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Postcard to my Team

Being a Playful Team Member is the way to be! Having a great Team is half of success! :-)

My teams have traditions to send postcards while being on holiday.

Here is mine while visiting Copenhagen, Denmark.

Collection of random rhymes without edits, spontaneous. :D Enjoy being randomly creative on the random piece of paper with a random pen about random facts and random stories with randomly met people. Well those people are making the random weekend trip pretty amazing! Cheers Guys!

"Out Team is much younger than any Danish Queen.

Haven't seen her personally but to hang out in Christiania definitely will be much better with Salvador Dali.

This is a place for any type of Funky Monkey.

For all kinds of creatures. No matter of race.

I met even a few wild Horses and of course unfortunately one stupid Donkey.

But there is as well as we say in Ireland lots of silly drunk wasted Junkies.

The best smile on my face

Brings the fresh bread base

and morning coffee taste.

Not the famous Christiana...

When the sun is down, but still above the horizontal Tree

The Town in the middle of Copenhagen is called Free.

This brings natural Peace

and stress is released.

So the best is to drink herbal tea

and you can be again busy bee.

Lots of hugs from me to the whole world sending from here while tasting fresh beer.

But when the sun is down. Free Town.

Looks like Dublin is full of Junkies.

Not anymore colourful funky monkeys.

Freee Town is just called Free because of the free drugs which turn folks into rugs.

Stay away as it is better to be free internally within.

The idea of sending postcards is cool.

So I follow Mr Lee

as it is a good way to be.

Especially when the belly is full.

A bit of Danish siesta with Precel

before catching up the ride on the bike to fulfil the Danish style of being "like".

So join this adventure of weekends away before the next moon.

Hurry up it will be soon.

I have learnt how to chop nicely the carrot

and have stylish hair as a parrot.

From two awesome guys who have dropped their lives and have too tight ties.

And travel a lot, sometimes by boat.

One from Canada - off. course the only foreign word he can says is nada

Another from Australia, the never stop chatting Aussie from Auzolanda, the magic land of Aus.

I might take them to Ireland with a business model taken straight from The Wizard of Oz

While waiting for a delicious freshly made dish,

make sure your hair looks better than any wet fish.

This rhyme makes them radian

Especially the Canadian.

Australian is getting to the point "Let's do it! Now!"

Slow down Banana-bender. There will be time for the bartender.

Let's continue hanging on the boat on the canal around the Free Town,

and you Dear Creative Team, continue your super healthy free lunch.

I hope when I come back I won't get a punch.

For this cheesy full of nonsense rhyme. :D

So I will now say: Bye! Bye!"

Oh know I totally forgot about Little Mermaid - anyway she is lonely with a bird on her head full of .... so let's ignore her for now.

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