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For Cats - All kinds

Time for creative writing about Coolio - The Black King of Neighbourhood.

I am Cat very hungry

But never angry

I am cat faster then Bat

Because I am not at all Fat

I am Cat totally black

But I never ever attack

I am cat very smart

And oops sometimes I make smelly fart

I am cat and I like to be silly

But my name is not Billy

Oh rallY?

Oh yes!

The writing indeed releases stress

And I do not need to buy for it dress

I am cat and I could all day write like this

Only with short breaks for a piss

but instead I prefer to pray

That i will see you soon

Before the next full moon

And now it's time to give you kiss

Because I already miss

Miss Jihee Kim

That was a wonderful team

5 of us

Everyone with sexy ass

I am very brave

To everything say

Even on the high wave

Because you leave in May

Now I give you a big hug

And now I am going to chase little bug

So don't forget your stuff

And when you come back

You will get amazing opportunity as a staff

Maybe even in Mac

Who knows

I tickle your nose

Do not do any Korean Pose

Just smell this beautiful Red Rose

Now you are off

So be deeply in lobe

Do not forget Dim

And do not exchange to another one, called for example Tim

Be with Him

And one day be mother

And he will be father!

And so on... cats' poems go forever

Meow, meow, miau, miau, prr, prr, your Coolio the one ever!

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