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How to organise the team day out? And why?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Start small and gradually grow if you are new to it. Know your team before searching the idea for the team day out. Similar to UX, establish a persona, customer journey map and user flows, from A to B to make a pleasant day meeting wants, needs, possibilities, budget, and locations so everyone will be joined and participate with a smile.

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Review your company/organisation and team values, mission and vision and establish activities which do take them into account, so not only engaging will be part of the team fun day but as well engaging within the importance of values, mission and vision of the place where you all work together to meet the goal. This will be super helpful for early-stage start-ups as well as for small, medium, and large companies especially when you have a new addition to the team, one or more. Integration in teamwork, based on the personal level, helps professional collaboration, co-creation and cooperation boosting ideas, thinking outside of the box, openness, honesty, friendliness etc. which altogether is a path to success, for an informal workmate, team as a whole, product and company itself.

Onsite versus remote activities are off course so different so if you are based remotely try to organise within the company budget in mind an actual meeting at least once per few months. It does not have to break the bank. It can also be open to those who like to meet up and partly only sponsored by the company budget especially since the company is just starting to establish itself on the market. The bigger event does not mean better. Why not review what the below websites in your location have to offer and take it from there? The most important is that people do meet in person at some point as it will only boost their work together.

GrabOne is gone. But was a good one.

And if having something longer in mind, why not pay attention to the design especially for designers:

Additionally why not review:

Why not even create the event on that website and keep it as a social group for the team and other teams or even the entire location office of the company?

Most of us, us as human creatures, are social creatures and we need human contact to feel that we belong. And by writing this, I mean physical contact face by face.

It is proven, and it is obvious that to live a fulfilled, contented and healthy life humans do have to interact with each other.

None of the remote gadgets, virtual and augmentative reality rooms will bring this aspect to us on the same well-balanced, healthy physical, mental, and social level as meeting in person.

Tech gadgets, video calls, voice calls, VR/AR rooms, and avatars are addition and still do not suit many of us. So if you are responsible f leading, managing and directing the product design and the team of designers, and creative folks, try to bring them together to one physical destination. If everyone is allocated to various continents, choose one middle spot once a year or every 2nd year of course by taking the budget and personal income of employees, their possibilities, responsibilities, and personal life into account. Never make it mandatory always optional but aim for motivation, encouragement, support and help when needed. And to know if it is needed, ask!

Always take demographic, physical and mental abilities, and willingness so the time out will be successful! Test ideas before you book them. Treat the team activity or day out as you will treat users. To succeed time, discovery and definition, prototype, and test is necessary. And mostly enjoy organising something for your team and with a team as soon you will see how the team as a whole and team individuals will grow. Sometimes what is needed is 1-3 hours of the bond and the results are endless.

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