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How to transit from Visual Graphic Designer to UX/UI Designer?

Before we start. If you still looking to upgrade your skills consider this: Hi there! I really recommend that you take a look at the CareerFoundry courses. Sign up now to secure your 5% discount!

I will recommend Career Foundry to Everyone who wants to transit from Graphic Design to UI / UX Design and not only. Even for those who never been designers, they will gain all that is needed to become one. Why? At first, Career Foundry is a top-class private German education platform.

Very rarely I recommend something to the public, but studying Digital Marketing last year, though me that "Word of Mouth" is still the best add, which you can get if you are really good at what you do and on top of that it is free.

If you really like the value of what you get, spread and spread around loudly so everyone else can benefit. I benefit a lot. Below is another "Why?".

Keep reading and keep spreading words. Our words make other actions better.

This day made me super proud and super happy! Career Foundry announced me as a UI Designer with UX Design Principles. After 6 months of super-intensive and very well accomplished UI/UX Course, I proudly introduce myself as a UI/UX Designer to the world and mostly for now to Irish UI/UX Design Career Job Market and to every UI/UX Design Company, which is based here in Greater Dublin and everywhere else on our planet.

On top of that, just to let you know, my double happiness and proudest, today 24th of January, 2020 Irish Department of Justice and Equality accept my Irish Neutralisation. 2020 is the year of accomplishing professional and personal goals. 2in1 on the day of New Moon. New Moon, New Chapter began!

What can be better than this? The accomplishment of your goals feels good, isn't it?

This post must be for you only if you are a dreamer, believer, achiever...there are too many mediocrities around in your daily life. Your career, position, job, work, however you call it, should not be one of them.

Why? Because you spend at work most of your LIFE. That's it. FULL STOP. No question here.

My Professional and Personal Tips in terms of transit from Graphic Design to UI/UX Design.

This topic as a post will revaluate while I will gain more and more tips on my professional path of transition. But for now, I would say that being brave, honouring my dream, exposing myself to the maximum amount of dedication, challenge myself daily, increase my self-motivation and self-improvement were keys components to do so!

You have to have a personality to do so.

Otherwise, you will just keep dreaming, and not setting actual goals. Dreams stay in our minds and hearts. Goals are tangible assets. Which do you want? Do you want to touch the dream or just keeping dreaming?

We will expose those two and the difference between dreamers, thinkers, talkers, and doers.

Those who actually make those dreams real, those thoughts and talks become REALITY.

Those type of people call doers, action-oriented people, success-oriented people, risk-takers, sometimes they a bit mad, crazy, odd, weird for the rest of the public but yep, they step into what they want and they get there, even if there is no guarantee on the end of the tunnel. They believe, have faith, they see the vision and they go for it even if takes some sort of sacrifice.

Sacrifice or dedication to your truth-self? Think about that this way. You have one life. Just One. Plus you are not knowing when it will end. So go for it!

They treat the new professional path as a journey, an adventure where risk should be taken, sweat and moments of out of breath.

I have proudly accomplished the path of transition from graphic design to UI/UX design. New Chapter just began with the New Moon. Keep checking this post as I will revaluate in the upcoming days. But for now, it is enough coaching. Now it is time to Celebrate Success!

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