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BMW - brands without logos or with really modern & minimalistic logos?


But how about No Letters at All... and not even the black circle around?


BMW Group please follow risky scenario. Not "Safety" in terms of Logo UPDATES.

BMW recently made some changes in the logo...

but not that big as the brand it is...

not that stylish as the cars are...

humble designer's thoughts revealed under discussion on LinkedIn under the post published

by Interaction Design Org Foundation

To read more comments please go to:


and take for example i8...

btw I wanna be humble but I had a pleasure to drive this car...

You meet a guy in mountains, rainy Irish weather.

You cancelled another date because the other dude was so boring as hell with his PHD...with literally no sense of humour at all. I gave him 3 chances/1st date- he might be stress/2nd - he might be sick, 3rd - he might be tried...🤣NO, he was just boring as ****.

So you went for Solo hike. Your car is nasty and almost going into pieces every turn you take.

But you love it anyway because it is Your FIRST.

You know those FIRST times.

You call this car by name RED ARROW (Golf Polo, 1996 EUR200! 🥳). THAT'S LOVE. PURE LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. 🤪

This guy with i8, also boring dude, but he thinks is awesome because he has this fancy car plus he hikes to highest mountains (like Mount Everest for example 🧐) and he really wants to get you...and he does everything to get you...EVERYTHING. Except he doesn't have PERSONALITY.

Even he gives you the car. THIS CAR. 🤣Do not ask me if he actually got my attention...😇😉

I won't tell if you really want to know, read the rest.

Guys are really CRAZY! I wouldn't give a car like this to get a guy...MEN ARE MAD!

And if You follow me already you know that I don't give a ****.

The ride was good. LIKE being in UFO! 🤩🥳Well, that was class.

You remember this day till the end of your LIFEEEEEE! You remember i8 but not the dude. 😂

Girls+Guys Please do not think that a car or a dress makes a deal.

I am too sophisticated for that. Guys who think cars are the ticket to the Girl are cliché.

Now let's be serious.

The logo doesn't match it at all anymore. SORRY BMW.

It is the XXI Century.

The Car looks and feels like SPACESHIP. I haven't been on the date Elon Musk but that's how I imagine by VR a feeling of SpaceX.

The present BMW logo seems odd as it is more than 100 years old.

It doesn't match the futuristic cars at all anymore.

Let's dive deep with a change and play it bravely not by little.

Almost everyone loves BMW. Why not be super bold and give a bit of electric shock just like electric cars. Our minds for 100 years already memorised logo and position of 1/4 parts of a circle. Do the letters are really necessary? Go for simplicity, not complexity. Go for a modern logo without initials. The brand is well recognised and established. Do the letters are crucial? As a humble designer, I would say no. No need for letters at all already for a long time.

When comes to Design, You as Designer have to think of All.

Let's really go into the future by super minimalistic & transparent. By massive change, extra attention to the brand will be naturally driven~points for marketing. Remove letters, stroke white circle, and even two white quarters of a circle. Leave only blue parts of the logo in the same exact position or even replace them with 3 themes previous, black, white, blue colours depends on the colour of car~inspired by innovation, not stagnation.  For example massive Apple changes. Samsung Electronics could leave only S. It will be easily recognised. Tesla logo is precious. Lettering stop existing on future cars. BMW don't be scared of impressive change. BMW Group  It is a milestone step forward, not just 23 years, few generations ahead, so maybe not for now. Let's see what BMW experts to design would come with in the next changes.

CAR stands for




And now question to as Consumer?

How amazing would be to recognise the product of specific brand just by quality and design without any logo, is this ever happen? 🤔

Apple would be recognised without a famous apple? Isn't it? Even from a distance...That's just One in Million.

Enjoy your machine! With or without Logo you know already the difference...

Btw I drive Toyota RAV 4 now. BMW has to wait.

Or there will be another dude.

This time with CAR. MBA/PhD. ADVENTURE. CHARACTER. But another way around...🙃😂Starting with Character+Sense of Humour.

Boring guys think they get credit for having fancy cars and by reaching peaks of highest mountains or highest university degrees...SO WRONG THINKING.


Next Guy and Next Car, please.

Character is like the engine of the car. Without it, no matter how fancy, rich, handsome, educated you are, you won't manage.

That's a piece of small advice for logos and for dates. Girls. Women. Ladies. Look for Characters.

The Real Engine. Not the brand. The logo doesn't really matter...

Do not be attached to Gucci Bags, just because it is Gucci.

Choose real quality behind the brand, not the symbol.

Do not be this dude. 😊

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