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LinkedIn Trolls do exist. Be careful!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The best what you can do if you notice (how to notice a troll - read the story below) a troll (read unstable emotional attention seeker) is to simply DELETE - it as a bug in the system, delete all their comments, and BLOCK instantly and never get into a chat, messaging, conversation with them.

TROLLS are weak people who do not have life.

Apart from getting rid of the Troll as you would do with a pimple on the skin, it is to go for a jog, run, walk, swim, gym, do a bit of kickboxing or martial arts, Krav Maga, or go for a spin on the bike or roller skates. Have fun.

Trolls will exist as there has to be a balance between strong and weak, successful and unsuccessful people.

Trolls do not like successful people. This is their only way of being noticed by the world.

So have fun after deleting them.

Bit the Troll and Smirk. 😏 The Troll from the USA (the land of a large number of trolls as per research done later) name is "XXX" of the Celtic Name which means slim, which I have found quite interesting in the translation and origin of the name. I won't be placing their real name or LinkedIn profile as it will be giving them credit and that's what they crave as Vampires but kind of differently.

Why "them" if it is only one Troll, because I think being Troll is another gender on the top of 100 already noticed, they have their own nation, race, and gender, they are not humans, they Trolls, who knows maybe from ancient time, when indeed trolls did look different and live along with people, elves, mages, witches, this one simply survive within the error in their gen DNA, chromosome mistake to make instead of a person, an ugly troll.

Maybe one-day science will discover actual proof for the difference between Trolls and People.

It will be quite interesting to read in The Times - Trolls do exist and here is the proof. Research is done by Professors across the world from the University of Yale, Stanford, Harvard and Oxford, and Trinity. Read more - the research data. Date: 1st May 2067. I might live till this day.

Maybe AI will also capture Trolls and Press the Delete button for good. Oh, that's will be lovely. Isn't it? I feel special to be trolled across the globe. 😜🙃 Oh gosh poor Troll, what kind of weak lief you have and no hobbies to do what you do. No work, no hobbies and LinkedIn is the only voice which you have. Maybe Trolls are paid to be Trolls - who knows. But first let's ask who were the parents or lack of them to call Troll like this? Poor Troll with the first name meaning:

  • rail, fragile, thin, flimsy, faint, slim

  • sly, cunning, artful, crafty, wily, slim

Exactly Troll is rail, fragile, flimsy, faint, but sly, cunning, artful, crafty, wily...and that's the story of my first interaction with Troll. First and last. As of now, my sense of increase is to install notice and smash a troll by simply deleting and blocking.

But the swim, jacuzzi and run. plus weight lift and kickboxing were outstanding. I did like how my body release the troll once and for good.

Trolled me for a while and I have not noticed what is coming. Meaning attention, attack, destroy, revenge, hate... The Online and Real World sometimes can be nasty places.

I do like Trolls in mystic stories while being on the road trips, especially in Iceland, of the ancient Icelandic mythology but in a real-life, Troll is a nasty human which will do everything to punish you and get your attention, and even your network, contact and your client attention. The storm goes on.

We do not understand this word correctly btw.

Perfection comes from completion. And this post is my completion of the story and my mistake.

Middle English (in the sense ‘completeness’): via Old French from Latin perfectio(n- ), from perficere ‘to complete’

I contacted my employers, institute, college, school, platforms, Slack channels, my network, my clients to warn about miss spreading information by the Troll name' XXX" - Sly, Cunning, Artful, Crafty, Wily, Slim - that's what her name means and comes from the Irish Celtic Language and converted to English. But the name I won't post because it is not my style to punish or seek revenge. Better to confess your own mistake and move on. Release in writing and let go. Learn by own mistake. That's what I do. I take life into writing stories. Story Telling is good. Maybe as Designer, I will create an app for detecting Trolls. This would be fun! ;) Uff. Creative needs to have inspiration from somewhere. So here is inspiration from Life Learning Lesson.

I might write another post in relation to this one but my completion is done but for now, I am done.

I wrote this post to release, let go, learn myself and help those who can be attacked one day. It is not advice, it is an honest story of my mistake. Because I do mistakes, and I am not and never will or want to be perfect. Perfection is a utopia and does not exist.

At the end of the story whatever happens serves me the best. I really believe in it all my life and it does. You think that you might lose something, or you might be looser for a while but at the end of the game if you are strong, if you are responsible for your mistake, and think positively about whatever stuff happens, you are the winner.

That's what successful people do. They do mistakes but they lift up quickly and take responsibility for their parts and mistakes.

Here below is a story. Honest as much as can be including my fault behaviour. You are always learning. "Ancora Imparo — I am still learning" as said by genius Michelangelo's at the age of 87.

So let's be transparent and honest, because this is what I do on this blog, and see where the story will link me after.

  • I had been trolled online on LinkedIn over the weekend by an unknown person, a woman, based in the USA. She was never part of my network. I never experienced this type of attention seeker and for the first time after years of being an active user on LinkedIn, I was trolled and needed to educate myself about it as lack of awareness is my mistake. I am sharing links below.

  • Unfortunately, the story didn’t finish on LinkedIn as the online stranger contacted directly my network and insulted me by attacking and spreading miss information, showing snap of private, our messages by deleting parts and keeping only those in her favour.

  • Never give attention to Online Troll or Any Stranger, no matter how much they ask you initially for help.

  • She scammed me by first writing insulting comments under my one open comment for the discussions of a survey run by an international recruiting company about mental health support by companies and then asking for help on 1:1 and then attacking me in revenge, aiming to destroy me.

  • Was my comment controversial, maybe yes, liked it but some people, agreed with others, and never reported it by LinkedIn or the Survey company author, would I change not. I will take some time and I will write again exactly the same, but in my blog post to be safe from Trolls and Attackers who cannot handle the points of view of others.

  • I wrote what I think after almost 20 years of experience in office work from a point of qualified internationally not only Designer, Senior, and Leader but as a Holistic Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Masseur, Meditation, Mindfulness, Fitness Instructor, with qualifications and practice of work with disabled psychically and mentally challenged, emotionally, physically, psychologically and sexually abused both adults and children, including direct work with elderly, and qualification in Dementia, Alzheimer, physiotherapy etc.

  • Since the age of 14 years old dedicated to volunteering across 5 European Countries (Poland, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Ireland) for causes such as homelessness, drug addictions, human trafficking, physical and mental disabilities, orphan houses, lonely elderly companionship and care, suicide, animal welfare, environmental, sport and art project for above including the Special Olympics, work with Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, PTSD and many others.

  • I have PTSD but it is healed, because of the tremendous work done over many years and responsibility for own story. More about it next time.

  • Have I ever used my mental disability and emotional challenge to get attention, attack, and destroy by contacting someone with who I disagree, the network, private contact and even the freelance platform, where I work? No.

  • That's only what haters, evil people can do.

  • I was called several times in an open LinkedIn post: white, privileged, colonial capitalism ...who hate disabled people. How ridiculous this can be just because someone doesn't like your post?

  • But that's what Trolls do, get attention, attract, and destroy using all possible weapons and excuses including her pettiness and lies about her mental health.

  • Because her comments were insulting and I reported them and delete them, and later again I saw her comments so I deleted the entire discussion including my first open-minded initial comment, and other members’ valuable, confirming but also contradicting comments, all my answers.

  • None of the rest of the comments from other members were insulting. None comments her posts. All were various points of view on the same topic in form of open discussion, none else hated each other voice and thinking.

  • However, my mistake was that I didn’t block this user.

  • Then we started on 1:1, we were caught in an argument, which is my fault, my mistake as I should ignore it, blocked.

  • First I got to apologise, and she as well, then she asked for help, and support and first explained a variety of stories of her anti-social behaviour, self-harm, suicide (I reported those messages to LinkedIn), Autism, ADHD, mental challenge, unemployed, etc.

  • Then again attacking me. Vicious Circle. And I should let go. But I didn't and that's my mistake. I should delete it already and block it. But now, I wanted to help, explain, refer to years of experience, my own self healed journey to remove the victim mindset, and be empowered, own the story, responsibility etc.

  • People who really want help will seek and find, listen actively but now, I tried to help but her aim was not to get help but to get my attention and then attack.

  • Evil people do exist, Trolling is real. Jealousy and revenge are evil and people with poor mindsets might like to get hurt just because you are successful, you work, you exercise and you have your own word to say. And she did. She won to some extent.

  • She took snaps of our 1:1, deleted the good portion of the message, the one which was a normal adult conversation, apologises, wishing well etc, modified and twisted words and spread it around the world. Who does it?

  • A stranger from across the globe called: troll, scammer, catfish. Did she ask for money not, but she asked for advice, and I offered my time and indeed wasted an hour or more to help her and days to solve this, even this post is a sort of warning to myself and others to never ever interact with a stranger who abuses you by commenting your race, social class? Am I from a privileged family, of course not. Working-class parents, social flat, free meals at school etc. And if I will be privileged I cannot have opinions on the company's support to the health of employees on LinkedIn.

  • Is Poland a colonial country, I grow up in post-communism and have experience capitalism since my early teens. How you can even put those types of thoughts in your head and attack someone. It is not even relative to the main survey. And that's exactly what a troll and victim mindset person would do. And she won to a certain extent and that's only speaking low about the network and 1 specific person and the reaction. About that next time.

  • I do not believe actually that she is mentally disabled, I do think nothing that she has shared most likely is not even true. It was to increase my feeling sorry for her, then we exchanged points of view, and again which brought argument, including form of names, you are this, you are that etc. not abusing or vulgar, but indeed honesty speaking, could be classify as calling each other names, which was again my mistake to give my attention to a stranger, to try to help, support, explain.

  • What I was thinking? You will never win this way with a troll. The troll can only win when you delete, ignore and block. That's why we have those functions.

  • In the end, we both apologise to each other and wish each other well. Finished well I thought and I let go.

  • One of her last words was "I wish you the day you deserve" - now I think was creepy and indeed her plan was revenge.

  • Indeed, sometimes unsuccessful people, do hate successful ones.

  • I deleted the entire chat soon after and let go. I also noticed that she blocked me. That’s ok, her choice.

  • However next morning, I received emails from my network that this person is spreading missed information about me in a favour of herself, by attacking and providing one side of the story, including sending the snaps of private messages.

  • I reported this to LinkedIn.

  • Lesson learn. Trolls online do exist. They do everything to get your attention and to destroy you.

  • Is this Karma? Maybe, but let’s be grounded and not spiritual.

  • True is that those days just thinking outside of the box, and have different points of view can cause trouble. There is no more space for free speech and having discussion.

  • People do not write online, they attack.

  • I never was a Twitter user until a few days ago I open an account, I deleted Facebook long ago, and I am not an active user of Instagram and not a fun or user of TikTok so I might think twice about the next open discussion post on LinkedIn.

  • Be careful with who you interact with and if you notice any harmful, insulting comments or message delete, block and never ever get into argument.

  • We are all humans and we do make mistakes even after years of experience, both personal and professional.

  • 20+ in tech I never experience any trolling so there must be a first time. I am still learning as Michelangelo said at age 87.

  • LinkedIn is a valuable platform for networking, industry and company insights and recruiting talent head hunters, career offers but also has a downside, which I learned on the 13th of May, on Friday. Lucky Friday isn’t it?

  • I believe that this message will be helpful to newcomers and users of LinkedIn. The good side of the story is that I turned this message into a blog post. That’s what writers and designers do. They take life into their project and make the best of it. linkfluencer How To Handle Trolls On LinkedIn - linkfluencer LinkedIn is the most powerful B2B marketing tool of the 21st century for business owners and professionals – hands down. But some people are too afraid to use it. The internet is filled with trolls and haters, and LinkedIn is no different. Unfortunately, this has caused many people to avoid the platform altogether. Others are […] Written by Alex Pirouz Est. reading time 6 minutes 8 Mar 2019 Socinator How To Deal With Trolls On LinkedIn - Socinator Here are 7 tips that will help you handle trolls on LinkedIn cleverly and make you more confident about posting stuff on this platform.. Written by jyotigarg Est. reading time 7 minutes 28 Sep 2019 STOP Feeding the LinkedIn Trolls –They Want YOU To Get Upset. Anyway you look at it trolls crave attention. It’s easy to get upset and respond back with more negative spew. (39 kB) Written by Loribeth Pierson Reading time 2 min read #linkedin #trolling #trolls

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