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Apply Though Love meaning Performance Plan to get work done across all including yourself

Simple Categories of Personas Types

1st Bias to be erased:

Strong Man - He is so assertive Man

Strong Woman - She is such a B.tch

Prepare the structure flow within business/organisation/department/team/group or tasks

Divide by KPI/framework/goals/needs/strategy/plan/time/schedule/deadline/priorities/level of responsibility/personal characteristics

Group Personas by

  1. Closed Type of Persona

  • To speed them up - praise them for their perceived weakness - recognise the type of confidence issue - physical, psychological (past/present), personal life, or relative to actual performance

  • Let them ask for help and praise them - come up with it but let them say it loudly, privately most of them time than public or in written form (casual, informal, formal)

  • Do not break the pattern of praise them - lift them up, coach, mentor, lead

  • They will get into a game soon - give them time

  • They improve slowly but very well over time

  • Give them helpful hand at any time - they need you

  • Less freedom, less choice

  • Trust but review on regular basics

  • They need your eyes on them even if they do not ask they like to be check

  • They will trust themselves (confidence will grow) with time and well perform tasks

  • Do not ignore mistake but do not punish either - make it quiet not public

  • Notice and give them a mentoring/coaching

  • A good HR can help

  • Celebrate successes - loudly - their achievements so everyone notice and congratulate them - make it obvious and nice - take team out

  • Steady progress - you will be able to count on them

  • Quiet personas - probably never be super open but it will improve their social skills, co-working abilities and openness

  • Honest approach is crucial

  • Give Thanks to them often - personally and publicly - let others know even more than themselves

  • Keep them as long as they like to be kept and let them grow within you/team/company

  • They stay for a long time - attachment and fear - both and confidence issue even healed will be also somewhere there

  • Not risk takers - They like cosy and knowing well workplace

2. Noise Type of Persona

  • Things are not done but the noise is constant

  • High Ego - Super High

  • Overconfident without a proper of knowledge/experience to be actually confident

  • Complain/Talks a lot - make a noise

  • Nuisance in everything

  • "I do a lot" type of person

  • "I am tired, sick, exhausted" type of person

  • Leave them, do not put any energy, or mentoring, trying to help, just put them on the restrict performance plan within % and Points to be collected

  • Fail or Gain - strategy

  • Most of this type of personas are time, money, energy and work waste

  • Remove Waste - Hire better persona who does work done than make a noise

  • Remember Noise is unpaid

  • Better than what - leave them alone, ignore when they complain (personal life, physical about external, environmental, work relative)

  • Noise persona is also a gossip persona - avoid any conversations as. no trust. should be given

  • Avoid them - always and forever

  • Those personas always have been looser and they will stay that way - do not waste time to train them, educate them, help them, mentor them

  • They have no work ethics and no life ethics and standards

  • Let them go or you will sink in their Melo-Life-Work Drama about everything and everyone

  • Narcissists personalities cannot get help (mental disorder, deficient hormones of empathy and collaboration)

  • That's who they are and that's how they stay

  • Worst - they do not see the real problem - meaning themselves

  • That's how it is - accept and move on without them - the best advice I can get put in practice

  • Say No Thank you to them and give them a notice as soon as possible you notice this type of persona - do it quietly and formally only

  • Avoid public announcements as they use agains you/team/company

  • Bye Bye this type

3. Accountability Type of Personas

  • Buy them and Sell them - Mutual Benefit - Sell them yourself and them them buy you/others etc.

  • Simplicity of tasks and questions first

  • Grab a coffee/offer coffee and catch up regularly

  • Ask direct and simple questions - e.g. What would you like to improve in your regular day

  • Give them strategic plan in the timeframe and le them improve themselves within time

  • Trust and Freedom is necessary

  • Avoid any follow ups if not scheduled - let them breath

  • They improve quickly without any afford on your part

  • Give them direction and let them choose the path

  • They know what they do

  • They just need a clear vision - simple guidelines in first weeks or months (depends of the level of experience at that's all)

  • Improve their life by buying/selling them simple stuff from coffee to notebook/whiteboard/keyboard - they feel worth of doing more if they are pamper

  • Celebrate Successes - small and big, also notice failures, do not ignore anything - as they want to be notice in no matter what and how they do but do not want to be controlled

  • Give them room for expressing ideas

  • With time they grow incredibility. fast and outstanding

  • Trust the process - they trust in you and themselves

  • Give Thanks to them not to often both personally and publicly - let them know

  • They will grow and leave eventually

  • Risk takers - like change and freedom - new make them excited - so make them feel new things often as they get bored as well

  • Change their tasks/teams so they will stay and grow high otherwise bored easily

  • They might grow on the same level as you or higher - let them do so

  • Don't you want grow yourself?

  • Grow Together

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