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Good Professional Blogs to read. Get inspired. Start now. Stay tune.

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Do you want to get inspired to write your own blog? Read Blogs. Write Blog. Search for blogs. Search for authors. Search for topics. Choose blogs. Choose authors. Choose topics. Change blogs. Change authors. Change topics.

Not always what is good, maintain good. Allow to fall and allow to come back in time. To give a try once again. Decisions, style of writing, style of expressing, and Life in general is definitely fluid. However not necessary other stuff can be fluid. But that's for another time. ;)

Mostly not only Read blogs but also Write your own. Why?

By writing yourself, you reflect on this what you absorb, learn. Not for everyone. Mostly for extravert however also introverts do write. Slightly differently.

Extraverts - own voice and POV - personal

Introverts - others voice and others POV - general

Do not ready only those blogs, which show to you in your feed.

Search for good ones and also the bad ones.

Different Blogs for Different People.

Decide if this specific blog is good or bad, yourself.

Judge and Criticise to be able to Choose.

Change your mind. It is ok to change your mind. It is healthy and it is human to change the mind. Reverse. Re-read. Give review and constructive feedback when is the option to do so.

Otherwise keep opinion to yourself and your in-counters. Never read only one blog.

Read different POV of the same subjects and choose your own approach to everything.

Follow yourself more than follow others.

Here is the list.

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