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Eathos in Dublin stole my Visual and UX/UI Designer heart.

Imagine: You sit inside of the white, fluffy Cloud where someone else took the Red Lipstick Coco Chanel No.57 and gave here and there a bit of sensual touch. Red&White is NEW Black&White I must say.

You just flow into it with 5 senses or more. What can be better than this?

This is the best modern and sophisticated, at the same time a comfortable and friendly designed café in Dublin.

I pop in few times before to have a look and feel the vibe, but I knew I fall in love from the first gaze of my eyes at this place. Than this one day came along, on 22nd of January, and I actually have time to fully relax and enjoy the place with all my senses, 5 plus 3 extra senses, which extra 1 sense is for my Creative Soul, 2nd is for my Precision Perfect Designer Ghost, which never gives up, when the pixel is not in alignment and the 3rd is for 3rdEye let's called it Intuitive Spirit, which brings me to amazing places and wonderful people on my life path.

I took my Little Boy with me.

No, the little boy is not my son or my puppy, you wonder. 🤔It is my Mac Book Pro, which I bring almost everywhere in recent months to work on my UI/UX Design projects, study, research personas and users, do online surveys and interviews. Yes, I love that way. Be able to remotely do my job and grow in my career as UI/UX Designer. Freeeeeedom😊Free location. Free flow of energy. Freeee as water in the stream reaching sea.

Although I must say, unfortunately, the big boy is too heavy to carry in my sleeve case. As you already figure out, the big boy is my iMac, which I adore even more. Should I prioritise my love? Not really, but we all do. Even parents and teachers too (I had been one of them long ago).

That's the part of life, part of having favourite places, people, pupils, pets and so on. Plus on the top of that Petite Girls loves Big Boys (Macs I mean 🙃), Big Machines and Big Gadgets. If you are petite man, who reads this blog, you have to just deal with it. 😎Sorry Man.

Coming back to Eathos. Who ever designed, ...

P.S.: No worries I will find you, give me several days. At first, let sink my adoration to you for a little bit longer, no rush need, but...

...I would send a Thank you note to bring this type of interior design and whole identification of the brand to Irish Market, Irish Streets, Irish Cafes, Irish Capital.
I was waiting for it 10 years. After living in few countries with modern design, clean, clear and at the same time comfy, like in Holland, Belgium and UK and even Poland, I must say I was missing something like that.
Artistic indeed too. Beautiful extra touch on the walls with body scrupulous parts, brings even more sensuality to this place. All senses are engage. Do I really need a coffee and snack there or I am fed just with the perfect design and art?

On the top of that, this corner isn't that special, beside few places, which I visit often, Hackett Scanning&Printing, which is very good btw, Tesco, few other cafes and then BIG 💥 BOOM. EATHOS APPEARS JUST BEHIND THE CORNER.

RED&WHITE is NEW Black&White

Choosing colour palette for the interior design has the same principles as choose colour palette for mobile app. I studied the foundation of the interior design with a bit of architecture while doing fine arts and graphic design college in Poland, so I know, at this point, you trust me isn't it? 😏 And if not, Google and Doodle yourself.

The principle is the same. You have to know who you want to attract to your place. What kind of Persona, as for example me in this case, will adore this place and come more often and never wants to leave. This was like being in a dream. Dream of white, crispy cloud, red lipstick from Coco Chanel No. 57 with a black, strong coffee, black as soil, sitting on the red pillow in a spinning around white shining chair.

Am I Coffee Lover? Or Designer Lover? 😍 or Both!

Why The Eathos in Dublin?


Working on UI/UX projects wasn't distraction at all as many customer over there meet for business deals, exchanging ideas, working on own machines (mostly Macs...does any other laptop even exist? or those who have them, use them just at home, which was not a case while they designed them, isn't it?).


Smoothing jazz with significant words as universe signs from signers, mellowed with a deep charming voice, which brings gentle delicate goosebumps all over the skin. Love songs, sensual songs with a dosage of here and there smoggy sounds which brings you to your new lover.


Young and handsome, all various nationalities. Very friendly and very professional. Move around me like a silent servants. Not too much chitchats as they know, I am creating something cool. Have I asked for water? No, but I got. Have I asked for extra milk? No, but I got? Service is the top class. They wear black clothes. So believe me. RED WHITE AND BLACK. So classic theme. So well, combine together. So sophisticated. So niche at the same time because now colours scream sometimes in fast-fashion too much. As already probably know, I am away from fast fashion. But that's for another topic.


Simply deliciously addictive. No more needs to be added to it. You know your own grid of your legal drugs. In my case coffee and time to time milk chocolate plain, if you want to steal my heart.


Serve is glass, as should be. No plastic cups. (read another blog post, which will soon appear on feeds). Eathos cares of the environment more than the big brands. Extra point for the brand.


The same. Pleasant to be, what often is not treated well in many places. Random tiles, you know those places. They just skip the rets room as would not belong to whole place. Always looks odd.


As usual. No surprises. Meaning Good for Dublin.

And now let's talk about UI/UX INSPIRATION.

Colour Palette

Primary: white

Secondary: red

Tertiary: black

Accent: in photographs if any

Family Font

( will help me to find the exactly one, which Eathos uses or find the similar one). If you do not know, how to find the font, the one, which you admire, just check the link above and you will get the understanding in a split of secs.

Red as a colour of predominant font.

Squash font family, light in terms of heaviness, a bit rounded.

Icons Shapes Graphics Buttons

Light and empty, with no boarders/strokes/. No heavy weights, lots of white/breathing space. Lots of white space. Red slightly rounded buttons. Red dots meaning sold as in the art gallery.


Yes, this is the end of the post and what I gain from being there is the idea for app and that's how UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, Product Designer, Artist operates in own mind. The surroundings are alive assets, stored in the brain (hard drive) and used in the right time while developing itself using thinking and processing (software) in Cloud.


Simple, clear, clean, sophisticated, but comfy and easy to follow.


As nothing and none is perfect.

I must admit, being a bit hmmmm. Really?

The interior design stole my heart. Website? Not really. 🧐Why? 🤨

The red colour appears on the website more as red-orange than classic red as in the café.

The website is overloaded with unnecessary info, too much content squashed in one big chunk. No white space and where is this clean, clear and sophisticated look of a cloud and red lipstick?

Although, I do not spend time on the Eathos website. I spend time there, in 4 demential world.

So from 0 to 10. I still give you 10 points, 10 stars and 10 medals for bringing this place to Live.

Well done Lisa Murrin for Your cafe and now also mine.

Yes indeed Eathos Dublin is for work, date and lunch break.

Eathos, You stole my heart from now on. Thank you. I do appreciate your idea, place and whole design concept and great staff.

Here is more to read about great business and how people admire the new spot in the middle of Dublin's Heart.

Go and get your coffee and you won't forget what delicious taste means.

5 senses or more. Not just taste, but vision, sound, touch and yes, indeed SMELL.

FRESH FLOWERS on my table.

Well, what can be better than this?

👏🏻 10 claps.

Thank you Eathos,

Katarzyna Hasnik, your admire customer.

P.S.: I have to check the design of Eathos App. That's for another UI/UX Design Research but for now that's the end of the happy ever after story tell. 👸🏻

Queen K, The 7th Wizard.

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