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Networking - the biggest asset to get you to the dream UX/UI Design career!

Before we start. If you still looking to upgrade your skills consider this: Hi there! I really recommend that you take a look at the CareerFoundry courses. Sign up now to secure your 5% discount!

Networking is crucial and always be but only when it is done in

ETHICAL WAY with manners and good attitude.

This is actually the last webinar, to which I have attended from the 3rd of February, 2021.

Blog post is updated.

Check their new YouTube Channel because it is worthy.

You are more than welcome to join me and my Network on the biggest and the most professional networking platform ever. Off course we all know which one: Link to My LinkedIn Profile

The other good Networking Platform, which Jeffrey Coleman recommends in his valuable talk at the webinar is:

Create valuable connections offline and online, which expand your existing career path, the new one, which is upcoming or just add values to your present social circle.

Reach those NEW PEOPLE, become their audience and let them become yours. Mutual Interest brings the real perspective into your job search. Nothing else counts.

What is networking? Is this actually works? How can be done if you are newbies to the industry and no idea where and how reach those qualified folks.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your previous interests, groups and even skills to get where you want to be, but do not ever sacrificed people, especially those who add new extra pair fo wings to your old ones. Those who believe you, engaged you, appreciate you, like you and recognise you in the crowd, even after many years pass by.
Dublin or more now called Greater Dublin has 1.5 million people. Still small enough to meet in outstanding situation at one of Networking Event great person, who knows is your mentor as you had been his years ago.
Being memorised well from previous profession really matters. So be good to your students, teachers, co-workers, team leaders, bosses and always after you leave a good vibration and atmosphere.

Life is surprising and has a good twist.

Every Human Interaction Counts!

Here you will find tips from newbies, meaning me. New Fresh UI/UX Designer with background in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Art, Education, Yoga, Holistic Health, Wellness and so on...

So let's started!

Create Relevant Connection and Enjoy it even it is scary!

I've started to make network connections already for the last few months dedicating my time to connect online as well as offline with UI/UX Designers and Developers. To expand my professional network I follow various experts in UI/UX field, Product and Service Designers, Visual Designer, shared the posts on LinkedIn, upload pictures from UI/UX and Tech Industry Events and hashtag the main topics.

To expand my professional network and to go beyond my current connections, that are mostly co-workers from the previous position in graphic design, friends, and yoga, and holistic teachers, clients, and students, I evaluated my LinkedIn skills by selecting those on which I am now focusing on as there is a limit by 50 skills only per profile.

I engaged in articles, posts and reach even to those people as experts, who are not available to meet me now as they are based in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries Europe and also other than mentioned above continents. This is mostly for being well educated and engaged and ever-expanding.

I am currently live in Dublin, which is the most expanding Tech Capital of Europe, there are lots of events even free of charge, to which I attended already, by signing it up to Meet Up Group, The Eventbrite. I use to use those platforms mostly for Yoga, Wellness, Coaching, Holistic Health and also Art, Drawing, Painting, and typical hobbies as hiking or exploring Ireland. I attended in the past, before studying up for studies at Career Foundry at various Tech workshops, free events while doing my research where to study, but this time I decide to clear my Meet Up Profile and make it more professional goal-oriented.

This was a search process in myself, in life and in my journey.

Now I am sure, that whatever I have ever accomplished benefit myself, my wellbeing, my friendship circle, my family, my health but what really tick my heart, mind, and spirit is DESIGN. Design for people. Working with users while doing UI/UX courses made me realised that finally, I connected creativity with psychology of human interactions. I am delighted I found Career Foundry and Career Foundry found me through my best friend, Bea Mendyk, also UI/UX fresh born Designer.

Art will stay, as it is true to my heart, yoga I still practice almost daily with tuning my mind into meditation but most of my social life will gather around UI/UX as I find so amazing people at those events even before. Holistic health now is top class, yoga and meditation apps are born every day, art can be explored through virtual galleries. I am so well prepared to create them because of my background.

Now, I am one stream focused on my career path. I realised that without the main focus in one career, there is limited time to actually really get success in what you do and want to achieve. I must admit it took me a while to take this decision and after thinking and feeling about, meditating what really makes me happy plus what the most really is a benefit to my professional life, I took a step and make my Meet Up focused just on UI/UX and Tech groups.

Actually I felt lighter and brighter by realising that I can bring all my previous qualifications, skills, experiences to create amazing products, services as Mobile App, Websites and Responsive Design.

My LinkedIn now is boosting with designers in field of UI/UX in Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world.

I chatted previously with many people in this industry by reaching them with friendly hello.

I reached to connect with my Slack, Career Foundry student buddies and what surprising happens, one of my yoga ex-student from years ago, 2010-2013 found me on one of the Meet Up tech events and recognised me immediately. Carlos Anazco opened his eyes widely and couldn't believe own eyes that after so many years he met me. I wasn't remembering him as well but later positive memories appeared in my head plus he showed me all marketing emails which I as a yoga teacher, graphic digital marketing designer was sending to my students plus also personal wisdom thoughts on relative subjects. That time Carlos was a freelancer, now he is Head of Design for Strat Up, which delivers apps fro the transport industry in Ireland and the United Kingdom and also the USA. We meet already at other workshops and stayed long hours to chat about UI/UX. I must say it was an information interview already, for which I am very grateful for. He is my mentor I must say and he believes in me as I believed in him while I though him Yoga years ago. We will continue our meeting at the Meet Up groups and also planning to meet up at WeWork to review my portfolio. The Zendesk brought as again and DogPatch Labs. Yes indeed it was Zen at Desk as old fellows met as the old dogs in the laboratory of transition in life. From my path Graphic Design across Spiritual and Artistic to UI/UX Designer with the help of the Universe.

It is amazing how in the city of 1.5 million called now Greater Dublin, you merge again with good people to help you become of what you always wanted to be. Now I am so ready, ready more than ever before. Thank you, Universe for sending me encouraging, honest, trustworthy and friendly people on my path. Now it is time to reach for more networking, valuable connection through a LinkedIn platform which I discover as so beneficial.

While being on the previous workshops I exchanged numbers with few new people, who are already in the industry. Now it is time to reach them back again.

Networking can be found, it can be challenging but definitely it is worthy. Personally, I am in the middle, extravert, and introvert at the same time. Advocate is my personality according 16 personalities type. I have to feel a good vibe inside myself and surroundings to networking offline with my bright, famous smile. But after receiving so positive recommendations from my previous co-workers, managers, team leaders, my art students and holistic clients to which I reach now, I feel I am really amazing, helpful and positive person even more that I thought about myself. confidence is never too much although it cannot be mix with pride.

Networking, online or offline has to be done with mutual respect, dignity and honour in case of lack of response or engage just like any other human day to day interactions. The rule of manners applied everywhere including online and offline mingle with the professionalist as yourself.

I feel already I just love it and yes, indeed it is a great way of interactions, finding the same topic interesting to talk and be introduce to others the same-minded people.

I could list many names over here, but for now, I wish you that you get your own list with names, emails and phone numbers to connect to get into your dream job!

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