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How to get into Tech as Junior UX/UI Designer?

Read carefully and approach within strategy.

The right fit is all about regardless of the size of the company or team, etc. I successfully lead and direct start-ups with Junior Developers and Designers, and there were no mid and seniors at all or one only.

It is about the startup’s internal processes, strategies, approaches, funds and investors, etc.It is up to Product Owners, Project Managers, Design Directors etc.Many start-ups do hire newcomers because they value a fresh mindset, youthfulness and it is not about the age but about the entry start point in the tech industry.Instead of following what is there, start to create your results, design your own path where you wanna be, how you will get there, when it will happen, for who and with who you wanna work.Build up the career, do not wait until it will lead for you.Decide and take action, steer towards your right course.If you wanna be part of a start-up, you will be.

Those Startups whose goal is to hire advanced designers/developers to do the entire work, and they wanna pay for 1 position instead few, are most likely should be excluded from even taking them into account regardless of whether you manage, lead, senior, mid or junior. #ux #ui #junior #career #uxdesign #uidesign #newcomer #hire #growth #tech

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