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Episode #5 AI answers: What do you think about new X/Twitter logo? Small aspects do matter in UX.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

What do you think about new X/Twitter logo? And what do you, You, the Human Being, User and Not-User of X/Twitter? I won't even start my opinion about the change of overusing X in Elon's Life. His company, so do what you wish to do, but well, as UX is so important to ask the audience first then making so radical change. Unfortunately not in all places. Because X/Twitter Inconsistency Logo and Brand Name is EVERYWHERE even in X/Twitter itself.

Elon is so bold in all that he does. I like that. I must admit, I have to go once to his talks, because I do actually admire his attitude to achieve everything that he dreams about. His ideas are outstanding and many achievers do follow him with Space and not only.

I do not follow him (I actually do not follow anybody on social media even LinkedIn expect a few companies, organisations and groups) so I am not updated on his latest decisions and latest inventions expect maybe Neuralink as part of initial projects for MA, augmentation of body and mind thesis in Design for Change. I do not even use X/Twitter, but getting rid of a good brand logo made me question it. Especially when I won cinema tickets and I noticed inconsistency literally everywhere. Things take time to be updated but the basics inside the platform and on the email notifications should be priorities by DevOps and UX/UI designers, and it wasn't and that's why this bothers me as I pay attention to consistency as a mentor, tutor and lead design, director executing implantation of product design in UX/UI, new brand and rebranding.


I did like the bluebird, twit twit/tweet tweet...what you will call now those, exy, exy.

Poor Bird. :( I did love it even though I was not using Twitter at all, just a few reposts and a few comments. Then I deleted them and unfollowed and removed followers as a waste of time I thought to engage with another chat-repost platform.

I only created an account after Elon Musk took over (due to Freedom of Speech). But putting much more time into social media/the internet is not my career and life goal. Prefer to chat in person or write a blog time.

However, I must admit, I won Tickets to a French Movie because of Twitter, missed out but anyway, there will be another prize soon.

I am indeed dedicating time to learning French instead of browsing the web and social media platforms as per Duolingo ads (In 15 minutes you can learn new language, but what can you do in 15 minutes on social media?).

Surprise it is another bird, this time green!

That's my cup of Tea, to put time wisely and whenever I can bring fresh SEO keywords to my portfolio page. I should open Medium and share my posts as I do not do it at all. Indeed I was recommended and advised to do so but this come in the right time, place and in the right order. Or maybe never...;)

But as a Visual Communication and Lead UX/UI Designer, I notice inconsistency and this is bothering me. :D

Yeah, it does. Which is funny as I am not X/Ex-Twitter User. So here is the main reason for the question about X/Twitter to AI.

But before, one of few sample of inconsistency.

Open AI ChatGPT Type of Leaders

Twitter Alliance Française Win Ticket Irish Film Institute

And here is New Logo X and Favicon Blue Bird...My falcon eyes will never be able to not see it inconsistency. Well, 2 in 1, might work for a while, but not for too long...

as we might get scrambled eggs instead! 🪺🤭

twitter logo branding

twitter logo branding

More Twitter and X Inconsistency Logo and Brand Name.

Twitter X Inconsistency Logo Brand Name

Let's Ask OpenAI. Shall we?

Me: What do you think about new Twitter logo?

ChatGPT: I don't have real-time access to current events or visual content beyond September 2021, so I'm unable to provide specific information or opinions about a new Twitter logo that might have been introduced after that date. However, if you describe the logo to me or provide details about its design, I could certainly discuss design principles, branding, and general considerations related to logo changes. Keep in mind that my knowledge might not include the latest developments in this area.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any opinion about the new logo from the OpenAI perspective even after responding to the question.

Me: What do you think about new Twitter logo?

ChatGPT: I'm sorry, but I don't have the ability to access or analyze current visual content, including the latest Twitter logo as of 2023, since my training only goes up until September 2021. If you could describe the new Twitter logo to me, I might be able to provide some general design-related insights or comparisons based on my training data.

Although I must admit, OpenAI has a manner to even apologize.

Open AI ChatGPT Type of Leaders

OpenAI ChatGPT New Twitter Logo

OpenAI CHat GPT Twitter Logo Katarzyna Hasnik UX Design

Let me ask what AI might think about old logo, the famous Blue Bird.

Me: What do you think about Twitter Logo, the Blue Bird?

ChatGPT: As of my last update in September 2021, the Twitter logo featuring the iconic blue bird is one of the most recognizable and widely known logos in the world of social media. The blue bird, often referred to as the "Twitter bird," has become synonymous with the platform itself. It represents the idea of communication, sharing thoughts, and staying connected in a succinct and easily recognizable visual manner.

The simplicity of the logo, with its clean lines and minimalistic design, has contributed to its widespread adoption and easy association with the platform. The blue color is often associated with trust, communication, and technology, which aligns well with Twitter's brand identity as a platform for sharing information and connecting with others.

It's worth noting that logos, including the Twitter bird, can hold different meanings and perceptions for different people based on cultural and personal associations. However, overall, the Twitter logo has been successful in effectively representing the platform's core values and functionality in a visually memorable way. If there have been any changes to the Twitter logo since my last update, I wouldn't be able to comment on those developments.

Me: Who created Twitter Logo, The Blue Bird?

ChatGPT: The original Twitter logo, including the iconic blue bird, was created by a graphic designer named Simon Oxley. He designed the logo in 2006 when Twitter was just starting out. The bird, often referred to as "Larry the Bird" or "Twitter Bird," became the recognizable symbol of the platform and has since undergone some stylistic changes over the years.

Simon Oxley's original design of the blue bird logo played a significant role in establishing Twitter's visual identity and brand recognition. Keep in mind that my knowledge is up to date only until September 2021, so I might not be aware of any developments or changes that have occurred since then.

Me: Why Elon Musk decide to change Twitter logo, from famous Blue Bird to X mark?

ChatGPT: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I'm not aware of any decision by Elon Musk or anyone else to change the Twitter logo from the famous blue bird to an X mark. If such a change has occurred after my last update, I wouldn't have information about the specific reasons or motivations behind it. To get accurate and up-to-date information on this matter, I recommend checking the latest news sources or official statements from Twitter or Elon Musk himself.

ChatGPT: I'm sorry, but as of my last update in September 2021, I am not aware of any decision by Elon Musk or anyone else to change the Twitter logo from the famous blue bird to an X mark. It's possible that such a change has occurred after my knowledge cutoff date. If this change has indeed taken place, I would not have information about the reasons behind it or the context surrounding the decision.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend checking official sources, news articles, and announcements related to Twitter and Elon Musk's involvement with the platform.

The Question to ChatGPT should be What do you think about the new X Logo?

No, it does not work either. No data was placed on OpenAI to answer the simple question. That's the point. You cannot rely on the OpenAI. You have to ask humans. But that's for another time.

Twitter Logo Blue Bird Change to X Logo

So there is not so much what we can do with OpenAI CHatGPT when comes to newest updates.

As per my own Twitter Account Page, the favicon and logo were not updated well. Recommendation to Twitter Design and Developers Team, Make sure that you Handle X change with Care and Consistency.

Goodbye, Little Blue Bird...You will even if I was not tweeting, be memorised as a genius logo and brand name. You will be missed! Now, if I want to win tickets and prizes at UX/UI Design events and in social life, including Alliance Française, I will exy, exy...until all will exit...;) Because if you make too many changes too soon, you may become in the primary meaning of Twit which now makes much more sense from where the brand came from...For me, more and more social media is for twits. They do have a purpose, but they do consume too much time and they are just as unhealthy as fast food, not only for the physical body, general wellbeing, and eyes, but mainly for the mental, emotional, and social.

Once, Elon Musk said, I will buy Facebook and then Delete it. Maybe behind Twit with X is a hidden agenda to actually slowly get rid of so people instead of interacting like in Black Mirror begind the screens, will do create real connection. Maybe X is the EX, EXIT.

The Free Speech and restoring many accounts which I was super glad about because I do think that more and more cancelling just because someone said something, is falling into neoliberalism, which more and more reminds totalitarianism. No offence, we can disagree but we cannot be shouted down, shut up...I used to be so on the left that I think I was misled, or maybe I just getting older, and because of that naturally more conservative..or maybe not, maybe it is just having more perspective and observation and choosing differently now. About the Left-Right values, I am Central across Ireland, the United Kingdom, the USA, Poland and EU values and mission according to online political testing. Let's put this on hold now.

But who knows maybe Twitter Bird will be the beginning of the end of social media and the way we overuse it as humans kind... Maybe X will bring a different vision for it. Share valuable stuff or EXIT.

But the analogy of the word TWIT is good to know. Here you have, Ladies and Gentlemen. ;)

This made me think even more...

Twitter twit analogy of the word twit meaning

With the analogy comes the Real Meaning...I find this fascinating. Let now Twit get new tickets to the Irish Film Institute, Lighthouse or even better Stella. That's all I like about it.

Twit Twit...😁

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