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Love is in the air - Time for Love Poem

I have no idea when I wrote this one but it is my A2 format notebook so let's dive into Love.

The reason why love ended. Love. Each one. Must be treat special.

Stingy approach to life, read: save money for the future and no future with, no the same dreams, values, goals, life styles will eventually kill the love sooner than can even bloom. But without experiences there will be no poetry, songs, novels, movies, theatrical acts, art... Reading and rewriting this again brings awareness. Still not a mother, not a wife but free within values which I promise I will never give away for someone ever again. Passion, Lust, Attraction, Attachment is not Love. Lesson learnt. For my humble feeling and understanding, Love is that you go together through Life supporting not killing dreams but by making them united as one big dream, life goal, and purpose within the spectrum of the same values.

Love is in the air

So love as you would for the first time

Otherwise is just unfair

That's why people have affair

None of the rhyme

Is any crime

Honest speech

Now they call it hate speech

What a nonsense to be hurt by troll

So strangers do roll

So don't get sad

Or even mad

Don't talk to me about lack of money

That's not at all funny

If I could fall for all this

And I am just much younger Miss

Increase your ability to spontaneous trips

And in a nice restaurant give some good tips

Take me to do live gigs

And let's dance until being sweat as dirty pigs

My and your life was full of dirty smelly shit

So let's make it now the best seasonal hit

Otherwise, it seems as if trying to put a tint needle on a heavy hummer

Instead of feeling like dancing in the middle of hot summer

Bring me to magic places

Take me to the fastest Formula 1 races

So I could feel closer to the stars

And even hold Elon's hand and fly to Mars

And for the moment be in the space

You will see my smiling face

And that's worth millions

Even some folks say trillion

I wanna feel the stars

For real

Not with any peel

You know I am not a fan

And one of the reasons I dislike you as a man

It is your ability to stop dreaming

And believing

We do not need money to travel

We can hitchhike as heroes Marvel

I have done it hundreds times

It is so good as the interviews on Vice

Otherwise it is just grey

No any other colour, another the same boring day

I wanna be close to You

And sing the sweet song of birds instead of cow's mooo

I wanna be treat special

And receive treatment for the whole body and facial

I deserve all of that

Otherwise life seems as already dead

I dream about family

Maybe even a a son call Billy

And second one baby boy name Willy

And the little girl Lilly

With her twin sister Milly

So they could make each other silly

And none will question them by repeating constantly, really?

And maybe later on when those four will grow

one more daughter with a name Polly

So she would look as sweet Dolly

Years passed

And you never decided

Be just brave

In life real goal

As being on the high wave

So you will feel

In your heart as tall

And stop counting never ending pay bill

If you are not able to feel what I need and lost

Who I could love the most

Let me be free

We will sort out all the fee

As you know, I do not like to be fed with lies

But instead, bake a lot of pies

And I could be a mother

And meet the right man who wants to be a father

Have a lovely garden and little or big house

Where even Coolio would like the mouse

I do not regret killing

As the thought as you said doing it alone would make me a sick feeling

Though choice

But this was our last voice

Abortion is not an easy option

But sometimes better than to leave with adoption

Time is tic tac

This is a poem full of fact

What can break the love

Which never was pure as dove

More like a hot stove

Passion is not a love

It needs a cosy warm glove

Maybe one day one of us

Will end-up in the dust

And in my imagination

As there is no between us communication

I will play again with Murph

Who would be by my kids called Big Smurph

I see the Life point

Sorry for me there was never space for joints

Healthy LifeStyle

It is not as hard as converting 1 km to 1 mile

To let go, it is a big choice

As for the years giving away favourite toys

So be on this journey with me

Or as I said before let me be free

This was 2016, to Ciarán. June - Iceland = Freedom. Romance. Big Boom. The End.

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