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Need the inspiration to follow your dreams no matter of obstacles? Watch: I Used to Be Famous

And start to make your own Heartbeat!!! 🥁💗

My independent Review on Common Sense

This kind of movie does bring Good Change. An inspiring and motivating story encourages you and your children to follow their dreams no matter the obstacle. Amazing music, really good acting and indeed good shots, showing the real people, us. You could just feel that you are part of this community. A truthful story with educational, family, friendships and life values, teaches what is important and that sometimes there is a second chance to choose better and that it is worth saying no and taking the steering wheel into your own hands. The big fame needs to be turned away in a favour of the deeper but local fame. How many of us could do so? Knowing what really matters. Bravo for bringing up the aspect of hidden and visible disabilities. A unique and original movie, with a beautiful story of morals and friendship without borders. This movie is rare and we need more of that kind of movie. Tangible close human connections are worth everything. This movie is worth watching again and it will happen very soon! Thank you.

YouTube I Used to be Famous | Official Trailer | Netflix



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