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Inspiration and Motivation to overcome everything and everyone including yourself.

THE REAL HERO DO EXIST. YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM. If YES, What is your Super Hero Story? And the most important: Do you help others on daily basics?


by Joseph Murphy

"Mutilate him and Sir Walter Scott will grow out of him.

Put him in jail and he'll be John Bunyan.

Bury him in the Valley Forge snows and you'll have to deal with George Washington.

Raise him in utter poverty, and Abraham Lincoln will grow up.

Feed it with religious prejudices and it will grow into Benjamin Disreali.

If I have asthma as a child, Theodore Roosevelt may grow out of it.

If he suffers from rheumatism and cannot fall asleep without painkillers - it could be the future Charles P. Steinmetz.

Put it in an engine full of grease and you'll be dealing with Walter P. Chrysler.

Let him play second fiddle in some fickle orchestra from South America and you will meet Toscanini.

If in childhood she cannot see, hear or speak, then maybe you are dealing with someone who will turn out to be Helana Keller.

A child born with an underdevelopment of limbs as a result of the use of thalidomide by her mother may grow Terry Wiles, who with the help of prostheses played electric organs, steered a motorboat and painted.

Amputate the arak-attacked leg of a young Canadian man and you'll face Terry Fox, who pulled over on one leg all over Canada to raise a million dollars for cancer research. but by then he already had about twenty million dollars.)

Let the British pilot, who lost both legs in the plane crash, fly again and you will have to deal with Douglas Bader. This man with two artificial limbs was captured twice by the Germans during World War II, and he escaped three times!

Blind him and you'll meet Ray Charles, Georg Shering, Stevie Wonder, Tim Sullivan, Alec Templeton and Hal Krenst.

Call him 'too dumb to learn' and he will become Thomas Edison.

Recognise him as a "hopeless" alcoholic and you will have to deal with Bill William, the initiator of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement.

Tell her that she is too old to paint, because she is already eighty years old, and it turns out that you are facing Grandma Moses - Anna Mary Robertson.

Touch him with periodic depression, so severe that he will cut off his own ear in despair, and it will turn out to be Vincent Van Gogh.

This list will not be complete without smiling Max Cleland, who lost his arm and both legs in Vietnam and is now the leader of the Veterans Movement.

Don't forget Patricia Neal, a great actress who had three strokes, was blind and suffered from right-sided paralysis, but thanks to intensive rehabilitation, she overcame these ailments.

Blind him when he is forty-four and you will be faced by John Milton, who wrote Lost Paradise sixteen years later.

Call him dumb and hopeless and leave him in sixth grade and you'll have Winston Churchill.

Push her to the brink of poverty and treat with prejudice and she will survive it and become the second Gold Meir.

Put her up against sexual discrimination and you'll have Madame Curie.

Tell a boy who loves to draw fun scenes that he has no talent and Walt Disney will stand in front of you.

Look at the crippled child who, when speaking of home, only means an orphanage, and you will find James E. West, who became the first director of America's Chief Scouts (The Body Souts of America).

Find him "mediocre" in chemistry, and then you will find out what you owe to Louis Pasteur.

Say he's gay and it turns out to be Michelangelo.

Not all forms of handicap are physical and easily tangible, and not everyone who has won against various odds is a celebrity.

Each family has its heroes who are not rewarded with medals for their achievements.

To them, although they have not been mentioned here, despite the fact that they deserve it, I dedicate these words." Joseph Murphy

Who would you add to the list below?

Yourself perhaps and few others.

Maybe someone famous, that famous that her/his starting point story is forgotten due to a huge success?

Maybe a business owner, who became bankrupt and soon lift herself/himself again and again and still does?

Maybe a startup founder, whose ideas is based on her/his own story?

Maybe just a person next door, who you just heard about?

Maybe your family member, who once had been lost?

Maybe a schoolfriend, who lost siblings, a twin?

Maybe a coworker, who was homeless at some stage?

Maybe your good friend, whose you know for years?

Maybe a mate, who you do not know that well, but you feel that she/he overcome a lot?

Maybe your own neighbour, who you hear time to time through the wall?

Maybe a stranger from news?

Maybe a 3 legs rescue dog?

I would add a few people, who Life itself brought to me. Those who I know in person and those famous too.

Because of that, I overcome my story, and I became Super Hero in my own Life.

I stay motivated and inspire on daily basics to do what I do love. As I was told many times: "I shine the light in myself so brightly that it shines on others who need it most".

They called me and still they do: "Luminous".

Those people who inspire me are mostly those with whose, I share deep values and life mission. Regardless of what we do, in which area of life and work, we are the Warrior or Lights and Lightworkers.

Those two types are different. They do things differently. One is softer than the other one. One gently inspires, the other strongly.

But they do the same things, they put a light in others, quite often totally for free, without the aim for raising ego, and mostly they stay unknown.

Nowadays there is a lot, maybe even too much "inspiring although fake gurus, teachers, authors, celebrities, politicians, royals" writing tones of motivating books or opening foundations just and only for profit-taking pictures to prove what they did.

All Global Major Problems could be fixed in a split of seconds. As much as I did lots of projects to help, I release that help can be done daily, on your own in your own environment.

As UX/UI Designer, Tutor and Mentor, Art Teacher, I motivate newcomers, career seekers, creative soul, who deny that they are creative themselves or most of the time, as those souls above, had been put down by others, quite often those who are lost at some point in life, not only in career path or straight after college, but also in life.

This wonderful combination comes from years of yoga and holistic life, as a practitioner, therapist and teacher.

Psychology and Design combine together. Creative and Awareness of Mindset.

Why do I do it?

It it is simply me.

I do believe that we are naturally knowing the answers, we hear the creative calling, the solutions in ourselves, just we need someone to help us open those others, pass the key, hold the ladder, give time to be heard, to see in their eyes, what they truly are, what known else saw it before, even own parents, to create space and time for them to express, to listen to them and if they as quite often happens when they become vulnerable to be understood.

The real HERO does it naturally, randomly, in any given to her/him occasion, when another human is lost, needs help and asks for it.

I also add myself to the Super Hero List. Not only because I do what I do for others as Design Mentor, Motivator, Coach, but also because, even if I am not a famous designer top class, well known and I will never be, I do overcome my story, and I became who I always had been. I did overcome maybe even a few stories, as most of us did because that's part of life, to overcome fear, difficulties, challenges, obstacles and become your own Hero.

Our hard stories are not excuses to explain ourselves, to do careless things, to stop caring of others, do even worse things to climb the ladder of success, but for becoming better and better in ourselves and to others.

To be simply good and create something good for others. To serve others and Life itself. To continue own life mission, to follow the purpose, the inner calling, even if this calling, mission and purpose changes multiply times.

That time, you are Super Hero, when you overcome your own story, you follow your chosen path, and you bring others on it by sharing, engaging, inspiring, motivating not using.

Quite often, unfortunately, we meet with the opposite. Own bad stories are exposed to do bad things and fake the fundraising or even worse harassment others and use them.

Those are not Heroes, they are Losers, even if they overcome their own challenging story

When you are not the only Hero, but Lightworker will nurture those, who had been hurt and you chop the head of those who had been bad as Warrior of Light.

Like Yin and Yang, you need to be both to be whole.

The Light comes to Darkness, Darkness comes to Light.

However your Darkness doesn't have to be bad. The balanced Darkness overcomes those whose just live by the evil Darkness and they fake the Light. The Light in them dim, not shine.

Quite often you notice that by artificial smile. The eyes do not smile and do not shine.

So even if they overcome own story, they are lost even more. The challenging story is excuse to bit others, not a purpose to help others.

And that's the difference between GOOD vs BAD, Real Heroes and Fake ones.

Your SuperHero, Warrior of Light and Lightworker. Well Balanced One. The Real One.

One of many, the Wonder Woman

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