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Day by Day - Poem

Start writing and see when you end up. :) Creative Writing is fun. So let's have FUN.

Day by Day

You swim in the Life Ocean as a big stingray

Some people would say

That you should take their way

Even when they say with a kind smile

It is like too tight tie

Be careful, about what they suggest

You might end up in the arrest

Not with the jail bars

But with eating disorder endless chocolate bars

That you are not so thin

Or Eat healthy fish from a tin

Whichever way to go

It finishes with the guilt of being modern bro

But indeed TV makes you prefer to eat rubbish food

To get better with your mood

So much better to

This was so good

The movie tastes better with the meal

It now becomes even in theatre cool deal

Instead of one, you consume two

2in1, 3 for 2

The mood is now good

Throw those thoughts into the bin

Because that's how the story starts with sin

And you have started being still

For a better feel

Instead to give a donation for a sad seal

Who no longer has a fish

As it now is your dish

You did all kind of rotation

With endless and pointless plastic segregation

One day advertising, vegan the next day

Maybe even a pagan

Yeah, food became a cult

Do right Do not wrong

Oh you are so wrong

You just wanted to enjoy a fast food meal

What's the deal?

It just makes me feel

Within colourful box

Name by your uncle Rox

It is a hidden fox

And you became very rude

Wanted to run away to the wood

How dare you leave the ad

In order everything just pat

We only make it nice

Before we squashed a few mice

They were just a little bit squeezed

As they were teased

None of your behaviour would be understood

So since you were teen

You always thought that's very mean

And as well you couldn't understand

And everyone you have just easily offended

And after school

Instead of playing in the pool

And be no longer fool

And be only cool

And make life totally all right and full

You quickly chose

To walk away in your new shoes

Clapping happily with your ears

But inside you had lots of tears

You thought that you will be happy

And you did indeed longer than they think

Life was making a smirk and wink

However soon you became very flappy

So if you want again make life full of Peace

Don't just walk away

Better just what you need honesty say

Otherwise you just piss

So believe me

When I say

Could you, would you , may?

Some herbal tea

Hug a tree

Wipe a cat's and dog's wee

Be in mind free

Don't kill any bee

Look around and see

Shout up and dance with me

Cross the ocean and the sea

And open your wings and fly

As high

Straight to the sky

To the friend's wedding

To see the love before hopefully with never ever story ending

Get rid of the routine

As you would be again teen

It is a really strategic simple lean

This is my needs

As the brain and heart feeds

And let my tits

Be on the sun

To get some air and a nice tan

And with you great fun

Allow yourself to listen to a good stuff

Not so tough

They are very easy

They don't make you squeezy

They make you calm

As you would be sitting under a palm

Better to have green veggie mix mash

Not necessary the one from nowadays ad

Then any brownie or hash

And when cooking a simple meal

You won't get mad

And the little veal

You never have to be born

Otherwise, we might see one day Thorn

And after the meal

Take same apple and peel

Oh my loving granny Zofia always peeled the apple for me

Now it is your and my turn, so in love are we

Make sure your teeth are brushed

Put the same cream so you won't get any rash

Slow down, do no anymore rush

Have a fun with me

Become today fully free

At the moment I am your best mate

This week we need to celebrate

And please

Finally all tension just release

My name is not Dorothy

But for sure you are today Forthy

I am not from Oz

I do not like any of your eyes spinning pose

I prefer to get red rose

And hopefully a man with a good naughty dog

Will change from ugly frog

Into prince

So we will have a happy life as we would again be teens

And we can together jump again on the yoga mat

So we will never be fat

But never forget my name

That's why you have me and you in the frame

Oh so lovely more than a glass of bubbly

Happy Birthday or Man Day or no Occasion

This is not any invasion

But definitely infinitive radiation

Of Biting Gifts

Better than one night in Ritz

Poetry To Preach

Oh yeah, I am b.tch

Even on the special day

Because I wish to be Rey Skywalker

Than Talker

But here we are


To one of my ex, but no idea who the poem was dedicated for. Oops.

Well, now it is dedicated to public.

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