's already the absurd that some internal voice denies the existence of internal voices. Critic becomes dormant for the tiny moment. This moment is ours. That time we might shift the internal dialogue and give attention to the mediator, who hoose the voice of next one who is willing to speak. The critic will be yearning for attention. But regardless of what next voice will say, even if this will be a total opposite what once had been criticising, the critic will criticise even this idea and this movement. Because critics always had been and always be crisis us and everyone else inside us. That's his function. We might shift our approach to life 180 degrees but he/she will still criticise, we might not do anything, he/she will criticise. His/her role is cruel. Always negative and making fun of us, and everyone else inside of us in every meaningful way. That's all. We have to accept him/her and understand that this is his/her way of trying to help us. The good thing about healthy self-criticism balanced well with other voices, that our life becomes better, we hurt ourselves less and less, because we become cautioned, off course if we have another interesting voice fully waken on his/her duty. The critic also is very good when he/she is smart enough to know that other critical voices are also here to help us. That time especially in the creative field as Design, the constructive feedback can be given and be received well, without taking personally. Every mature professional's individual must well-received constructive feedback and be able to give. To do that, understanding personal integration with oneself is needed.


To ever have a connection between the two and anyone else, the mediator must be awakened. Same as in the outside world with friends, family members, strangers, and coworkers. The intermediary is natural, always objective, never prize anyone. Importantly is trying to find a balance between all. He/she mediates time to give the voice to all to express and to cut short but polite those who disturb. He/she most certainly work with critic as we previously described critics always is the loudless ever.

Mediator also balances everyone by finding the compromise and trying to encourage everyone equally to a new path. Mediator has the most do to with critic, because critic is the most clever one. Mediator gives ability to understand each other by giving all equal amount of space and time. Mediator also by mediating, he/she naturally divides all the personalities by making them more independent and authentic. He/she helps friend to understand that critic is also trying to help with his/her own unique personality and he/she is as friend truly wants to protect us from any harm or critical external voices of other people. Your internal friend might make a joke about the critic, mostly because he/she is totally going against your free will. However friend's joke will by not cynical and derisive. By understanding the different sense of humour of all the voices you might also, easier understand when which one is speaking. Friend would most likely says silly joke but also not to make you fool. If does, try to understand that another personality took voice, and mediator lost his/her track. If the joke makes you feel foolish this time the charge took your inner clown, jester, buffoon, fool, zany, mutt, tomfool, low comedian. But that's for another time.

The unknown hidden quite often deny forgotten inner child

The Inner Child

Reach out for her

Reach out for him

My name is... Your Inner Child doesn't have to have the same name as you are. The Montessori Time when I was teacher thought me a lot. It was like I once again just like on the summer camps and while being AuPair, all Kids Yoga and Art with teens could tap into my Inner Child deeper than ever. Thank you, kids and teenagers. Thank you to all parents, head teachers to allow me to work with your children. That you trusted me in care and education, which opens up not close down those amazing new human begins. When at leats once you are in the company of child, yours or others and you do enjoy the time, you touch your own Inner Child, you hug and kiss with love. Never turn away from your inner child as do not turn away from those around you. Bring them closer, never further. As they all need is acceptance and love, care and harmony. That's all. We teach them to poses. They teach us joy without it. Businesses of Adults must run. We make a nice stuff for them. But what they really need is time and love. The present. Not gifts. The real gift is your hug, kiss and moment to listen what they like to say. So listen. Please.

Incredible, fantastic memories of fun, joy and love. Also deep connection and shared with me their sadness. Thank you for all. I could write separate blog about it. How work with children and teenagers is the work of service. How open your heart like nothing else. How the art exhibitions of them make their soul singing and dance. How I am grateful. Once I will do. But for now let's come back to the inner voice. They helped me to discover the artist and designer once again, who had been forgotten for awhile. Children are greatest teachers indeed.

Interesting but as far as you remember when you were little you were not really judgmental also you didn't really know what is good or bad, positive or negative. meaning you were neutral but not by choice as a mediator but as default, simply because of living in the unknown, not yet discover the world. That's why we did whatever you did without any goals or aims, without actual purpose. Of course, we talk hereabout when you were little, very little, before entering the preschool. When the newborn child is born, it has only one personality, the inner child and with time each personality is awakened depends on the life of the newborn growing everyday new human. Those personalities are awakened in a very different unique way to each of us. Some of them never awaken or some of them are only unique to us, based on the very specific circumstances of individual lives depends on generation in which we came to live, cultural and ethnical aspects, advantages or disadvantages of our family background, social circle, faith or atheism to which we have been born by default without our choices. Those personalities are built in us naturally to create our own unique code of our personality. When and how and on which level are they, depends on the individual story of our lives. However, as very young little newborn children, we have similar traits. We are all vulnerable, interested in the world around us, joyful, constantly surprised of oneself. The discovery takes place and by every minute of our existence, we are exposed to pleasure or pain. None of this understood however pain is pain and pleasure is a pleasure. The body sends the same signal regardless if we are a human baby or animal baby. Every baby intensively feels everything not knowing that this is negative and this is positive. That's why going a little bit deeper, quite often our affections in our adulthood in personal and professional life is based on our inner child first experience. Often without knowing we repeat the same patterns especially if we do not know why certain personality traits are based on the internal child and have nothing at all or just a little with actual life present circumstances. The child is unable to fully support itself that's why because of vulnerability it feels all pain much stronger. This lack of independency and all those painful moments, without even knowing how to call them, from physical lack, wet diapers or distribute night sleep, or any effects of playtime, which might cause accidents regardless the attention of parents, direct or indirect harmful impact, awake each personality, giving those situations, specific agenda, to avoid or to receive more. In unhealthy circumstances, the child may needs to receive more even harmful attention, when true, caring love is not given, because that's the only attention is given anyway. Those mix signals has a strong impact on someone's life, not only personal but also professional. Even the most happy, safe and loving childhood, will also bring pain. Because the pain is part of human life. That's it. By growing up and becoming fully adult no matter of how happy or unhappy childhood we had, we have to take charge of integrating our sub-personalities to truly understand oneself and be able to mediate between various emotions, unpleasant situations to reaction to life events to which we do not have any possible control. Not knowing how to integrate our personalities witch each other, we might be children in adult skin. It is most likely how to well mediate when comes to obstacles because having awaken inner child which is curious about world is good to have always, no matter of what.

To become successful professionally and personally individual, we have to understand the difference between constructive criticism of others, which might help us if we approach it well or might trigger the inner child in us. That's why the gap between inner child and other subpersonalities must be erased by good cooperation with each other. The old not understood wounds experienced by an inner child not necessarily are beneficial to our growth as adults to fully become who we want to be, especially when our art skills, later on, had been strongly crisis or not understood by parents, family members, siblings nd teachers and schoolmates. The child most likely will overreact to any sort of possible unpleasant situation, by hiding pain (internal aggression towards itself) or scream (external aggression towards others). If everyone has overreacting inner child in the department, school, office, on the street, store, any public place etc., well, that's not sound good, isn't it?

Each awakens personality in us has a great role to do, which is to protect the inner child. However, also needs and wants to increase their own initiative qualities as each is necessary to grown and super beneficial for us as adults. Absolutely the fundamental protection is good a function to have in each personality when we are children but this overprotection it is based on the old patterns and has nothing to do with the present moment when we are already young or older adults. We have to divide our first interaction with our circle of initial careers parents, playground friends, teachers and the present circle of the professional circle at work, especially when comes to the creativeness. Why criticism of our creativeness my trigger more than anything else if comes to our individual expression as designers or any who works, dream and think about creative work. Because unfortunately, our parents and teachers most likely didn't prepare themselves psychologically and emotionally to their role as parents or teachers no matter how much they studied books and attended lectures. Humans will make mistakes in education ins schools and at home towards children. Each generation born in the mid-XX century till late XX before Millenium generations including gen Y might do less intentional harm but still has its own unresolved patters and trigger points. Life not supposed to be and never will be perfect, that's why no matter how much parents and teachers will try we will have our inner child less or more hurt and it is good because it means that our inner child is still alive to create amazing surprising ideas and design in our case. Because the child is the one which constantly wants to discover, learn new things, asks questions and together with a magician, the dreamer can create outstanding, extraordinary amazing, surprising pieces from fine art to technology divices dreamed only once in the head. Speaking honestly no matter how many books about parenthood and early psychology of the child, teacher hood will be written, all parents and teacher will make mistakes and the child will be exposed to more and less some sort fo not understanding of theirs creativness.

The inner child has the most creative ideas:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” - Pablo Picas

That's why I truly believe, that inner child if it awakens means sometimes as an adult, you might feel too much. But another time, you sign to stars, open Atlas or now Google Map and by finger travel, you might take camera or smartphone and take pictures not standard but with a bit funny angle, dance in the rain, sign with cats and dogs at midnight, paint weird paintings which might question yourself if you are mentally ok and most likely as a designer you come with really good ideas from visual design to interactive. If your child is smart enough, because you pay attention to him/her will also handle very well constrictive feedback and not throw the sand or become too emotional at the workplace.

Every good designer needs to have an inner child awake. Not sensitive too much but ready to create. To make a good friend with our inner child, we have to be in charge of other personalities once again by giving a voice to the child to speak and express. The mediator comes to life to teach all other personalities that once long ago dangers they are not really anymore. By integrating all internal voices we can create the most creative pieces by involving together in a healthy, well heart balance.

The most wonderful example of once hurt creative side of a child is Walt Disney who as a child had been strongly criticise by teachers. Walt let the creative child become the predominant voice in his adulthood regardless inner wounds he basically didn't take them as seriously as he mediated in his adult by letting inner child express in cooperation with other personalities. Just because of his strong bravery of speaking his inner child loud no matter of his initial introduction in school and exposition to old school teachers, we experience the range of his and his studio amazing and magical fairy tales.

Your role as an adult is to ask your inner child how does it feel? What would he/she like to do or wants to say something, shares what bothers him/her? It might instead of speaking, wants to draw and by drawing shows you want is truly feeling and wanting.

Why drawing and painting is the most beneficial to express the inner child, and why most often the creative career at some point of life is craved by so many adults?

Because child before fully speaking and naming things, expressing emotions and thoughts verbally or in written form, before even walking without any help, the only fully available tool to express own thoughts and emotions, is the ability to draw and paint.

The colours, shapes are integrated into us and very rarely they are different from culture to culture. They are based in another amazing field of integral psychology called archetypes but that's for another blog post.

Because the drawing and painting is the first form of expression before any singing, dancing, cooking or any other form of creativeness, and most of us, had been a trigger in it, while we wanted to show something our parents or grandparents. They misunderstood or didn't pay enough attention and soon after similar events took place and after making adult choices many of us, just deny the true passion for creative expression. Only art is having no mathematical form. Playing on instrument or dancing is a form of math, order, as the rhythm in any form of music it is the math itself. Only art doesn't have to be put in any category whatever of any order. Only art doesn't have to understand and explain. It is free fro any categorisation as it is constantly effortlessly mixing and denying any form. Mostly in free to express form of art like abstractionism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism etc.

The design has to be in order. The design is very mathematical, organised. But quite often even those not realistic artists do like both, the free expression of illustrations with a variety of wet and dry mediums. Also, certain artists choose to escape from realism in art but be super precise in design because they choose to be free of any form of restricting proportions in fine arts and at the same time combining a good eye of observation of reality. They by coming both, mathematical order in design and free expression in fine arts, they become great designers and unusual artists.

Why because they do listen the inner child. They do not copy reality as the camera is for this reason, they play with shapes and colours as they want. They are free as once ago the child within them was free.

The inner child is free to express. It is alive. It is heard.

“If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse... but surely you will see the wildness!”

Pablo Picasso

That's why you as an adult, become fully fulfil. You do not have quit your job, it makes you fulfil, but give attention to the inner child. Never deny. The inner child will never know how to tell you what to do with your life because it is just a child, but it might show you with simple drawing tools as crayons how does it feel. If feels well, you will see it on the piece of paper, it doesn't you will see it too. The outcome of self-healing art therapy is fast results. You will know immediately what is inside you unresolved and even why. Just observe what you draw while quietly listen to the inner child. Even if initially nothing will make sense, at some point, you will just know the answer to any question, which none of the other personalities could answer. And that's the beauty of working with the inner child and integrating into your adult life. Do not give the subject to draw as it was given to you in school. Just draw whatever. Let it go and express.

“The world doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

Pablo Picasso

Once again do not create reality as you observe day to day when comes to working with your inner child. Create unknown.

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Pablo Picasso


How about the Voices of Others, the actual outside voices of those with who live, work and spend our days?

They all need to hear their inner voices too. If not, well you both in trouble. Because in the change which you want to apply, all what you need to actually hear is that you can do it. You have enough negative voices, the self-criticism of your "crazy" ideas already.

THE IMPORTANCE OF POSITIVE PEOPLE AROUND IN OUR LIFE especially when we would like to change something...and why we should not speak too fast about anything to anyone.

We all heard the importance of a positive attitude to ourselves, the positive, environment, social circle to get a support and increase our ability to live our passion, rather than diminishing it.

We all know it. But how to truly stay passionate without talking to anyone?

I would like to point out the words of Johana Wolfagan Geothe, a German poet and philosopher. He described this so well.

"If I am to listen to someone else's opinion, it must be positive. I have quite a problem myself."

Your inner child has much more connection with you than your own mother. This unique bond is for your own good and it ha to be well established, maintain through whole life so you will never lose the curiosity and joy towards life. No connection with your inner child, bring quite often other voices to an extreme level and maybe if you as a child were never really listened by adults, you might even not even recognise this beautiful sub-personality, so if that's the case, it is finally time to wake up your child, start to listen how does it feel to fulfil the needs, wants and likes. Only you can do it. If you pay attention, the inner child will pay you back by incredible love, unconditional, full and non-judgemental. Listen to your inner child often and your life will be much happier, braver, curious and joyous. Not sure how about you but I was climbing trees as a child and yesterday I have just seen few boys doing it in Howth Castle and Gold Park and I was really to see those boys first riding fast on bikes on teh hills and after climbing this massive tree and having lots of fun. Next, I will do it with my friends. Let's see if they have inner child awaken as much as I do. You might be old as a young person or very young as an adult. It is up to you to choose. The inner child absolutely keeps you young. Having an inner child awaken, it is a winning game. Be a winner and never ever leave your child alone.

While doing it, you will free not only your inner child, which wants to just have fun and play, jump, discover everything and everyone, but you free yourself from all those adulthood troubles, problems of everyday life. Join the inner child and your life will shift. You will definitely smile and laugh more. Promise.

It is important to listen to a child and actually do what the child requires. The child is not bossy, it just expresses strongly how doe sit feel. Your inner child just needs attention, love, interests and understanding. That's all. If you are a parent you might understand this easier. If you like children or work with them with passion, you might also easily know this. Those adults who actually do like children, they actually most of the time have a really good connection with their own inner child.

Are you ready to be free? I am free for a long time.

I do love my child. My inner child sometimes is scared of new, even it is all those ideas comes from my inner child in a wonderful with dreamer and magician. My inner child is trusting me and that's why I know my life example that everything always works out even if I jump to unknown field. Do not be afraid to listen to your inner child and follow what child desires and what needs. You will be surprised at how life turns beautiful. Trust and liberate yourself from the nonsense of everything in the world, because a much as adults we think we know everything, we actually know nothing and children might be a better teacher of life that we might ever understand. Observe them and join them in having fun. Enjoy! Life is about enjoyment.

When you like to awake your creativity the connection with the inner child is absolutely mandatory. The child will create your masterpieces. It will free your hidden talent and you will land to your dream career sooner than you think. Trust in the process.

Show your inner child that you respect the inner secrets if the child doesn't want to show what the secretary is doing, for example, having an imaginary friend or some way of playing or imagination is really shooting stars, respect the inner child decision. Never ever betrayed your inner child. Because well it will get nasty. If you really crave to share with your real friends and family, those who really get you, you must first confirm with your inner child.

I remember as the child I used to play with a turtle Rambo female Rambusia (short story long, we thought it was a boy it turned that we got a girl, honestly speaking we wanted a dog, which came to next Saint Nicolas, 6th of December, big day for Polish kids) who was a carriage for my Barbie and Ken. Btw I had a Ken with real hair. When I saw once in National Geographic Photography Album, the adult woman riding on the turtle as it will be waterski, I felt a bit disgust. I thought instantly that this is awful but well, I kind of look again and I said, even awful for turtle, must be fun for this woman. I never ever seen anything like this. It is a black and white picture older than me. Maybe because of this people create waterski. How would I know? I know nothing. We all know that children do not know the boundaries. To protect the child we have to awaken your inner parents regardless if we had them in the real-life and what kind parents we had, we must guide our child and give our inner child the healthy boundaries. If the inner child wants to chase ducks or pigeons, let it do it when someone is watching or not. That depends on your inner parents. Because the inner child is always surrendered with parents to feel protected, to feel safe, to be loved. P.S. I do chase birds. Sometimes and I love it. My adult's friends sometimes look at me as I would be actually 5 years old. They join me in laughter, and it is all good. It is all about fun. Grumpy kids do not really exist.

We all know that children do not know the boundaries. To protect the child we have to awaken your inner parents regardless if we had them in the real-life and what kind parents we had, we must guide our child and give our inner child the healthy boundaries. If the inner child wants to chase ducks or pigeons, let it do it when someone is watching or not. That depends on your inner parents. Because the inner child is always surrendered with parents to feel protected, to feel safe, to be loved.

You and your inner child might stay connected all life and it is only up to both of you how you gonna maintain this connection. But you must trust that inner child makes you ALIVE, HEALTHY, and much HAPPIER.



I honour those who trusted me as a Holistic Therapist, Reiki and Seichem, Angel and Card reader, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Thank you for letting me guide you that you have the Inner Medic and I am just there to help you open the door as you have the key in your own hands. To experience self-healing of many, make me believe in divine power in ourselves. Much appreciated that I was there for you on your path as the turn toward your powerful ability to heal.

Trust that you have a healer within you and that all the answers to your physical and mental health are within you. It is hard to believe? Well, we're all bombarded with external medications given by random strangers called GPs. Ok, let's slow down. I consider Western medicine a holistic therapist, I know from observation that a small number of these doctors at least exposed themselves in 5 countries, they know what health is. I have met only a few whom I would put myself into their hands. Thanks to Universe I am super healthy. Maybe because I have been listening to my inner medic for many years of my life, maybe always. If you read my previous blog, my mother was a qualified nurse and then a therapist. I have an aunt who, while still in retirement age, teaches microbiology at the university and works actively, and there is also my dad's fiancée, who is also a doctor, specializing in our lungs and respiratory system. Yes, my dad is in love after my mom dies. My mother was very conscious and she wanted my dad to be in love, why stay healthy and be happy. Qualified in Western but interested in Eastern medicine and a few similar general practitioners, I met in adulthood. Most of what they say, eat right, eat live, live food, green, fresh vegetables, fruits, salads. They also often said listen to your inner voice, the voice of a doctor saying aloud that you should eat something you usually never eat. Strange, but this way your medic protects your health most of the time. You may not even notice it, but if you do, it's really fun because your eating habits can change and you might shock a lady in the county when you ask for an unusual mix of morning deli in your sandwich. It may not be a new valuable recipe from the most famous chef, but it will not be a boring or average standard sandwich either. Examine the inner voice of the doctor, because it has already been proven that every person can heal the most difficult disease by listening to the precious, healing inner voice. As Chinese medicine says, the internal doctor is in you, you do not need the external one, only in the event of an accident and an emergency. Healing comes within you, and even if the patient's best medicine does not have free-will health, Western medicine will not do its job either. But if we only went to the doctors for really serious illnesses or accidents, the pharmaceutical industry would not make any money. But it's up to us to be able to trust our inner voice and connect with all inner sub personalities together to live a happier and healthier life day by day.

Have you dream about being an actor or actress?

The Inner Actor

Playfulness is my cup of tea. I will make you happy now. Let's make a play. You and me.

Well, you have one in you and he/she still wants to be an actor/actress and not only wants but it is alive without even you able to recognise when he/she takes charge of your inner self. At least every now and then he/she plays a very important role in yoru life. Your inner actor/actress lives especially in a new, unknown situation, during interviews, public presentations, especially at the beginning when you are full of fear. He/she doesn't think too long, only acts when necessary, quite blissfully. He is the real scientists or the manager, but in the initial stages of your career, he/she brings valuable help. In our case, he/she is not a designer but he/she helps to overcome the unknown and play with it by acting. It sounds simple however it might be challenging if you do not have an inner connection with him/her. Let's be honest if you want anything to be done for you, you might play a little bit. Persuasion, seduction or manipulation. Those three words are having the same fundamentals, even if some of them are accepted by society some of them not really, they all about getting what you want for good of you and hopefully good for another party too. This play is done by an actor/actress. But how the Goeth said, sometimes the simplest things, are the most challenging. Life is a play, it is a game. The aim is that everyone wins, however, it is impossible, sometimes we have to lose to actually win at a later stage. let's called this just life. The inner actor is not always compatible to bring us what we want or do his best job in an unknown situation or to perform the best or present our ideas in front of new people, that's why if the situation is new, we might feel that we screw up, that inner actor didn't do the best of his job. Well, we know who is talking at that time. The inner critic. But the inner actor/actress did his/her best with those resources which he had. Let's trust him/her that he always wants our best. This is helpful while performing anything that is called NEW, UNKNOWN. The inner child might feel uncertain because of the fear of the unknown. When the inner actor/actress, an inner friend and inner parents, and also sage will come together, the inner child would release the fear and that time by trust in actor/actress we might really without any manipulation, get the best what we have dreamt about. All those personalities would support inner actor/actress except obvious critic. Many of us had or still have the fear of public speaking, presentation of our projects or even interview. We hear this nasty, nagging voice, that's a critic. When mediator mediates the inner sabotaging talk, and let the actor takes charge of making the best work, we certainly will win. Just let go of the control, the judgment and the fear and all will be fine, especially with time. It is also helpful to expose yourself to constantly new situations. By exposing to various situations, all kind of social circles of people, you will have an inner actor/actress alive all life. He/she might be even better to speak and present your ideas that actually real specialist. By unknowing, he/she has space to pretend, and pretending is creative. When the real specialists feel like they know everything, quite often they are close to new ideas, for giving space to born something new in their own fields. Actor/actress might not be actually good in anything, but he/she plays that he/she is. Maybe he/she is not the best designer, painter, but he/she will plays as he/she will be. That's the role of the inner actress.

It is amazing actually that none can see the difference. It might be visible at some point but very little, almost not noticed at all. It is interesting how this is even possible. Well, if you believe in collective mind or past life, different dimension, this might be explained by this or by talking more standard approaches, because the actor is actor and actor has built-in endless of personalities. That's the role of inner actor. Inner actor/actress won't posse the knowledge of the specific filed, but he/she will represent us well outside until we get this knowledge ourselves. Inner actor/actress is heard to break first initial waters.

This one is loving you no matter what. It is quite similar to a friend, however, his/her love is much spiritual than human friendship might represent in the outer world. Each of our inner personalities wants to be heard but the inner loving voice doesn't. He/she just whisper love no matter of what. He/she is not parents either, as he/she doesn't need anything from us to do in the way as the parents might request from our inner child. He/she is just there, inside, like some would say, the voice of God if you believe system allows you to do so. This voice is never selfish, never demand power over other voices. This sub-personality is not sexual, or sensual or even romantic. It has nothing to do with the picture of the love which we see in the movies, songs, or poems. He/she loves you no matter what you do, how you do it, who you are, what you achieve or not. This loving voice is just there, express unlimited, omnipresent love to you always and forever. This voice is there and you count on him/her every time when you feel lonely in the crowd or alone on your own. He/she will also by divide love to protect you as he/she wants your life to be, to continue. He/she is alive with you. Surprising this voice also love others no matter if you like them or not. This voice is equal to as all. The loving inner voice by love connects with others, forgives and union us no matter of the differences which we put between us when ego comes too strong. He/she only wants that you let him/her loves you. That's all. With love, everything becomes so simple. Even your new career, your dream creative path. When you create from love to serve others, this voice brings you unexpected situations and people to fulfil your dream. When you create from love, the love expands and you receive easily what you need. Inner Loving voice allows us to see ourselves with kindness and love towards ourselves and others too. He/she sees the entire world like that which only feels love, kindness and peace towards all kind of creatures, nature and the whole creation. No matter what is going on in our life or live on the planet, the inner loving voice spreads love. When you let him/her speaks through less argument would be in your life. Your compassion will see others and their actions as the voices of their inner personalities. That time more peaceful moments will come to your life and with peace, there is less stress and less inner and outer struggle. This voice doesn't fight to win. His/her strategy is to spread kindness through the soft eyes and tone of voice, through a warm smile. However, as he/she is vulnerable quite often other personalities would take charge of those type of situation and instead of peace, you might experience misunderstanding or even worst real war. His/her aim is just love. But to love deeply entire world, we need to first love each part of us, to be able to speak to others with words of love, not position or hurt ego. Only that time, the situation will resolves themselves without even our input. When the inner loving voice comes to the surface, you might experience less judgmental of yourself and others. Because each personality wants to be alive, to be with you, the aim is not to drop all of them and become a loving walking person as Life requires you to have all personality alive, but by knowing the existence of inner voice you might just become more peaceful and because of that more gentle toward yourself and others, what in the end brings you more inner softness and happiness.

Inner actor/actress is unable to tell us how things actually work, but because of his/her plays, he might if we let him/her show us and we might actually understand that quite often is not about knowing but about having the opportunity to gain by working this around. Creativeness is awakened on a much higher level in an actor than in actual specialist. Actor figures how to do something without any fundamental knowledge while specialist just does what he knows. let the inner actor plays for you, and you will be surprised how much fun you might have. The actor also releases the stress of unknown usually coming in close interaction with an inner medic, even inner parents to ask you to breath before acting takes place. Breath in and all will be good he whisper. And most of the time it is. Let actor/actress do mistakes, he/she doesn't' have a prepared script so be gentle for him/her.

The most important action skill is to let go fear of the shame. If this is done, you might play inside you before any real situation. Even you might collect international prizes while being on the stage or walk the red carpet. Let your imagination being you to wild plays. Why not? It is fun.

You will understand soon that actress deals well with stress and your new situation soon become the piece of cake and you will feel like being on the top of Mount Everest.

Taking various acting role inside you and obviously outside you might bring you extraordinary results. Be open-minded and let Life be a play.

Who else is in our heads?

The Loving Inner Voice

This one is loving you no matter what. It is quite similar to a friend, however, his/her love is much spiritual than human friendship might represent in the outer world. Each of our inner personalities wants to be heard but the inner loving voice doesn't. He/she just whisper love no matter of what. He/she is not parents either, as he/she doesn't need anything from us to do in the way as the parents might request from our inner child. He/she is just there, inside, like some would say, the voice of God if you believe system allows you to do so. This voice is never selfish, never demand power over other voices. This sub-personality is not sexual, or sensual or even romantic. It has nothing to do with the picture of the love which we see in the movies, songs, or poems. He/she loves you no matter what you do, how you do it, who you are, what you achieve or not. This loving voice is just there, express unlimited, omnipresent love to you always and forever. This voice is there and you count on him/her every time when you feel lonely in the crowd or alone on your own. He/she will also by divide love to protect you as he/she wants your life to be, to continue. He/she is alive with you. Surprising this voice also love others no matter if you like them or not. This voice is equal to as all. The loving inner voice by love connects with others, forgives and union us no matter of the differences which we put between us when ego comes too strong. <div><br class="Apple-interchange-newline">He/she only wants that you let him/her loves you. That's all. With love, everything becomes so simple. Even your new career, your dream creative path. When you create from love to serve others, this voice brings you unexpected situations and people to fulfil your dream. When you create from love, the love expands and you receive easily what you need. Inner Loving voice allows us to see ourselves with kindness and love towards ourselves and others too. He/she sees the entire world like that which only feels love, kindness and peace towards all kind of creatures, nature and the whole creation. No matter what is going on in our life or live on the planet, the inner loving voice spreads love. When you let him/her speaks through less argument would be in your life. Your compassion will see others and their actions as the voices of their inner personalities. That time more peaceful moments will come to your life and with peace, there is less stress and less inner and outer struggle. This voice doesn't fight to win. His/her strategy is to spread kindness through the soft eyes and tone of voice, through a warm smile. However, as he/she is vulnerable quite often other personalities would take charge of those type of situation and instead of peace, you might experience misunderstanding or even worst real war. His/her aim is just love. But to love deeply entire world, we need to first love each part of us, to be able to speak to others with words of love, not position or hurt ego. Only that time, the situation will resolves themselves without even our input. When the inner loving voice comes to the surface, you might experience less judgmental of yourself and others. Because each personality wants to be alive, to be with you, the aim is not to drop all of them and become a loving walking person as Life requires you to have all personality alive, but by knowing the existence of inner voice you might just become more peaceful and because of that more gentle toward yourself and others, what in the end brings you more inner softness and happiness.

Who is the wisest one? The Inner Sage "A wise man has no face and eyes, he is not a person, although he may not be." - Katarzyna Hasnik

The thought came to my mind while looking into my inner sage. He/she changes his / her appearance, sometimes is just in the air, unable even with my creative eyes see him/her. It is just, exists, that's all. When you are in the deepest struggle, the most difficult stage of your life till now, he /she will be there, always present. He/she provides you answer or even speak through you that everything is in the divided order and this will pass as the clouds pass on the sky, as the biggest tornado will pass, as the earthquake will eventually be completed and after that will be peace once again. The inner sage, the wise woman or man inside, or just wisdom without the persona brings you an understanding of human life, humanity, nature, animal kingdom, history of human, your own stories of life, cosmos and universe as a whole working in order divine or universal creation. Wisdom voice is quiet just like the Loving voice. Wisdom doesn't fight for their own time to speak. However when you allow your mind to be quiet, that time he/she will take peacefully a voice and with an understanding of your actions, peacefully also with kindness, as the wise man or woman, as you might imagine the elderly who experience already a lot, might he/she speaks in the moment of the doubt when none of the other personalities is able to give you any answer. The inner wisdom will also answer your question about what would you like to do with your life in general, what is important for you regardless of others telling you not only your own personality voices but also people in your life. The wisdom will guide you through life like none else. The wisdom is quiet and it is well very close to the Inner Spiritual Psyche and the Loving Voice and the Intuition. Each personality will answer to you, what they need, want and likes but what you really want, need and like, like really, be certain is only Inner Wisdom may give you the full answer to this common question across all people regardless where they had been born and where do they live. Inner Sage is wise. That's all that you have to remember. So let'= him/her speak to you and follow his/her wisdom and you will be having much more certainty in your life than if you listen to moe often other internal voices. The really important events of your life might be supported better when the sage is in charge but remember he/she will never demand the power. That time you might recognise him/her when you allow it to just happen. Remember that sage as everyone else wants to protect you in own unique way, but the difference is that sage knows much more than anyone else. His/her knowledge is not based on science or history too much is comes again from within. He/she also learns from Life but on a much deeper level than Inner Historian or Manager. Sage is not playing the fool, he/she just knows. That's all.

Deeper voice than any other quiet voices

Spiritual Self

To hear is to allow silent speaks itself.

Spiritual Self is only heard while you really quiet yourself, all personalities including the quiet voices, as Sage and Loving Voice. Spiritual Psyche cannot be asked to speak by your free will. Spiritual Self speaks only when there is the environment in your mind necessary to be for him/her exists. Spiritual Self knows things beyond even the Sage like for example that life always was existing, exists now and always will. Sage knows this but mostly because of wisdom through observation of Life. However, the Spiritual Self is the Life inside of everything and everyone. Some would call this Spirit, Soul, Psyche, Divine Spark. Spiritual Self can only be heard when we give the space with no rush. Some practice meditation, to hear the voice. Spiritual Self is just. That moment you might have tears in eyes when you both become connect together. It happens and it is happening. Time slows down like it would not even exist, everything is shining, vibrating, radiating inside like everything would be a sun itself on them own. That time butterflies sit on your hand while you meditate, they sit on your tip of the nose, neck and head. They walk all over you and you know that you grab something that only a few might experience. You look at the bird and you become one. Everything is just floating as you would sit on the fluffy cloud. There is space in between and there is no space eat all between. Everything is One. Fully united. Spiritual Self gives you answer to all from inside, sometimes without even the voice. It is just you become the spirit as you actually are and all other voices look at you finally united. Nothing and none, including yourself can worry you. You are reborn and alive once again on a different level. You feel just incredible amount of joy, freedom and love, union. You are One and Everything and Everyone is One. It takes moments to feel it or years of practice but when it is experienced give you incredible superpower but not to overpower others but the superpower of knowing that everything is possible, that you are responsible of your own creation as everyone else, that nothing ever is destroyed as it is just illusion, a manifestation of material play which we all have here by our spiritual choice o before we came. That we decide to create what we create in coexistence with others. The peace, respect and also smile come together in faith, deeper than the pray. This begin doesn't last long but when it comes stays forever as experience. Some would try to tap into it by various rituals, plants, but when comes as own self-development you know that nothing is needed to create anything external. Just your own peaceful state of mind. You see your actions and their corresponding results. You take the responsibility all together without ever denying sadness as the reflection of happiness. You become One with yourself as Union. Even if this type of experience doesn't come often, it is good that you remind yourself that you experience it ever before. That time you know, that everything is ok as it is for your own spiritual growth. Spiritual Self allows you to make better choices with no harm towards others and yourself. Spiritual Self is one with everyone else Spiritual Selves. When you eat and defence yourself even when you needed to kill, you know that you united with the manifestation to maintain the Life as the whole with no judgment is good what is bad. Spiritual Self sends you wisdom beyond the Sage, this wisdom comes from Spirit and can be only understood from within when tapped to the Spiritual world. Nothing can ever kill anyone or anything. Life is always alive, just change the forms and shapes, that's all. When you know this it is easier to know that sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep alive. Spiritual Self allows you to have faith and respect in Life itself, in others and yourself. The honouring of Life as a whole with negative and positive sides becomes fully and deeply understood through your Spirit. When you have this it is easier for you to know that no matter of which choices you take you will be maintaining the life better than you could. There is no deny and there is no regret in Spirit. Life has endless paths and you with your free will choose one path or another. Choose a path of what you want in cooperation with Sage and the Spiritual Self will be with you entire time. Let the Spirit talks through at least time to time. Meditation will help you to have this incredible tuning to simply know the answer, which you ever have been seeking. Allow happening. It is in your hand. None can make this for you.

When there is a Light within us there must be a darkness

Your Shadows, My Shadows, Everyone else Shadows

There are two main shadow personalities however we might have more depends usually on our life story and choices which we had done it the past or which you have to make now. We all have shadow personalities. There is no denying of it. And those who denied usually have even more than those who admit to having it.

The Inner Fool, Clown, Buffon

The first shadow is the laughter one. We might call him buffon, fool, clown. He/she doesn't follow any rules, any social boundaries, even his/her own. He/she makes jokes of everything and everyone. Some of those jokes are good because they teach us the distance to us and to others, to even life itself, to not be so super serious about everything. However, when the Inner Fool is taking to many charges we might be in trouble. He/she doesn't even pay attention to previous experiences, any logic, or commons sense, rational thinking and he/she might take us to really inconvenient situation because basically he/she wanted to make a fool of us. Comedians do manage this inner voice quietly well but nowadays they might be in trouble as more and more free speech is not a free speech anymore. That's for another subject.

The Fool is free from any judgment of him/herself. He just doesn't care what other sub-personality think and even people around us. He/she is free, totally however he/she knows somehow that he/she breaks the rules, all kind of rules. Those rules are different from specific cultures depends where we are born, or what kind of profession we do. But he/she simply doesn't care. There is a power inside him/her. This power is freedom. However, the freedom must be maintained with responsibility, if not the wildness comes and we might just go beyond the line. He/she protects us from following the standard norms to let us be always free. He/she doesn't like any bondage. Oh, the fool is really a fool and quite often he/she lose the control of himself/herself. It is ok when it is done consciously, worst when it is done with toxic substance as it might if not limited, with a huge problem or even tragic. He/she likes to break rules. The Inner Buffon loves to laugh, makes jokes be sarcastic, ironic, foolish. He/she is the one responsible to show middle finger but with the tongue sticking out. Depends on the situation, this might makes other laugh or might kick our ass. To maintain him/her put him/her a bit in a cage, or on the leash, and will be all good. But obviously do not tell him/her this because he/she will run the opposite direction. You must trick him/her.

Having clown inside us especially in the creative world is necessary. How would ever be created comedy or fun but smart illustrations about for example politics to wake up the public and bring the changes. Quite often artists are the first one who laughs about specific issues and they are the initiators of making changes when people are brainwashed too much. Painters who do not follow the convention are the one who is truly called artists. They do express freely themselves as the Inner Child. Yes, indeed we know from any experience with naughty children, that they do not follow any regulation, they are most fun and trouble at the same time. They are free inside and because of that, they do incredible stuff, which as adults makes furious or make laugh. Depends which our personality react to it. I personally as former teacher, prefer laugh and after educate to bring to this wild freedom a dosage of good responsibility.

The fool makes as free as none else could ever do for us.

I do love my fool, especially when my Inner Jester is a positive one.

The Inner Jester will cooperate with Inner Actor. They both overcome the new situation with appropriate jokes. None wants to be a fool at the first presentation or interview or first day in college, because this might not bring the wanted results. So watch him/her out. Please. He/she might really get the feeling and ruin everything. If you will be able to make your Inner Fool your friend, you will have laughter anytime when you need to do, to cheer up yourself or other.

However, as we all know, the Buffon is also dark. We do remember the Clown and we know that clowns are evil too. Me personally I would never call my Inner Jester, a clown. As a little girl, I actually were afraid of them and still do not really like them. Here is why. Look at this picture. They look or super depressed, like psychopaths or really evil.

If you let this type of Inner Fool out of your mind. Well, I am sorry to say, but that's really not good, neither for you and for others. He/she will shame you like hell, turns everything into biggest trouble, make fun of important people at institutions, your place at work. You might be fired and you might actually become psychopaths. Happens, some people between us, are psychopaths. They let off course medically conditions come in, the Inner Evil Clown go extremely and create new murder personality. Everything is the creation of the mind. So make sure, no matter of what, that your Clown is a positive one, not the nasty, bad, or sad one. Stay away from those inner voices as it hurts you or others eventually.

Smirk smile is ok but the evil smile. I am free in the laughter of myself, with others, I pay attention as many of us, cannot react with a good distance to jokes based on all kind of stories and wounds. Many people cannot recognise their own inner personality and might overreact. Respect is crucial. Especially when we do not know each other well. If good friends, the laughter of each other is one of the best things why friendship and loving relationship with a companion is so good.

Be free and fun in your expression. Make illustrations which will make others laugh. Tell jokes. Create fun time for yourself and others. Make your self silly too. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laughter is the healer. The inner medic will be happy about your connection with your Jester. Let go pleasing yourself constantly and pleasing others. Let go that life supposed to be so serious, others or you. Connect with your Jester. Let him guide you through life. Get naked, go and jump to the water on the sunny or rainy day. Who cares. None is watching. Or maybe someone does, your best friend. Who cares. If they judge you or bondage you are they friends actually? Let go of the circumstances and consequences. Be free. Be You. Now be a Fool. Your Inner child will adore you for it. Your inner medic will adore you together with Sage, Spiritual Self and Loving. Your Inner Parents might not like it, depends on what kind of Inner Parents you have. If they too traditional and restrict well, tell them to awake own inner fools within them. have fun. Have laughter. It is all about at this moment.

Your Inner Fool might hug and kiss the tree and soon dance with the branches, he/she might dance as the crazy person expressing all possible energy inside you. Letting go. The best away to release stress is to laugh and dance. I have a lot of various Inner Jesters. People call me Quirky and I do love it. Free folk, rebel, who explodes sometimes with a massive amount of positive radiant energy of Life. You never get bored if you have Inner Jester awaken. He/she tells you most funny jokes or brings nonsense funny thoughts. You feel happy as none else ever makes you happy. Being down mood weird person with psychopath personality is not recommended, but being a foolish quirky, positively crazy weirdo is cool. Well, being real unconventional Artists speaks about itself. Real Art without distance to oneself cannot be express.


That's why to live to the possible max!

As the end is close, just behind the corner, regardless of how many years you think you might have ahead, the end might be tomorrow. Or even today.

Love Love Love. The entire meaning of Life is Love and Creation. Live by passion. Not regrade. Do not die before when you actually pass away. Do not die alive.

The Inner Death

Oh yeah, we have one inside us. Scary? Well, she/he reminds us that nothing last forever at least in this dimension. The Inner Death reminds us to LIVE while alive and to DIE when the time comes to collect us.

Come as you are, as you like.

I want to meet you to not be scared anymore.

You took my friends.

You took my lovers. You took my family.

Now it is time for you to take me.

Come down, come inside. Come. Come.

I am not afraid of you.

I am you and you are me.

I cannot do it myself. I am too afraid. It is your turn.

Do it. Do it. Do it. Fast and Strong. Hit me. Kill me.

Pray with me till the end. Do not leave. Not now.

I want to die. No, I don't.

You die. You are lost.

Walk away. You are lost.

You cannot live without us. You are lost.

Gone. You are gone. You are lost.

Cross upon you. Peace be with you.

Come next time. When the end is real. Now, it is just inside me for the pain, which I carry when alive.

I must hate you. I must punish you. But I love you. Why?

Those who I loved, are with you. None else is alive.

You stupid Death. You should take me too. Now, I am once again in love. DO not take him. Please. Not now. Why? You selfish stupid Death. If I could I would kill you. I will burn you. I will tight you up. But I cannot. I have to learn to live while I know that me and everyone will die.

To live while alive. To die while dead. Not before. Never. Goodbye my dear lasting lover. See you on the other side. But not yet. Sorry man. Next please.

Wow, what happens. The poem to death. Well, maybe I will write a poem to Design. That' a good thought. I have not seen a poem about wireframes and prototypes.
So maybe it is an A HA moment.

Everything is limited and completed in this material life. On the emotional level, our thoughts processed, our ability to feel and understand, we are also limited and completed. We cannot go beyond our measure of human life. But by looking on the endless possibilities on the Earth, we want to go beyond this what we have already had, what we already experienced, what we have been born into it. And the beauty is that it is possible because each life is responsible for creation. If we would all be Scientists there will be no place for Beauty. So if you dreaming about design, do it, because Life and Other Humans need you. Just you. Not the copy of anyone else. But you individual you.

Schopenhauer, one of my teenager lover, who slept with me with an open book on my chest (to not to say words starting with b as it is not appropriate) questioned importantly how it is even possible that majority of people are so afraid to die, they do think about life which ends once and they stop existing when death comes to take them, they are even paralysed by this concept, but they never question lack of existence before they were born...Mostly those who are born in the concept of one life and one death. Anybody else who had been exposing to reincarnation they are more easy-going with death. This freaking out point is mostly reserved for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Everybody from Hinduism and Buddhism now by default that life does not end in spirit, just in the material form. Anybody who is atheists well, they do not question what is before and what is after, the however big percentage is usually afraid of death as the end of this life.

Death means no more those who we love and what we love. No more fun!

Well, if your job is a playground where you spend most of the time, make sure is a fun playground where you want to play. Otherwise, you end up death alive by being bored as hell.

The Inner Voice of Death has a major role to play within us. It whispers or shout or moans that Life is One so have it, because I AM COMING TO TAKE YOU ONE DAY.

The whisper is not pleasant, it is actually annoying and quite nasty. Until we learn to live, to take a risk to be fully satisfied even if we do mistakes. Because it is better to do hundreds of mistakes than any sort of regrets that we have not done it. Every old person would say that. No need for books on this subject. Also Death reminds us, that time is limited and we have to act now.

Inner Death also reminds us of the Alchemist Oath. That every mater, including you, mergers and dissolves. This is never finished and never starts. What comes, goes. What goes, comes.

Solve et Coagula

The Spiral of Life


The Tree of Life

To experience the death of relatives and not relatives, but still very close, while taking care of them at work, gave me the greatest opportunity to learn more tune to present moment better than any meditation book, Mp4, workshop, better than any mindfulness class, better than any teaching training course, better than any philosophical book or prat to god or talk with universe. Yes, experiences matters and that's why Death calls upon us to experience life because one day will be gone in this form which we know now.

Panta Rhei

Memento Mori

The Inner Voice of Death is loud even if only whisper. This voice calls us to call those who we love to protect them or to say goodbye, this voice brings to us unexpectedly thoughts of those who we used to love but we have stopped living in unforgiveness, to be able to once again try to forgive. The Death Voice is like a Buddhism gong, not a tiny little bell as we might hear when the Spiritual Self rings to us to be heard. Those two voices are merging and dissolving together in union and separation. They both are deep and are here for the same reason, to connect us with more than we think and even feel that we are. Atheists who read this, please do not question. Somehow I do not even believe that real atheist exists. Statistically speaking that string aesthesis usually turns with a big faith at the end of their life or when someone close dies suddenly. Regardless of your faith in beyond or lack of it, death voice speaks in all of us to not die while alive. To live fully. To be able to die while taking risks, adventures, exploration, breakups. Because Death as you might be surprised, ants us to be happy when alive and die with a peaceful smile on our face that we did our best, that now we are complete. That we are able to let Death takes us. But how about innocent children, young people, people mature but still super young and alive, how about the elderly who are retired and finally have time. Well, none ever will have the answer to all. I have stopped looking in Koran, Bible, Tora, Unpanisad, Sastry, Sudry. I have stopped because there is no answer to All. That's never gonna be the answer. The only answer, which comes to me it is that if we all live the same amount fo years, we would not be able to live by the moment as much. because of unexpected, we have this wisdom, if


Death is not here to destroy us even if we do feel the major change when tragic events take place. Death is to take and to give. Just like Birth. Nothing is constant. And the only certainty which we have is the change. The sadness of losing is the wisdom of life and pleasure of joy. To lose is to gain. Because of the death, we lost the track of time. We might live better after the death of beloved ones than ever before.

The Inner Death reminds us all the time that Time goes by. Time is value and we have to use it wisely. Not waste. Death is an order in chaos. It is not our enemy, but our friend, guardian to peace. To feel Death as a companion is to feel the peace of freedom, liberation and warm kindness, not the pitty. At leats for me. The Inner Death reminds us all the time that Time goes by. Time is value and we have to use it wisely. Not waste. Death is an order in chaos. It is not our enemy, but our friend, guardian to peace. To feel Death as a companion is to feel peace of freedom, liberation and warm kindness, not the pitty. Because of the close relationship with my Inner Death, I have risked taking new opportunities, new professions, new countries, seeking the joy in what I do. Death teaches me a lot about how to be happy, not unhappy, to be close to my Dreamer, my Inner Friend and my Inner Sage, and also to be close to my Inner Child. To live is to live. Dying can happen long before in our mind when we deny that we are alive. Live, feel it. Life's main duty is to feel joy, to return to joy every time we are slapped. To look deep into Death's eyes and say that I will deal with this pain, this regret, this sadness because I want to live again. Death also reminds us to be good and has a close relationship with the Sage and the Spiritual Self. Death also works with the Inner Medic, and if we refuse our Inner Physician, we can bring Death closer to us than we would like. The Inner Parents would fear the death of the Inner Child. The Inner Friend would stay with us when we actually died. Death will help us end what is unpleasant and bad for us. Our inner death works closely with our Inner Justice, Defender of Justice and Inner Executor. Inner Death, helps is to completed projects and meet deadlines as works well with any ending, the Death likes to be close to Inner Manager. Death is our friend, not the enemy. Make a friend with your Inner Death and you will sleep peacefully.


Protectors, Carers, Managers, Leaders, Directors but also Parents and Magicians.

The Inner Parents

Parents, both Mother and Father, do their best that we fit it, that we are accepted in society, they make sure that we are kept well, that our life is good, healthy and nutritive, safe and happy. On top of that, the main role which they do have is LOVE. Yes, once again the unconditional love. Look how much you love already? We mentioned before about our Inner Parents. Let's get a bit deeper. They are here to protect us and to teach us to fit into society. they also teachers, carers, guardians. They might be very different from the parents or carers in the outside world. We create them by ourselves and we might change them. Oh yes, we might choose how our Internal Voices including Internal Parents serves us. Because all these internal Personalities are here to serve us, not o bondage us or be overprotecting. Internal Parents would support your ideas, they might not agree with unknown first or what doesn't fit into the norm if you have been a layer and suddenly you want to be a doctor if you had been accounting and suddenly you want to make bouquets if you have been designer and suddenly you want to be politicians. They might be judgmental and might hold you a bit in a safe, comfort zone due to you sudden change, they might guide you together or separately but if you awake your Inner Child, you will ultimately make good contact with Inner Parents and show them your individual You, your vision, your new education. They, because of love, will eventually support you. Speak to them. D does not turn away. If they do not agree with each other observe them See if they do act as your own parents or they are reflecting maybe other actual family members. Speak to them with support of Inner Friend. Let the Sage be with you too. The love you as much as everyone else. You need to guide them as well they would guide you. Show them a new step towards your goal. They are there for you to help you. To look at the whole picture with the wisdom which they have. Show them a new path, different road ahead. Hold their hands and walk together towards the future even if you are 82 you will still have Inner Parents. Because the Inner World doesn't have time. We all know the Inner Historian. The Time for thoughts, past, future and parents do not exist. Look at your Inner Parents as they would be young too, scared of the unknown future, and you might find that they do their best always. This Inner Self Dialogue with Inner Parents help heal any wound with real existing or not Parents, who raised us or not. They will be very proud of your Drawings and Designs and every Certification and Degree and Career which you ever will take. They will be putting candles on the cake to celebrate with you every success of your personal and professional life. They are there to love you. Do not ever forget that.

The Inner King/Queen

Wise or Cruel - All up to you

This Inner Voice has many names. We call them al kind of names as Manager, Director, Leader, Boss. The idea of this Inner Voice to make you BIG in the world in this what you do. We need those BIG important strong people. As society we are tribe, and the tribe needs chief. Always has been and always will be this way just like in the animal kingdom. Apparently, even batteries have the dominant bacteria cell who runs the show. This is the Voice of Power and Ruling with many faces and many tone of voices. They rule not only of you as Inner Parents might be sound but about others, external People around you. This is the voice of those who thrive into professions or career level where they would actually manage, direct, guide and lead others. This voice is powerful. It has incredible strength and love to rule and to be powerful. If it awakens without any self-control might overcome Sage, Spiritual Self, Loving Voice and deny everything and everyone to poses what he/she wants. That time is not good for anyone outside. Expect the person. Do not go this way. The real good King and Queen do take care of their people, the chief takes care of his tribe, the leader takes care of his team. The One who really rules is the one who rules for All, not just for himself/herself. Make a contact with your Inner King or Inner Queen, or both. Eyes, the gender doesn't play any equivalent role here. You might have all Kingdom inside you, with Lords and Ladies and Duke and Duchess, Princes and Princess. Ask them how would you be able to get where you want in professional life and personal without denying your internal values. If you have them. If not speak to Inner Sage. Do not ever let other personalities obey fully to Kingdom. They must, I repeat, they must cooperate together. The Rulers would collect incredible strength and inner power to make sure you get where you want to be. It is very important while changing a career, starting a new role, going to college or applying for a higher position.

Have one aim in your goal of power. Do not overcome others to get where you want to be. Overcome yourself and the obstacles in your head, Never deny values and health, wellness, skills and experiences of others.

Be fair. None of the King or Queen who had been hated by society, last long. The public had been chopping lost fo heads of cruel Kings and Queens.

Now, it is called work harassment and those cruel bosses are fired even if they do their own company. The sample is given before Steve Job. Always rule with a good heart and kindness to help others not just yourself and your ideas.

Your ideas are valuable only if you value the people who help you to make them real. None of the King and Queen could rule the kingdom without servants.


The Inner Magician, Wizard, Witch, Fairy

Wanna ride? Come and jump on the broomstick of a flying carpet. I do not need it. I have wings. In our psyche are the magic powers to endless possibilities, to intuition, which none else still ever be able to explain, to the third eye, to the telepathy, to incredible powers and energies which might be dormant for a while, especially if we do not get in touch with our superpowers, are magic inside us.

Make a three wish. One of my wishes is to have endless wishes. One wish form my never-ending list, it is that people do believe in Magic. Inside them. As Art Teacher, I could see the Inner Child awaken, and soon The Inner Fairy took the pencil and brush and made masterpieces of their kind. To see this moment, my heart warms up. To see the progress, the magician is fulfilled. To awaken the magic in someone hearts to once again believe in Magic Skills is an incredible gift and I am so grateful for experiences it. Thank you to All my Art Students to be your witch who once upon a time put the magic of self believes on you so you and just you could create the amazing art. thank you that I could help you drop your fear as teh guide toward extraordinary hidden talents, the magic inside you.

The greatest of greatest, often suspended, often rejected, the create the magic for us all. The scientists, the painters, the architects, who with the Inner Dreamer, The Inner Manager took all the power which they could ever have and they put into the magic, which now serves as all in a helpful or just pleasant way, to capture us at the moment what can a single person create when it is tuned to the Higher Self. Inner Magic does exist. It is also Love. Love to ourselves, to others and to the world. We all came here to create little magic. The Magic of Cretaion. To create anything something. To create from the thoughts, ideas. Look at the greatest and unleash with them in honour of humankind regardless of the bad history. We as Humanity create more beauty than ugliness. I often still have a battle with this thought, but that's what I feel now. Maybe I am inspired while looking at Tesla, Edison, Brothers Wright, Bell, Titian, Leonardo da Vinci, Goethe, Monet, Manet, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon. The list is longer than this whole post.




Focus on magic which you like to create and you see what can happen

Watch out the Critic when you practice the spells. Appreciation brings more of goodness. Complain brings lost and despair.

Watch your subconsciousness, ask for guidance your intuition. They both are magical tools in us. None of the AI or human with maths inside one finger can make those calculations. They belong to magicians, wizards, witches, fairies, elves. Those subconscious fields of our mind, psyche, that feeling in heart even they are not understood by psychological schools. None of the analysis would ever be able to measure this as itis always expand while they do try to do it and when they are certain about findings. The gravity is existing and it is magic. The orbits on the galaxy. The sun shining and the moon bringing the sea closer to us and further. The invisible wind. The human and animal and insect a birds eye. The Inner Magic is close to our Inner Child. But somehow he/she knows more. They are old persona from the beginning of the world. They do not question, they understand and feel the magic in any source of energy and this source of energy is everywhere, in everything and everyone. The Magician and Witch they would work with Kind and Queen to bring solution bigger. Then ever the manager side of us could ever figurate. The subconscious is tune to the world beyond our measure. It sees teh future, feels through gut feeling, in our dreams. The sciences measures thoughts but what was found they are numbers, waves, ability to change the thoughts. But still, this is just a grab of something beyond this world. The human mind will speak to Inner Magic than this is impossible and soon next century it is possible. Next century, maybe even the next day. That's the beauty of discovery of unknown that impossible is possible. Somehow. Our institution, when we really listen and speak with her, gives as clues which we deny it but if we tune in, we will know what will happen next. The Inner Trust is the voice of Magician. You cannot say what you can until you do not open yourself to Magic of Creation. Many people who are newcomers to any file of a new career after changing their profession, they tune themselves to their magic. Some of them just believe instantly some of them after years of search. But they indeed start to believe in something that it was just an idea. Just like that greatest humankind because of them we have automobiles and planes, and ships. Believing is achieving. If you do not know what to is the Magic inside you, bring closer the magician, spend time with your Inner Dreamer looking at the stars and Full Moon and that moment might be the shift that the Magic will start to work with you and for you and for others. Yes, the Inner Witch/Witcher/Wizard might be good and bad. Once again. This is the Ruler. It is up to you which values will you give to her and him. Just like in teh fairy tales. We have good fairie san bad fairies. Not to poses others, but to help others. Ask them for guiding you. Let the Inner Magic surprises and be present to notice the sign. Ask intuition always speaks in silent, not when you have a clutter dialogue inside your head. The dreams are the magic too. Let night dreams open you up to another world.




They might become jealous of giving another one more time to speak. Quiet the mind. Choose wisely who is next by the gratitude to the one before. Give them Love. To All.

Jealousy or reconciliation with others is better.

You are a sucker if you follow the jealousy. Talk to that part of yourself that is jealous. Jealousy will tell you why is like it is. Revenge too. Frustration. Irritation. All of those emotions they do have personalities too. Do not deny them. Speak to them. They help you. Instead of destroying yourself or others, you find a solution to it what makes you feel this way. Do not be a fool. They need your energy and if you do not give them, they will eat you.

Jealousy or a lack of reconciliation with others is better than others. Or maybe it's the sadness of loneliness. Is it an internal insult that I tried so hard and failed? As if the killer in me was killing me. Slowly he plunged the sword into the iron armor. Maybe it's static, temporary, or maybe it's long-term. Without end. Or maybe it is the nothingness of being. What is all this for. Maybe it's a death in life. Perhaps it is the grace of understanding non-existence. Or maybe the dispute that others chose less than they wanted. That I believed in them and they sold out quickly. That they did not give me a better role model to follow. Maybe it's a soul journey, which in the next incarnation might be a monk or a cat, or maybe a fog. Let life give you nothing. Peaceful. Relief. The peace of the moment of reconciliation. Awhile. Choc now. Finish your meal by calming your lust.


You might ask how to get to the point to hear those above and any other personalities.

Oh yes, that's more of them. You discover your own. They are born and they die. They pay important role in certain phases of our life and after that they gone. Once they have been with us they transform us.

We all would have as well






You might have all kind of Inner Animals, Plants.

Myself Flying High Falcon, Lonely Wolf, Attacking Panther, Dancing Dolphin, Calm ale brave Lioness, lazy relaxed Cat, Free Butterfly, Stupid Moth, Wild Horse, Scared Gazelle.

Mermaid, Gnome, Dragon, Queen K, siblings, cheeky old man, seductress, lover, orator, therapist, judge warrior, killer, murderer, god, goddess, defender, lady, nymph, sorceress from a fairy tale, good fairy, magic fairy, muse, artist, critic but only pieces, singer, musician, evil witch, good ghost, gardener, guardian, watchman at the gate, warden, angel, predator, twin, twin, my own child, teacher, widow, etc.

The more we live, the more personality we have. Some of them, but rarely let us go permanently. However, most of the time when needed, they wake up again. This is our ego for everything we need. Our Personality uses language just like we do with other people, when we write, read, speak, and sign. Language makes it possible to communicate with yourself. Thoughts are based on words. The baby just feels before speaking. His inner language is based solely on emotions, with no words to name him. Therefore, because of our early childhood, the same names do not mean the same. We were born and we live in conditions. When we develop our ability to communicate verbally, we create logic, linear, with our inner selves and the outside world. Step by step, we recognize what we would call a specific action that corresponds to the desired results that define specific emotions and sensations. Thanks to language and words, we are sure that we will get what we want. Otherwise, we could ask for something, but we get something else. Body language plays an important role, but here we are going to focus on how all of these personalities communicate with each other. Simplicity will take place because they communicate with each other exactly as we communicate with others. These voices live as we live. Thoughts given words are logical, emotions are not always easy to describe or to repeat. By appropriately memorizing these emotions with word conventions, we could get that specific feeling again that we want. If we were to describe emotions separately from the logic of actions and reactions, it would be difficult to achieve the same feeling stage. That is why we give each other gifts to elicit the same reaction to the desire, to please someone, to please him. To give a heart is a sign of romantic love. To give perception is to give medical advice. The issuance of a diploma is a status award. Hug, kiss, turn head, shake hands, roll eyes. These are all body language or language rituals of tools. We need them to create the logic of our outer and inner world. When we speak, we create logic step by step. The words are in the order of communication. Our body movements and facial expressions are the same, but more subtle. If we had to constantly paint, for example, our emotions, we would not discover them in full at once and we would not be able to absorb them, because understanding an artist, especially an abstract one, is more difficult than understanding today's universe. Everything in the world expects a mathematical order from expressionist art. Therefore, the design is a structured art, not surreal. We can understand the language in any form, oral or written, step by step, but if we wanted to understand a picture the same, we would lose the essence. The same goes for emotions. That is why it is so difficult to understand children, even after Baba's Parenting Language Course. The Child only feels our Inner Child. Both internal and external do not speak fully yet, so we know that they absorb everything like a sponge, learn from the environment, look at people, people around as a whole, absorb the entire personality and share only when a specific person brings pain or joy without even being able to name her an opposite spectrum of feelings. By thinking logically, we are able to put these pieces into small, digestible sequences and be able to learn and develop areas as we grow up. The same goes for our inner personalities. As they grow, they expand their internal vocabulary. Therefore, it is easier for you as a child to feel, and also for your inner child. Because children, including the inner ones, take a photo just like a painting. When a child begins to develop nomenclature for specific people, objects, situations, and then places, the aspects of time, rather than fully as one, express a certain feeling, expresses thoughts in a logical order. As people, we want and need to exist well, not only to feel but also to understand these experiences in order to be able to actually repeat pleasure, joy and avoid pain. Due to the conditions in which we are all born, we need to awaken these forgotten personalities, bring them to the surface again, connect with our closest Inner Friend and help out with these unwanted, unresolved, unhealthy patterns.

We can play our theatre in us and even by drawing, drawing, drawing or asking our good friends to play with us or get professional help in group therapy to work on the matter and imagine if these personalities are facing each other in opposition or communication if they turn away from each other or stand close to the support. This kind of exercise comes from Bert Hellinger and they called it Family Constellations or relationship settings. Read more about his approach by researching yourself the topic.

This is an incredible lesson done one by one or in the group gives us the ability to discover our hidden aspects which dream in us to be discovered. The ego will be us, our main self and each of the personality will show to us the love or rejection, the distance or closeness. The subtle movements in this internal play or external game did ourselves will help us to not only logically understand ourselves and others, but also feel deeper and higher, closer.

By talking another consideration reasonable mind and idealistic, creative, wild mind we will discover to which side of our selves each personality is closer, which language doe sit use, logical or emotional, more creative. The side where we place our subpersonality towards each other is also important as we might actually want to shift them from logical for example internal parents to more creative willing to give us the freedom to do what we want. For example, follow the passion and go to Art and Design school. Each side of our brain corresponds to a different area of those internal subpersonalities. One side is logical, other emotional. One constructive, analytical, other emotional, intuitive. This variety depends on the right or left handed people. For a right-handed person, the left side of our brain is logical, symbolic, analytical, communicative linear, and the right side is for pictures, feelings, emotions, the full spectrum of situation. For a left-handed person, it would just opposite, however, we all know that science discovers that those areas do mix with each other depends on the person. Some people use both hands to write and they equally compatible to perform everything by both sides well, almost the same.

Those Internal Family or Relationship Settings as Bert called them Family Constellations are like stars in the galaxy. You are the Planet towards the Sun meaning Life to the maximum potential. If you notice that some voices are so loud and also in your internal play or external game with a therapist, group fo friend or just on the paper, those personalities also do stand opposed to your ego, your planet as shining but also dangerous big flashing stars, unable to give you a path towards the sun, it means they do need attention. Something is unresolved, something si teh internal obstacles as we all know what is internal is also external. If you do not give them attention, they will be standing there forever. It is like a computer game or traffic on the motorway with broken cards. You have to repair them to be able to move smoothly towards your destination. For example in this article towards the dream career. Some of them will be behind you pushing you or support you. Depends. Some of them won't even be close or present. Awake them and you will have a nice ride. You might as Ego, as You in You, support or protect one of those internal personalities or support others from this specific one, and protect yourself from him/her. This game is fun. Easier to do it outside with people in the acting therapeutic or just acting group or with close friends who do understand the knowledge behind than do it on the piece of paper or internally inside your imagination. However, not everyone will be willing to open up so there is always a benefit to work on your own. I have done each way and I found it that for the last few years it is much funnier to do it on my own. I learnt and now I practice.

Imagine that your external real parents or lack of them, or no financial support brought you to the career path, which you just hate, dislike so much that you feel like sick. Maybe even you are getting sick already. Ask you Internal Parents how do they stand close to you. Do they support you in new education path or they are not even there or maybe they stand in front in opposition to you and your goal or maybe they are close to you opening the door for you in your path toward the Sun meaning Life, the future. Not always what you had will be inside you. You might had parents who supported you so well but they supported in the school which they though will be good for you. If you had been polite child, you did what they decide, maybe you could not decide for yourself either. All kind of answers you will easily see it visually. Why the visual aspects is needed, because as we describe before, the emotions do want to see the whole picture not just a logical sequence of verbal thoughts. Otherwise, you will be thinking and only swapping between one role of internal voice one by one to make a sense of dialogue. That's how w think but fo you see it visually, you will feel it.

if something goes wrong, meaning you really dislike what you see, the constellation is just unpleasant, stay there, do not avoid, do not deny, observe, leave on teh paper or leave the picture in your imagination, make notes, leave the room and come back later, when possible. This is normal and to notice this obstacle is great empowerment. And here comes the positive thinking to bring the positive results, to allow the solution comes within. As your Inner Self, The Mag, The Sage, Teh Loving Self, The Spiritual Self, Your Inner Friend to let the process begun. Concentrate on the positive outcome and let shift those cards or those drawings or your friends or therapy group to bring understanding and love towards this specific situation.

In our life is all about harmony, the balance, not the perfection. They will always something to heal or to do better, to feel better, to get better. Just like in the design is all about harmony, the bills point, the golden ration. The aim of this play in your imagination between all your inner subpersonalities is to create harmoniously cooperating with each other team, where none of them are the leaders, expect yourself. You give them time to time permission, as they are there for a reason to guide you, but you decide who, when, where and for how long. This constellation is for you to grow. here in your passion towards the dream, creative career, but everywhere else towards the love, married, family, lasting friends, towards travels, peace with strangers while driving, anything that is necessary to make you happier, more fulfilled, easier with yourself and yes with others too. You know that you can't live without others just like one personality cannot live without other subpersonalities.

Imagine that this is your internal Matrix and you are Architect.

The maze is possible to figurate and gets out of it. By observing subpersonalities and cooperating with them you might feel like you discover the most amazing journey. Instead, to go to Asia, you go to yourself, the deepest undiscovered world within you.

Why well, to soulful yourself, to follow your passion, your dreams, aspirations, wants, likes needs, to grown, to become, to have, to love, to help others, to help yourself, to create, to be who you suppose to be, to connect, to once again be born, to feel the joy of creation, of life.


  1. Learning New Skills

  2. Progressing with Life

  3. Solving Old Issues

  4. Discovering Hidden Stuff

  5. Building New Layers

  6. Dealing with Upcoming Problems

That's Life. Deal with it. That's it. Just accept that this is like it is. Hard to in the first moment while you reading it but there is a huge dosage of freedom when you will do it. Liberation for feeling that Life supposes to only be enjoyable is the best ever received for any philosophy out there. Life must be challenging and must be easy at the same time. Easiness comes within the internal acceptance of above.

When you will adjust new approaches to yourself when you will grow when you will solve old problems, the new problems will come to the surface. They come from understanding itself and/or from new choices which you will take from the learning, which will increase your abilities. When you will make some changes, any kind of changes, you will discover new layers of your personality. New Inner Voice would come to Life. Old problems will vanish and new appears. That's the essence of Life. We all have to accept. With Acceptance there is Liberation. Internal Freedom. Once, I thought that Freedom is from something. But actually, freedom is in something. It is not external, it is internal. You might be 5000 km or 50000 km from a specific place, you might be 5 years or 50 years from this specific event, you might be apart from that person even by death and if you aren't free in your mind, all those things, all those situations, events, people will be alive inside you as before. Freedom comes with the responsibility of acceptance of certain unchangable aspects of life. That life sucks many times and our main goal is to minimise the downtime but uplifting us in understanding, learning, adjusting, accepting and dealing with it to make it easier, more fun, more joyful and happier. This is like a circus. Up and down and if you skip the ride, you will just observe life ongoing in front of you, you might stagnate instead of being alive. So to live is to accept down time and lift after them. That's all about. Nothing is a tool. Everything is just a helpful remedy. None of the tools can fix your life, regardless of how many teachers, preachers, saints, philosophers, medics, healers, coaches, trainers will try it. They will always fail as Life is always expanding and there is no answer to everything or even half of it, even less than half.


The game or the play with constellations to improve your Psyche is only the play and the game. It won't solve your problems instantly. It is a game and if it is a game you must play with it until the end of the end. When there is a total GAME OVER, meaning actual death.

To hear your Internal Voices is to hear your motives, feelings, your memories and your approaches towards yourself, others and Life. Normality is that each of those subpersonalities would like to make some change inside you to basically be the One, which will play a crucial role. When your inner child will grow and become mature, more independent, better understood by yourself by taking his/her voice under consideration, internal parents might protest. The Syndrome of Empty Nest is also inside you and it is happening for real.

The easiest is the best. Meaning any change which you take within yourself and life in general, including career search, must be easy. No struggle necessary as life is already a struggle. No need to add the tension to it. Step by step. None ever eat elephant at once. Do you know this proverb? To eat an elephant you must do bit by bit.

Pay attention to what is changing inside you and your emotional responses, and as well any corresponding external events. Oh yeah!

Better is to do it small portion, just like with eating, as your mind, just like body will absorb the changes, nutrition, just better. And mostly you won't feel overwhelmed, and you won't overeat.

The mind is like a stomach. It constantly does something, adjust, produces, mixes and release. Even if you think your belly is empty, just like your mind while you meditate, it is actually just getting ready for a big portion of food, thoughts.

To fully absorb the nutrition of new changes into your mind, do it slowly and gradually. Not at once. As well, there is a lot of doing and as we said already, there always be a lot to do. When you make any change slowly in the pattern of thinking of specific subpersonality and in their coexistence with other each other, the rest of the personalities would accept the change easier and they would be more helpful, supportive and friendly to the new settings. Small changes are more natural and more acceptable. If your new approach to your constellation will be done gradually you have to observe it and feel it. Is it positive change, if yes, let's confirm it, if not you might adjust a bit differently and give a go once again. As I said it is a game. Internal Play with Yourself, with your mind. Your mind is like a computer. Cliche. I know, but it is. Just like computer needs updates done one by one if you press all update at once, those update will take ages.

There is much more to learn about this incredible, extraordinary, super high tech game of your mind to make your life more efficient and suitable, smarter and funnier.

For this reason, I do wish you that you will take charge in your hand, do much more research on this topic and generally about constellations and the fundamental knowledge of psychology.

If you came across this website, it is two things I am certain about you. You are seekers. You are looking for something. New Career. New Opportunities. New Understandings. Of Life and Yourself and Others. In UX case - USERS. How to become a UX Designer might be one of your questions? What is all about User Experience? Or you might be already UX Designer/ Maybe you are UI Graphic Visual Designer and you want to learn more about User Experience. Anything with Users and their Experiences is based on sociology and psychology. So, well this knowledge about Internal Voices is just basics. To be good user Experience Designer, you must have at least a basic understanding of Psychology. Otherwise, you won't really get them. To get your Users, you have to really get yourself first. That's why even the basic understanding of psychology is necessary and mandatory. No excuse. Sounds like I would be Dictator. Well, we all need better products and services. If we all need the same, we also need a really good User Experience Designers, who know how to build the question for Users to come with the most honest feedback. If your User is smarter than you in body language, internal personalities, emotions, and conversations, how would you get the essence of your precious Users. Their feedback is everything that we Designers need to make things better. Not just for the design itself, for company, our investors, team but for the World. We are CREATORS and Creator responsibility is to do things better and better. If Users is slightly shone or not upfront, doesn't want to hurt your feelings by being super honest, you have to know how to use one of your iNternal personality to speak to his/her internal personality. This is all fun. But preservation is important in business, any business, any service including Product Design too.

As UX Designer you have to know how to communicate your ideas to all team, from Project Manager to Develop across UI Designers and how to approach all kind of personality Users.

To communicate with others on the high-level to performance, you have to know first how to communicate well with yourself to achieve what you want and what is good for you. To grow your product design together with Users and team, you have to know how to grow internally Every design is always involving and you as UX Designer too in work environment, as Person in your personal life and as Human in Society.

While working with yourself inside your mind using imagination, or on the piece of paper or together with the group, please appreciate all who is playing the role of your internal personalities if done in the group and if done inside do it the same. Thank you is the end of the play, but just for now.

To make new changes new patterns of habits, use your physical body. Adjust the change while holding your writs, belly, heart, shoulder, forehead. About this, I will send you to the as it is much more to show than to say. But I feel you grab everything that you needed to start with this powerful knowledge and it is all up to you to put to the practice.

As Former Holistic Therapist and Yoga Teacher and Life-Long practitioner, I will only mention that our physical body knows a lot more than we might think. We just able to recently connect science with east medicine and we are shocked by so many proves that the tools which we use in neuroscience are described exactly the same things as the ancient medicine does.

Our body knows more than we know.

The mind is the operating system of the hard drive. The inner Voices are the software programs which we must update and the physical body is all material objects as a monitor, which might show us much more than programming. You might not understand the programme how the computer runs, but you will understand the visual objects and you will be read the commonly know language, which you speak on daily basics. That's why the body is the tool to highlighting the work which we have done with the Internal Personalities by holding our hands on specific parts of your body is like saving button. Each time when we touch the place, we highlight to our mind that we want to process with this new pattern, new knowledge, new updates, new habit.

In any ancient medicine and philosophy and as well the most recent western medicine, the body is known as the storage of the oldest emotions. The storage of not updated patterns. Just like forgotten old programming script. Those old patterns are quite often messing up with new ones, they are that old that they are unable to be understood by new programs and even our brain. That's why we respond some times in a very odd way. Our Users too. Those settings, internal setting of our own brain, must be updated so our body function well, and we send the right signals to each other to well, I am certain you know already, to communicate well with each other and to grow, too involved.

These most thriving us alive emotions, most distracting emotions, most cruel to us and others, like being happy, sad or angry, are kept in the hypothalamus. All that is happening between kinesthetic and emotional responses are in our cerebellum. Meaning anger is stored in one part and their corresponding kinetic movement in another part. Both are connected instantly based to do with the new situation. The same as with love. Sometimes our love instead of involving wand working with us, it is kept on the same level as we would be teenagers. Sadness might become so extremely strong, stronger than the situation because it reflects on the old unhealed sadness.

And now by taking those major examples, we might take for example the way too personal reaction to constructive feedback at work done in every good professional standard way, but it triggers our unresolved, not updated old setting from the time when our Art teacher or siblings didn't get our drawings or laugh at this and make jokes. Simple to say, harder to understand. Being a good leader is being able to understand this type of situation instantly. Being a good UX Designer is to be able to understand the Users beyond what they reply to us in interviews. Is there something for us to understand more between the lines.

old learnings which have nothing We have to make a connection there to know what is going on with us, with our internal voices and our corresponding behaviours, involuntary, not even noticed, however, noticed by others. Each of us, has the patterns broken, old which needs to be replaced, updates and reconnected.

The feelings are only existing when there is a corresponding reaction to it. Meaning if the emotion is not having a reaction, doesn't really exist. It is just simply ignored. That's why some people, might be oversensitive or overreacting.

Imagine that you are responsible for creating the app for children. Meaning you interview children. How would you speak to them without knowing the basics of their emotions. How they function and what do they feel. They are indeed different from adults. Incredibly in terms of feelings, they feel much more highs and lows than the adult. American psychologist John Watson, who was born in XIX century, exactly in 1879 and passed in 1958 and during his work he proved that little children, your potential Users, keep this in mind, they can feel the significant feelings, like love, anger and sadness without the really complex situation. Simplicity is good as much as run by joy or pain as we were previously talking about. Complexity doesn't really play any role at this stage of age. They are primal feelings to all of us. For children too. That's the base of a human being. The difference is that with time complexity of growing up the level of those emotions to feel them, change. Those levels will increase or depravity decrease based on our experiences. When we are growing the external sources and their corresponding stimulus will cause less and less reaction, to another type of emotions, which had been awakening with age, but to that three primaries, regardless of how old we would be, those sources and their corresponding stimulus would need to be more and more complex to keep them on. It means that they will never be asleep but with time, we need more adjustments to feel them on the same intensive level as when we were children. Obviously, none wants to feel anger or sadness as we were children, crying without reason, no big deal, getting angry of the taken toy and causing trauma in the shopping centre. But we do want to feel love as high as we used to. To feel the love on the intensive level as we were children, easy and enjoyable, without the mind games, which adults do play without even knowing, we must adjust those emotions and their corresponding stimulus differently. Level down the complex of feeling love by internal trust and keep really high complex situation to feel sadness and anger. It is like we wish to be children once again in terms of Love, Happiness, Joy and adults in sadness and anger.

Following this path in further discoveries in Schachter-Singer's work on the binary theory, we can conclude that a feeling exists only with an appropriate response because everything is based on the stimulus and its complexity. Simply put, the action breeds a reaction. It is two-sided. One does not exist without the other.

This theory explains that each feeling begins with an internal, not standard, conditioned stimulus in our sensory part of the brain, hypothalamus, which then, due to subconscious judgment, in cerebellum gives life an individual feeling and kinetic response in the body.

Body as the Best Tool for Our Brain

The body is Monitor to shows us what is in our Hardrive, the brain

That's way coming back why we shoudl change our body as a medium and tool at the same time as storage of subconscious emotions while we do our initial play with internal subpersonalities and their corresponding voices, is because the body will show us much more than we can imagine, just like we see more on teh monitor of our computer than we see inside the hard drive. When our body is the light, meaning open, relax, straight forward, breathing easily, deeply, we shine and our body radiet by radiant form. We call this The Sun Position. In this stage our body functions better, our internal organs received more blood and more nutrition and more oxygen. All of those physiological stages bring good corresponding emotions, even if this action is so basics, not complex, we feel uplifted and internally better. In this position is easier to work with hidden patterns, as we give our body space to feel better and every movement will show certain hidden aspects. When we feel own, our muscles are stiff, we aren't relaxed, we are tight up but weak, we are unable to do anything with our internal self and even with the external world is hard too. This position is called the Moon. And just like Moon is just a reflection of light of the Sun, this position of our body is only reflective of our internal self, mostly dark. This as in the cosmos is necessary to make adjustments and work on the complexity of beautiful cooperation of one with another. Imagine that you are Earth, and you need both to exist, to create, to be. Just like Life would not exist on Earth without Dark Moon and Bright Sun, we would not exist without those two sides of us. Taking now users into account, by seeing their body position we know, how to relax them and adjust the positive vibration especially when we create complex apps for physical and mental health, additions, social issues, diversity and inclusivity issues, disabilities, physical, mental and sexual abuse.

Yes, indeed good UX Designer is psychologist and sociologist.


We all will find the parts of our psyche which we do not want to accept, change or even look at. That's good, otherwise, we will be a blur and became on a big mass of the same. The Complex Human must exist as Life becomes Complex even if sound like easier, we creat more and more complex technology to make life easier but to understand the technology itself is complex.

Without the complexity of our internal world, nothing would be around us. We will still chase fire.

To grow externally, we grow internally.

To expand externally, we expand internally.

One without another does not exist.

If we want to reach stars, we have to reach stars within us.

Chasing fire is not enough.

Electricity is complex, although each of us issuing it. To create the complexity of mind needed to be adjusted. Lots of complex Internal Voices took place in Edison and Tesla minds. Every scientist would say that this moment came when they just new answer after multiply experiments. The Internal Guide came alive giving the suddenly obvious solutions. To chase new technology, come with a better product and service design is to chase those internal talks to finally find while doing experiments, the obvious simple became so answer. The electricity suddenly became available to all.

To make things simple for all, one must get into the complexity of their work. Thanks to Agile, we have now teams to make those complex decision together with our valuable Users. Our internal complexity comes with together in pair to make complex things, simple fo all. That's the designer duty to make Human Life easier.

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