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Simple categorisation of logo creation or a personal branding signature

Few steps before brainstorming

Category 1

Graphical Symbol itself or/and Brand Name or/and Marketing Slogan

Category 2

Typography and Text only in form of Trademark

Category 3

Symbol with Initials only - One or Two-Three Letters with or without Graphical Symbol

Category 4

Just First Letter

Category 5

Subcategories of symbol - build a story with symbols - comic - doodle - storytelling - each subscription comes with own logo/symbol, which reveal part of the business/personal brand

Example ideas for the logo/personal brand signature - "Logistics"

  1. Container/Delivery Parcel/Post/Box/Cubic/Square/2D or 3D with or without shadow, mirror, glossy effect

  2. Path/Road/Street/Flow/Fly/Arrow/Destination

  3. Solid Ground/Earth/Sea/Air

  4. Generic/Central/Cosmos/Cellular

  5. Truck/Vehicle/Car/Bike/Train/Ship/Boat/Airplane

  6. Person to Person/Hand to Hand/Smile to Smile

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