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Creative World Without Imaginary, Visualisation - What is Aphantasia?

To my UX/UI Design Students, our Users, all FineArts Students and to All Designers, Artists, and All People who wants to follow Creative Passion and Career Path - let nothing stops you ever! Colour Blindness and Aphantasia for Creating, Designing and User Testing

There is more than Colour Blindness and it is Aphantasia if you never heard about it it is worth to checking about, which in a simple language is a life without mental images, seeing the world without a mind’s eye.

If you are interested in knowing more about Aphantasia, please check those video resources: 1/



4/ I would like to share with all of you about it as I truly believe that everyone is creative and can create amazing projects, artworks and designs as designers, illustrators and artists. Over 16+ in Design, I have met variety of amazing creative people who pursue their creative talents without knowing that other people see or visualise things differently or not at all. One of my friend creates interesting illustrations and before that worked in design regardless his type of the colour blindness, discovered not that long ago. As visualisation/meditation/yoga practitioner and teacher, I remember long ago, during the class, my student shared with me that couldn’t see any image during the visualisation. That time, after my research, for the first time, I discover term Aphantasia about my student didn’t know either. We were both amazed, surprise and speechless.During my design studies and career at that time, I never came across the term Aphantasia. The subjects as the psychology of human senses perception and influence of visual communication in design and as well strategic marketing visual persuasive techniques didn’t cover this still quite a new term discovered in previous centuries however without so many studies. Colour Blindness is well known in our design industry but as well not always taken care of. I will kindly encourage you to take this under consideration when Testing Users and creating your projects and also spread the word that we all see and as well hear, smell, feel, sense the world slightly differently. With ❤️ To Design and to Designers! Have a creative, fantastic day around our 🌏🌎🌍! Katarzyna, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Practitioner since teens, 12 years old Artist with Design since birth, 0 years old Designer, Design Tutor&Mentor and FineArts Teacher for 16 years #colour #blindness #colourblindess #color #aphantasia #usertesting #user #creativeness

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