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SFD - Shift First Draft

Write all possibilities instead projections and shift the first draft in the story in the mind.

How to feed your head? Think twice or even more times. First things first - it is easier to cause the hurt than handle the hurt. Ask questions yourself on various topics: The Topic of Need

Do I really need

- this to be purchased, to buy, to have, to eat, to wear, to watch, to read (including this post), to go, to travel, to visit, to apply for, to change, to talk, to apologise, to ask, to hear, to text, to write, to call, to think, to feel?

- this type of food, sweet, new mobile, computer, car, new gadget, those clothes, shoes, house?

Everything is a lesson even the biggest mistakes, failures, or regrets. Those lessons sometimes might need to be repeated so you finally get it. Repeat as many times as it hurts not to learn from it and apply it.

As well as good moments of happiness, joy, success are lessons too. To make it progress, the wisdom of applying positive learnt lessons must. happen on regular basics.

Acknowledge what is happening and repeat it when it is well and avoid by changing when it isn't that well.

First start with internal process meaning on the thought, emotional, feeling level, action level and vibration. Is this action make you feel:

- happy - temporary or long term?

- guilty

- fearful

- blame

- regret

- joyous

- optimistic

- positive

- negative

- passive

- active

- good

- bad

- sleepy

- healthy

- vibrant

- tired

- classy

- elegant

- cheap

- nasty

- horrified

- and so on. You know the game. Play it wisely and often.

Ask question and answer will come within. Enjoy!

Do you wanna be a winner of your mind game - the story in mind which you say to yourself, repeat over and over - well you need to know the rules.

Rule number one - and the only one important to know.

Mind never sleeps and to become master of mind and win the self-talk you have to know the strategy of game.

Mind likes to play games. To win the game, you have to start ask questions.

From basic, fundamental of daily life to advance and fulfilling in the long run.

E.G. Does this snack make me less hungry temporary or for good?

Does this career fulfil my passion?

Do I love her/him/them?

And so on. Answers are all within you. You do not need to anything else or even anyone else to know what should/need/must/want to do. Simple Rule - Ask question. When answer is given, plan strategy.

Enjoy. The Life is a game within our own minds. The battle between white and black. Each party wants to win and it is up to you which one you will let win. So Mind your Mind by playing own Mind Game and Tell a New Story and Lead Your Life by constant choices. Otherwise the choices are made for you without you. Choose people too. Do not afraid of losing them along your path as on the chess board. The only what really matters is King and Queen within yourself.

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