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Paper and Pen/Pencil is a toothbrush and soap - daily designer life tools.

Doodling Mindset is Priceless. I have to do more of it too. ;-) Sketch & Doodle & Illustrate on the actual Paper and after digitally. Have fun with your sketchbook or with random pages. Scan it and trace it in any program you might think about. In my case Adobe Illustrator. Doodling is fun, it eases your designer mind. Sketches cannot be final illustrations they are just sketches. The final illustration can be polished digitally. Enjoy the PROCESS of CREATION. Treat your Paper and Pen/Pencil like a toothbrush and soap. Daily Designer Life Tools.

I am right now making love with my scanner by scanning loose papers which found a safe place in my drawer for a long time, however not anymore. Enough of being there for a while. Let's get rid of it. Let's be more digital. Let's keep less. Let's clean up. Spring is Here!

I do not like to keep literally anything (super minimal lifestyle, however, I do have a tendency of buying from time to time and later after not using that much I do like to give to charities. I do believe because of that I have luck in my life as I literally gave and give the fortune. :D My faith, my luck! Happy days.

I do see value in re-selling. Brilliant those folks who do it. My ex-boss, Kate she was a master in it. However just, in my opinion, it takes too much time, so I do not practice it and prefer to support charities, of all kinds. So I gave a brand new shoe - burgundy, flat, lovely, leather because I tried to walk in them and I couldn't it. BANG! The charity was supported and I have found €20 on the street. Seriously! It is not the price of the shoes, but hip hip hooray. Money loves some.

Here I am not going to give the shoes on the screen just 3of I randomly kept doodles to keep my drawer empty and share with the audience and also with myself to have a look whenever I like to on some doodles of logos, done back in 2020 for few different brands under one client, mostly for the logistic industry. I do enjoy the paper very much, even more, when it is of good quality. Fineliners are my babies. The pencil when sharp can kill. FAST. I am in love with those tools a much as the magic moves of my mouse. It is like for Chef the knives. But I do like to keep my house empty. I used to be not a collector but I did like stuff, books, especially, or random nature objects from tone to shells, or glass mostly as a child. Book through of my life but a few years ago I decided to declutter anything that ai am not using daily, weekly or monthly. If I do not use it a few times a year, it is gone. I do have a quirky thought that objects do have life, but they need our push to move as they cannot walk themselves. How funny would be if all books can walk and find their next reader? Imagine that the entire library does start to walk now. They fly or walk or slide and get into your house and ask you or damn to be read as there is a lesson for you and you must obtain. You must submit it. All art painting and scrupulous get out of those fancy houses, pensions, villas, palaces, galleries and do decorate the poorest slums of metropolitan cities. This would look good, don't you think. How about historical masterpieces, they would be destroyed. Oh, forgive me for this nonsense talk let's just share the doodles. Doodles - Noodles. :D I am getting handy or hungry!

Oh, one more thought about shoes. I was thinking to keep that shoes and doing some quirky art with them or planting the flower but well, they were brand new. I walked once in them on the long beach in Tramore, Co. Waterford, recently in March, so in this case, making the art with it will be a bit of unsustainable living. So I hope those shoes will be comfy for some other lady. Even who knows maybe Ukraine lady who really needs support as she left everything behind running away from evil Putin and those brainwashed soldiers. Maybe those shoes will give her a new strength to walk in a new country and feel once again that she can walk towards a new path in life. No idea why the shoes were for me not the right fit even if they did feel right when I got them. Maybe my feet became smaller or bigger or maybe burgundy, the colour of dried blood had some meaning in it, whispered to me in the wind. When I walked on this long beach, I felt so free, so free, and boom thoughts came about those people right now escaping from the war of terror. How life is fucked up. "God" if you ever look at this, sort this out. Otherwise, I do not believe in you. How could I, if you are apparently omnipresent, omnipowerful, Omni-whatever and you allow this to happen for centuries. I want to the church there on the hill, looking at the entire town. This road trip was awesome! But in this church - I felt, that all of it is useless. So now when I watched the trailer Drive My Car of Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Oscar-winning adaptation based on my favourite novelist Haruki Murakami book, I saw this beautiful font: Al Fresco Basic: but wait a minute, first I saw the trailer Zero fucks given which most likely should be translated as I have this in my ass or I do not care as the French Original title is Rien à foutre and in Polish it is Mam to w dupie and I thought that with this beautiful font this text will be the best suitable. Soft, sensual, sexy, romantic, font and the harsh reality of life that compassion is slowly gone as there is too much shit going on everywhere. And with this ending, I share the doodles and the font and those movies. Burgundy shoes of dried blood are good for the next person! Maybe even someone will die in them and will be put in the coffin. Life is despair. From the moment we are born to the moment we die. But somehow still some of us try to be good. Chaos isn't good. Too much Order isn't good ethier. Freedom is balanced with the responsibility of being. How many things are done for money, is this war for money too, yes, oh yes, just like the movie I watched yesterday: The Contractor. Those Russian soldiers are not even paid, but if they would refuse they will be killed too. Putin, I wish you that you and everyone who supports you will be dead. Let the burgundy dried blood shoes walk on you. FIN! Like Napoleon Bonaparte. You were both short men with a psychopathic egos. Maybe it is time that the French will cut you off as the Russian did long ago. Revenge is the enemy of humankind, but what else is left in a moment of the war. Giving p freedom, and independence as Tibet did and none was looking, none stood for them actually, is discomfiture. Buddhism and the current Dalai Lama didn't save the nation of peace. Ukraine fight and I will be looking and surprising a bit, mostly in my prayers. I do remember Krym, Sevastopol and Odessa in Yalta. I do remember this long journey and border checks. It was a great time with my parents and even my brother. I was lost on the beach and I had found my way to the hotel. Followed the funky monkey, 7 years old child in a foreign country. Happens. I do like to be lost and I do like to find my way home. So please feel at home in Ireland as my back first time in 2005 just on holiday and then in 2010. Welcome to Poland too. My blood in my veins is Ukraine and Russia and every other country around Polish land. How we dare even take something from others if we all are one, humankind. Putin let your blood soon be dry. FIN, now the final! Heroic those who volunteer their lives. Let their blood never dry and let the freedom be inside you until become external once again. I am anti-war, but in this case, no war, Russia would take Ukraine as Tibet was taken away and swollen by Chine. In this case, war is the only option and the blood will dry on the streets. "God" you are not real if you will be you will not allow this, ever, not in the past, not now and not in the future. How dare you to be so dry, without feeling, not present, insensitive...or you just have zero fucks given as we never will learn. It is a game for some players, for some, it is the entire lives of them and their loved ones. Final FIN. 3rd try. THE END. FIN. KONIEC. Kinetsʹ (кінець Ukrainian), Konets (конец Russian) for Putin and Russia (this part which support Putin).

More about the Ukraine-Russia conflict for another time. When the poster For/Against will be ready! Keep looking, you mind find it.

Logistics make everything possible. Those burgundy dry blood shoes were not made in Ireland, although designed in London. Closing logistics, export & import with Russia is one of the non-ahimsa approaches in a political crisis like this, which cost the lives of so many already, 44 day of the war in Europe in XXI. How this even is possible. Zelenskyy is there, Nato is watching, people fighting. And some of us care more than others, but we cannot have the approach of zero fucks given here, as this can lead to world war number 3 (and million other wars since humankind). I do give care of it. Not on the scale as others but I do. I was not planning to write a blog post about it. But altogether my mind works like a network of my thoughts collection of reactions to various titles, situations and links portion of information in one post. Let's network us help others as god left us long ago or maybe was never here. We are here. All my prayers to those who lost others, who fight and who support. Amen.

Worth watching and reading:

Zero Fucks Given - Rien à foutre (I hva ethis in my ass, I do not care, I do not give damn fuck = Mam to w dupie) My next tattoo design style is based on Al Fresco by Laura Worthington font creation:

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