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To Be Continued: Eat that Frog vs Frog in the Water

What does it mean "Eat that Frog" and "Frog in the water"? Curious so let's unfold the FROGS and we are here not talking about KISS THE FROG and IT WILL TURN INTO DASHING PRINCE, just to make sure it is not a time for a fairy tale. 🐸 🤴🏻

Both approaches do exist in our Life, starting from our schools to our companies across our societies.

Do both works well for us? Not really...and here is why

One is very negative, manipulative, discouraging, tricking strategy, against the will, personal and/or public freedom of choice believes, brainwash secretly introduce gradually without the possibility of a notice on the specific individual and/or on the small group or large, even the whole nation.

Another one is wonderfully positive, productive, overcoming our internal negative mind battle of procrastination and so well encouraged to do the right things for ourselves and others, for the world around.

Which is which? 🤔

Frog in the water

What does it actually mean?

An approach in which changes are introduced gradually. Regardless, which are The metaphor of a tooth is used here, which is put into water, and then the water is gradually heated until it boils. When the temperature change is gradual, the toy does not feel the difference and consequently does not jump out of the water even when it starts to spur.

Eat that Frog

What does it actually mean?

As Emerson said: "Do what you fear, the fear will surely go away."

And that's all about the approach of Eat that Frog.

Even in the first Frog in Water sounds better that Eat that Frog, it actually is quite opposite.

To be continue

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