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Rules of Life to be told at school. Full Stop.

The below rules will help you thrive and be unstoppable. I came across them long ago in the random book left by previous owners. I have no idea who is the author. The search engines might help. I kept those rules in my personal-business diary for ages before they see the digital light of my blog. All credits to the unknown author.

Now it is time to share with YOU.

  1. On earning: Never depend on a single income. Make an investment to create a second source.

  2. On spending: If you buy things you do not need, soon you will be selling things you do need.

  3. On saving: Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.

  4. On taking risks: Never test the depth of a river with both feet.

  5. On investment: Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

  6. On expectations: Honesty is very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people.

Extra 7 rules which I do apply:

  1. Speak Truth even if it might hurt. Including yourself.

  2. Own your errors. Always. Admit. Learn. Move on.

  3. Know who you are. Know your own worth. Know the worth of others. But do not count that they will know yours.

  4. Do not throw rubins (ideas, values, ethics, morals) at pigs (low-quality folks).

  5. Do not lie, act, pretend, play mind games. If others do, leave quickly. You won't change evil.

  6. Leave the toxic environment of fragile egos as soon as possible. RUN! RUN!

  7. Do not care too much. It is all illusion (Maya) anyway. You. Me. Everyone will eventually die. Even today, tomorrow. Live your best! Panta Rhei. Memento Mori.

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