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objets d'art

"If they refused to use anyone whom Miranda had fired at one point or another, they'd barely have any writers at all." - Devils wears Prada - random snaps of text from the book, which gives you a hint that nothing happens for nothing. The challenge brings unbelievable outcomes. Would the book and movie be created if life would not have this devil would be not alive in the skin of the boss? No, it would not be and the author of the book will be still writing just articles. Now, the story is a bestseller based on a real-life experience.





de Kooning - both Willem and Elaine


"Fashionable without being trendy

luxe but not ostentatious

unique without being over the top."

"I had just apologise - most sincerely - to someone for not being able to make my international flight land at the correct time and then for not being savvy enough to figure out how to avoid French customs correctly."

"I prefer Perrier to champagne and certainly a milkshake or a latte to a cosmos - so the chances she was actually drunk right now were slim."

"Why ever would you want to do that? No glamour there, just nuts and bolts."

"I couldn't decide if the question was rhetorical, so I played it safe and kept my mouth shut."

"Someone needed to tell that woman to go fuck herself".

"Between simultaneously, showing enough food down my throat, the hours of two and 6 a.m. to sustain me for the remaining twenty hours. It's like fucking Ramadam here - no eating during day light hours."

"Looked like hell, of course - exactly what you'd expect for someone who'd danced with oncoming vehicle."

"My little foul-mouthed temper tantrum."

"Before she fired me for breathing. When I thought about it like that, I figured it was for better to have gotten fired for screaming "fuck you" that it was to get fired because I'd brought bad two pockets of equal instead of two row sugars. Same outcomes, but a totally different bull game."

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