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Importance of Feedbacks as Design Tutor and Mentor

Feedback for Students of Design must be effective, professional, constructive and encouraging to build self-esteem while appreciating positive achievements along with a healthy valuable criticism to be able to expand, learn and grow.

The feedback provided should be high-quality, from 2-3 paragraphs, written well highlighting vital points using bullets or list. Should be personal to student work, paying attention to the positive parts of the project, which were completed correctly, and when necessary kindly engage student to come back to the specific part of the project and refer to the task instruction and section in the content by ensuring the work meets the rubrics and the given task instructions.

The written feedback should be more friendly than dictating as the valuable tone of voice, facial expression, body language is missed out. Always greta to add video or recording feedbacks while teaching, tutoring, instructing and mentoring online Students. Feedback must be also honest but warm, helpful and supportive. Also, it is important to appreciate student hard work, thank them for their commitment, energy, time, submitting task in the time frame, engaging, supportive, helpful and encouraging with extra tips and valuable content to read or watch. Warm beginning and pleasant positive ending with looking forward to seeing their next great work.

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