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Life Festival - The Creation of Life and Business - Thank you DJs

Once upon a time, I brought to Life Festival, the Yoga and Healing Zone and from that moment, the yoga, massage, and reiki became part of it beside the music, art, pills, and weed.

This was a hit in the jackpot which still is carried on. 10 years. Being a Founder and Manager of The Yoga and Healing Zone at Life Festival was a really inspiring project experience.

Thank you DJs for accepting my business idea.

For those who love to dance and jump over the fence and break the rules of systems when they do not feel those rules are smart and match their needs...

Mr Banana is today very stylish

And his shoes are from Havana

Brings him on the way ti Savannah

And all my sadness is instantly vanish

As they shine because they were actually Danish...

Banana brings lots of smile

Especially when

Enjoy him with a unique style

He loves to wear par of shoes

And he walks as he would constantly

Listen swing and blues

Some of them they need a bit of polish

But however

No matter of what

You are a king number one

Even without Irish fake disgusting tan

Better to go to Ibiza

And be for real brown because of the sun...

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