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For Career Shifters - Steps to follow to achieve what you are looking for.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Yes, you can. At any stage of your life. Do not look at the DOB. A better look at your values, mission, skills, experiences, and the current and upcoming market.

Steps to achieve success.

1. Belief

You are doing this, you can.

You belief in the effect, the end results, the achievement itself.

Ask yourself: How you take those actions? Level of being serious to your own goal.

It will work for you as work for me and many others. It can work for you. It can work for me. It can work for others.

It is working for me. Is it? Yes, it does.

Do you have to do something for it?

2. How to really get the results want?

By serving others, the community, people around, the purpose of the well established, integrated within values, the mission statement of your life purpose, by choosing wisely where you want to put your attention, to grow from it and let it grow with you.

Not to become smaller, or make it profit only. Profit will follow larger with the values.

Get clear about what you want.

Take action small first.

Progress regardless of the obstacles, the failure, the masked low quality folks on your path. Walk with back and head up and straight.

3. Have a STRATEGY.

Like a war plan, a match, a game, a performance on the stage.

Who said it will be easy or fair? The reality is that life is tough and you still need to go through it. Mostly ALONE. Inside your mind is you and only you and if you believe, there is SOMEBODY else: God (he, she, it, they). You can talk and pray if it is hard. It helps regardless if it is real.

4. Area of improvement I want in:

a/ get clear with what you want to work with community, users, clients, customers, companies, organisations, planet

b/ map clarity with clearance on what you want to do - which area, which industry, which community, which project, which company, which organisation - the world is big, it is most likely impossible to take care of everything, everyone at once

c/ ask - how do they want things what you want and think about it

d/ does values/mission match?

e/ get really clear what you need to master inside yourself and around you

5. What next?

a/ take a massive action and CONSISTENCE ACTIONS

b/ review the results, how far you are from your goal - the marathon

c/ change the workout - change your action, improve those what needs to be improve

d/ review the results again

e/ change action / progress

f/ repeat


Results <-> Performance Cycle

Potential Beliefs -> Actions -> Results -> Change, Progress, Actions -> Better Results

You are going to get further only by seeing it. Create charts, stats, document it, blog, vlog, record, take photos. See it means achieving better and better even after failure.

6. Start Small and Think Big.

3 x Believe Being Big. And even if you are small (most likely we are small, average, replaceable, normal) you are not replaceable for yourself and those communities/clients/companies which do value you and only you. It is reverse thinking. You can be replaceable easily where you do not fit actually due to values not in alignment with the community/clients/companies purpose and your own purpose. Do not try to fit it. Find where you are. Allow coming. Wait if and when necessary.

7. Strategy is 20% and 80% are thoughts thinking process, feeling, how you speak to yourself and about it? It is like body language words communicate 20% and body 80%.

Weight - is your dream heavy? If yes, move, move, move the flow of thoughts, drink water, oh yes, drink water when gets heavy to help the flow. Thoughts can be sticky fluids so dissolve with attention to movement, and water. Then you eat = feed your mind when ready to absorb nutrition = good self-believes.

8. Find Real Friends or Mentor at least.

By real means that those who do believe in you, support you all the way. Truthful & honest. No space for b.s. when comes to movement in life. The change comes better when you change the environment which doesn't serve you. Watch what others say to you when speaking about your dream or even better do not speak. But if you are the one who wants a bit of advice or someone to listen be careful with who you share your thoughts, goals, and dreams. And if you notice something that is not supportive - then leave.

You might be lonely on this journey but at least you won't let anyone break you even without noticing it. Dreams are vulnerable so watch out to who you speak about them.

Life is only what you make of it. Let never life break you.

When comes to Mentor, find someone who is a mentor, who did/ is doing what you want and knows how to model you. You have to click.

Take Time. Draw/write/vision of what you want to have, who you want to become, how you want to feel, and how you want to look.

9. NO DIET -> DIE(T) Diet dies.

Pure Water (fluid, liquid, physical substance) - in reflection to it, you need water (substance, action to drink) to do not die, the same as your goal, needs work (material action). Do not feed yourself with false teaching that everything is achieved by pure prayer, belief, meditation, and positive thinking. Action is needed as we are in material life. And the material outcomes need real work. Goal is work. It comes naturally eventually but when action is taken place. Just like water comes from resources and you need to get there, take a bucket and fill it in or open the tap or bottle which you buy first. Action world. But pure prayer, pure holy water, pure thoughts help. Whatever you chose to help yourself, have a belief that it does in co-operation within your action taken into place.

Pure Water is also my methodology to do what you love, feel good about yourself, positively judge before you do it, research, and recognize your thoughts.

10. STORY, forward or backward. Choose.

80% - Change your Story.

20% - As the results are directly based on it.

Watch what you share, speak, say, think, describe.

11. STATE - of Mind & Actions - Repetition to Master it.

Strategies are about being efficient and effective.

Find the system/mentor/way that you feel good about. Which makes you feel good with or if not triggers and you are curious why. Until you won't find the answer, seek it, where is going to let you in. But if you do not feel it at all, or you feel bad about, something being weird, intuition kicks and screams, let go it/those who/what you do not suppose to have.

12. Do not jump into the same river twice. Invite NEW. Invite Fresh.

Panta Rhei. Everything flows. Moves. Flow within. Allow new. Bring movement. If not working for the first time, and you will be invited again, leave it (idea, project, company, client, team, people, concept). Receive new.

Only take it again if it was Champagne Dom Pérignon, and it is like "Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!"

Most likely what has once left/didn't work out for whatever reason is not a place to jump into again. Taste new, taste fresh, or taste the Champagne Dom Pérignon, taste the stars again, but only if they are true stars, shining bright as luciferian (The morning Star, Venus).

13. Awareness State and the Blessing Ceremony.

You can be angry, better not, but also anger releases tension, anxiety, fatigue. It is better than depression. But even if you are and nothing is working but be grateful that you are still standing.


Whatever is coming, let's come out or in. Positive Pressure is part of sport, game, play, act, battle, and war and you want to win with yourself isn't it? We are not born to be in fluffy pink foam all the time. Is it?

13. Develop Your Most Important Skillset.

a/ State Management

b/ Emotional Fitness

The State is how we respond.

We respond differently because of our stories, personalities, skills etc.

We do things differently.

But we are here to learn from each other.

Recipe: You can learn from others how to respond / state yourself better if and when needed.

The 3 Crucial Peaks - Points

FOCUS changes PSYCHOLOGY & PHYSIOLOGY - and their reaction/responses

Energy -> Effort of Concentration of Mind -> Verbal Communication Spoken Language -> Body Language

14. Expand Your Comfort Zone.

Finance / Sources of Income Flow

Love / Relationship / Family / Friendship / Community / Network

Car / Bike / Boat - learn to drive a variety of vehicles and use public transport too - you meet people and have time to think, observe, collect ideas

Holidays - from backpack to 5 stars, from solo to random strangers across those who you love/like, from East to West, North to South

Experiences - range of everything that life can offer (the good ones)

Styles of Clothes, Food

Maximalism vs Minimalism


You get the grid.


Back to one above:







Hiking to the summit in any type of weather - get stronger, the life is not only about the sun

Travelling to NOT as common countries so you meet uncommon people and experience uncommon experiences.

Do Challenge for Yourself more than Charities - there are plenty of rich people and governments to solve the problems but you can still have fun while doing it for a good cause.

Accomplish tasks that you can start with your own website, channel etc.


Nothing was created overnight.

And have a second thought on below which are very indeed spoken a lot out there:

Fake it until you make it.

Fake it until you become.

Faith it until you make it.

Faith it until you become it.

Your mission of transformation is as important as helping the family/neighbour/friend/coworker/stranger with a health risk.

Your mission is a transformation itself and as needed as for your health and wellbeing.


You feel others' motions, emotions, moods - do they impact you, and if yes how. Remove the negative ones. Step out, do not teach, speak where the moaning people moan as cows. Stay silent. If you have to or walk away. Better solution. So be surrounded by those who feel good about their lives, you, achieve and receive the energy. 18. DREAMS.

They are already as you want them to be. Inside you. Allow them also to change as you go. Have a desire to be. To become.

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