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Do you know the story of Dirty Bertie?

The below rhyme poem was sung and dedicated to my workmates, and our community canteen to keep it clean and tidy. 😉 It is based on the famous Dirty Bertie series of kids' books.

Dated on the 25th of September, 2015, Dublin.

Hello Hello

I am Dirty Bertie

And I like You a lot

But today something happens

Kitchen Towels

Were washed nicely

By busy owls

From Novartis

Ready for our lunch parties

And now they even smell pricely!

So let's keep it like this

And avoid them to be dim

Let's join together our Housekeeper Team

And next Happy Mr, Mrs or Miss

If one notices them dirty

As me now, the famous Dirty Bertie

Please take them to your lovely home

And put your super washing machine on

To kill all germs and remove smelly oily yellow spots by the heavy chrome

So they can still have a bit of white tone

As none wants to be sick

And be ready to go and do the hard working chick

So keep only fresh food

To let your tummy

Be always in a good mood

Otherwise, we would need to call your mummy

Believe me, it can be very toxic

More than any type of heavy narcotic

To keep food, which can smell

As bloody hell

So please at least once a week

Check your stuff in the fridge

So none can be next day weak

Otherwise some of us can jump from the bridge

After a chemical unwanted reaction

So make it easy and step into the cleaning action

And follow the simple rules which even get any mule

"Be clean and be cool"

No rhyme is a crime

So take it easy

Even if makes you dizzy

We are all here in the office, which we share

So we all from on really care!

Thank you Your workmate


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