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Goal setting. The Wish-Wonder Wheel of Life.

Discover what you want to know before pursuing it. Exactly knowing what it is you want to do is the first step to making it happen. Positive change comes from knowing. Everything else follow.

Imagine that you draw the Wheel - the Wheel of Wish and Wonder. The Wheel of Life. Looks like standard pie chart with slices for each below categories.

You star with score from 1 to 10. Give each category the score. As in the current, present day.

You have just 30 seconds to fill in all the below categories and after make the first spin. First spin is where the focus goes first. Have a fun with this category!

Spin. Focus. Progress the goal. Check in awhile. Give score to this category. Spin again to the next category. Grow all categories to 10.

Vortex is the place to be = 10 scores for each category.

Health - Fitness - Wellbeing

Self-development - Self-progress



Relationship (intimacy - romantic relationship, partnership, married etc.)

Fun - Entertainment - Social Cultural Life



House - Home

Vacation - Rest - Relax

Career - Business - Work

and so on!

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