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Christmas Poem

A long long time ago, 2022 years is a time for Christmas Poem. ⛄️🎄🎅🏻🎁🤶🏻💫☃️

Our teeth are so white

Because we stole the Bethlehem start, which was so bright

Please don't panic

The star was organic

Come on - Be a fat red Santa

And drink our favourite GMO free Fanta

Green People stay please Don't rush

You can get same heart attack

Maybe smoke same hash

This is natural fact

Otherwise to car quickly hop

And buy a lot in the shop

On the way get more plastic food

Cut down trees from the wood

Buy a lot because of Jesus Christ

Politics say there is no more in Ireland finance crisis

Remember better to loose money then teeth

Politics always have been such a nice thief

Spend a lot on the Henry and Grafton Street

Instead of getting something healthy to eat

Can you be clever?

No, this is forever

After we will cut off your wages

Have been like this for ages

Everything before Christmas is all right

With us you can't really flight

So follow again this golden rule

Because nobody wants to be fool

And if you during Christmas get fat

Always in New Year you can jump on yoga mat

System goes on and on

So do not switch it off

Do not think

Even if in your mind there is a little ring ring

Follow mass

Go to mass

Enjoy being fool

Especially you with an atheist mood

Hypocriticism is our nation-state

So do not be late

Run run Antonio

Buy buy Pinocchio

You had been a bad smelly dog

And indeed you slime like a nasty frog

Oh oh oh Merry Christmas

Better to do with other dudes' business

Mama Italian boy

Is worst than an Irish toxic Roy

Jesus keeps on you his true eye

Forever Bye Bye

Be careful what you do

Because on Halloween will be big boo

For your sleazy lies

You will turn into "American Pie"

You are just a Jerk

And this poem makes a good smirk

Jesus keeps on you his true eye

Forever Bye Bye


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