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Coming back to Wheel of Life for a moment. Spin the wheel around the Fear.

I decide my perception so I behave like it.

Children can't project projection as they have no data based on it.

Adults do as they have experiences on which their awareness is built on.

If your awareness is full of fear - you have to work on it step by step, piece of pie eat slowly.

Read the previous exercise on the Wheel of Life to again reflect on the categories as before, and add the new one if you need and want to. That's your Wheel of Life. You design it and spin it.

- Social Life

- Family

- Work

- Career

- Business

- Fun

- Self-confidence

- Personal Development

- Success

- Self-awareness

- Sex

- Beauty

- Travel

- Experience

- Healthy Habits - Healthy Routine

- Fitness

- Creativity

- Artistic side

- Relationship

- Friendship

- People

- Places

- Plants

- Animals

- Food

- Everything what is NEW


Enjoy the SPIN!

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