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Fashion Online Shopping - User & Customer Experience

Questions come from experiences. Questions find problems and answers based on research bring solutions. Voice User Interface Design as a solution to solving endless searching, long time to put into a simple shopping, clutter in menus, inability to personalise own user profile.

1/ Would you share your thoughts on a User story below, how can we impact fast fashion to provide better settings while shopping? 2/ Why Voice Design is not yet included while searching for clothes? 3/ Why user cannot in fast fashion brands choose clothes only in natural fabrics? User and Customer Story As a User, I am an online fashion shopper and what I am looking for as a User is to have voice design commands included in apps as e.g. ASOS and be able by one click/voice command to choose only Cotton, Viscose, Wool, Cashmere clothes. I do buy minimal but high quality even in fast fashion. I skip all polyester. acrylics etc. None of the fast-fashion brands even if selling organic or natural fabric clothes do have settings to choose clothes without artificial fabrics. I used to be a Fashion Merchandiser Visual Designer. LPP (Reverse) Polish International East Europe Brand. I am looking for that ASOS and many other brands to improve the selection of how we shop and also include Voice Design. Quick and fast shopping on the go. GUI is taking lots of time. Natural Beauty and Natural Fabrics for All

Apart from that I try to be Conscious Customer for Earth, Current Society and Next Generation and for my own human body, for health. Here are my resources:




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