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Do you remember your first job ever?

Inspired by THE UNEMPLOYABLES. Channel in Irish TV: RTÉ2.

For a good break and a bit of fun while at the same time being inspired to. The career and the job is a Process and takes work, effort and time and faith to never give up. Repeat and improve, repeat and improve. TV Show worth watching: THE UNEMPLOYABLES. Channel in Irish TV: RTÉ2.

Do you remember your first job ever?
  • I was a very young teenager and my first ever job was to sell newspapers door to door.

  • I applied to it by making a call to a newspaper ad.

  • The next day currier came with boxes full of newspapers and my 1st legal contract signed on behalf of my dad.

  • On my first day, I cried as when I came, people were at work so none almost answer the door. :D

  • My mum brought a few newspapers to her workplace and she sold them all. I came with tears home after walking and walking and ringing and knocking so many doors.

  • The next day: the strategy was implemented and I went for a city tour at the right time and I sold all.

  • All profit, plus plenty of tips for a bright smile and bravery.

  • This was summer 1995. I earned my first-ever Reebok white sneakers. I was 12 years old.

  • Since that time I have honour those old-school Reebok sneakers. I have had few pairs since that.

  • Hooray! :-)

The Unemployables is an original format developed in-house at COCO Television with the series’ presenters Jennifer Maguire and Darren Kennedy for RTÉ2. Each week they take two unemployed young people under their wings and over a period of time make them employable!

Candidates are put through a month of challenging and engaging tasks all designed to get them a job. They are given style makeovers, tutored on confidence-building and trained in everything from CV building to communication skills. Experts and mentors from a host of industries are drafted in to offer practical advice and give a motivational push when needed.

An expert-driven transformation show, with honest young men and women who genuinely need help with unemployment.

The beginning starts with newspaper - where is going to finish? - let's see. :-)

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