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Collection of my doodles - time to start to scan and share it.

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Unfortunately, I don't have all my notebooks. I have a long-lasting tendency of being super minimalistic when comes to my house. I literally do not store anything and I give way to everything that I do not use. I usually have a timeframe of several months to one year. I only keep what I am using. The same with doodles, sketches, illustrations, drawings, and paintings. If not sold, I donate to friends, families or charities. I only keep really special pieces meaning 3 main paintings which had been exhibited around the world and are still be. They are a massive reminder, of where I want to go with paintings, in terms of subject and style. Everything else is sold or given away, not always scan actually scan which I might time to time regret. So I will start to not collect but scan and post it here. Starting very small what I found it recently. Am I not sentimental? Probably not. Not to mine. Maybe more when comes to other literature, poems, artistic, craft expression, and definitely to all kinds of photo albums. The real analogue photos. I like when my house is empty and can breathe. So I can create more, and hang for a while until the next idea and next creation. Quite opposite to my Aunty Irena, sister of my dad and most my family members. Although I must admit most of them are quite organised. :D

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