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Neurotechnology - the answer to health and social problems. The answer to Life itself.

Research Studies to my Master Thesis at Institute of Art, Design, Technology, Master of Arts, Design for Change.

Below are the various entries depending on my mood for sharing. Filters of speech do not apply in this survey. I use filters for shopping not when I am talking and writing.

This survey required openness and speaking your mind and it takes a bit of your time as it is a deep dive into yourself from a social-psychological point of view to research the public understanding of the meaning of human life. You might learn something about yourself about topics of #life #health #security #freedom #neurotechnology #neurotech #brainchips #bioniclimbs #smartprostethics #elonmusk so take part if you are interested and committed to speaking your mind. It won’t cover everything. It is just the beginning and it is part of my thesis at IADT, Master of Arts, Design for Change. If you want to bring a change to the world it might be the right place for you to take part in this #research.

Survey Questionnaire - Primary Research Methods - The meaning of human life is based on values, morals, ethics, freedom, health, and security of life. Is neurotechnology a solution to provide better health to those in need and even erase social problems?

Hello, My name is Katarzyna Hasnik, and I am UX/UI Consultant as Senior Principal Product Designer, Lead Design, Tutor and Mentor. I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies, Master of Arts, Design for Change at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. I am professionally interested in research about the public opinion about neurotechnology, with the focus on the brain chips which improve the physical mobility and the human standard of life in case of permanent injury, accident, sickness or disability with the focus on the smart prosthesis - bionic limbs. The topic of the survey includes general demographics questions, the meaning of life itself, ethical and moral values, the importance of physical and mental health, help and security in life, freedom of choice, and possible projection of the near future based on the current rising possibilities of neurotechnology trends and market research. The survey aim is to collect the points of view and hear the voice of the public to be able to establish a better, more user-friendly, modern and ethically established health system sector which includes the advanced neurotechnology to help create better solutions in a moment of serious physical damage to our body, like injury, accident or sickness or disability and to understand the present life insecurities and choices of survey participates. I am conducting primary research in form of a survey on the general public point of view as part of the Integrated Design Strategies and Communication Design assignment. I am grateful for your participation in this ethical value system survey. Your valuable answers are anonymous and are serving the purpose of my thesis. Thank you for taking your time and answering those few questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions related to the information above. I can be reached at my business e-mail at Please leave the email address at the end of the form so I can be in touch with you. Kind Regards, Katarzyna Hasnik

Hello All,

I will be grateful for taking the time on the survey which is part of my thesis project for my Master of Arts, Design for Change studies, Communication and Integrated Design strategies project.It is a survey which is socially philosophical so it takes time to answer the questions and involves dedication and because of that, it is worth taking part in it as you will learn a lot about yourself, due to interesting aspects on the various topics from freedom of choice, ethics, morals, human life, the importance of health, help and feeling secure, across disability, injuries, accident, difficult hypothetical life choices to brain and body implants, modern neurotechnology. The survey is so totally anonymous and serves the purpose of the thesis. It is part of my ongoing research studies about the modern solutions to the health sector systems in the area of smart prosthesis - bionic limbs.Thank you for being part of it. Designers do make changes in the world.

Have a coffee, tea, or juice and enjoy the survey, which will also help you to discover who you are.

Kind Regards,


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