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A part of a story for Toxic Boys

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Few poems are gone, given away without making a copy, and few lines somehow spin in my head so here I give a shot. 😌

Dear Séan, who from now is Roy, Toxic Boy

Don't follow a story

Of million people from the factory

Don't be like that

So you won't be early dead

For adults weed

Is like for children treat

But instead of drink or sniff

It is better to find a beautiful Aoife

Be ready for the madness

And quite your badness

Fall in love

And fly away as white pure Dove...

1/ Roy, Toxic Boy - a birthday poem for John/Séan - longer version, above just shorten

2/ Gardener's Dog - a birthday poem for Krzych - on the back of the gift/painting "Poker Play" from the gallery, Dublin 2

3/ Life Festival 2011 - The Astronaut Poem - invite for my team.

To my true love - Red Arrow No matter of Borken Ribs

You are still the best in car beeps

So mak it your own beats

And you will receive lots of tips

No matter of fees

Your sunshine Miss.

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