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Blow their minds with your Miro presentation. Be ready to take into account professional feedback.

Real Work-Life Scenario 10 Tips.

It was observed this week, solved immediately by acting fast as Senior Principal Product Designer followed by professional feedback given to Product Designer as below.

Learn from their mistakes and mostly DO NOT PANIC when happens!

Important: have a sense of distance to yourself, let go of the tears and shouts and Defensive Mechanism, take work professionally not personally, leave your fragile ego behind the door/screen and be ready for challenges every day. Otherwise, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, the fear, of scarcity is louder than your ideas, designs and portfolio cases. And if you speak a bare minimum of English go to school. Stop blaming others for your lack. About that later on. Let's keep juicy stuff for another time. ;)

And mostly do not PANIC! Niente panico ragazzi e ragazze!

Nie panikujcie chłopcy i dziewczęta!

Do not panic boys and girls!

LEARN from your mistakes and do not cry or shout when happens. There is no room for it.

To All My Students and Mentees:

Learn Miro/FigJam and any other White Board digital tool while doing your course now - do not wait till you are asked to facilitate a whiteboard challenge during the interviews or while getting your first career position. Communication is a key to success. Today I needed to step in quickly, which I was happy to do so and help my workmate, Product Designer to facilitate workshops with IT Project and Product Analytics, Business Stakeholders and Software Engineers. Why this can be done effortlessly, act quickly to solve the problem where time is crucial? Because of what others might not do when they reach 41, I still do at my 39. This means I never stop learning, taking professional feedback into account listening actively, reading, study. MOSTLY

To All Any Level Designers: We never ever stop learning. Remember that Juniors, Mid, Seniors, Principals, Managers, Directors, Executives... ;-)

10 Tips from today:

Tip 1: Writing an agenda is crucial. Introduce the agenda. Be clear with your thoughts and verbal communication. Shorter than better.

Tip 2: If your English or any other language in which you are required to speak at work, is still in progress, beginner-intermediate-advance level, not fluent, writing the script will be beneficial too.

Tip 3: Ask for help when needed. Remember your teammates are there to support you.

Tip 4: Let go of the stress. Breath before, during and after. Have a glass of water next to your desk.

Tip 5: Provide an onboarding introduction to run the workshop effortlessly. Many stakeholders from various departments never used Miro or any other whiteboard.

Tip 6: Ask participants to put the camera on or off depending on cultural aspects of the company, however body language, facial expression do help when running workshops as allows you to observe the reactions, especially when whiteboard and UX activities are new to participants.

Tip 7: Keep light and fun. It is about engagement while collecting data of any kind or providing own findings and results of past research.

Tip. 8: Keeping timing be conscious of time. However, do not rush. Focus on a small portion of gathered information.

Tip 9: Always finish with Q&A, and ask for constructive feedback, pros and cons. take feedback professionally not personally. Have a healthy distance yo yourself. That’s being a mature designer, professional. There is no room for fragile ego, emotional imbalance, overreaction.

Tip 10: Remember next time will be better. Open to listening actively. Selective listening to listen only to what you want what you think is important is not a good idea as others need to repeat themselves. Enjoy the process of learning every day. There is always room for improvement. #miro #whiteboard #figjam #stakeholders #design #ux #presentation #feedback #professionalism #tips #challenge

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