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What is to work Smarter than Harder?SMART Goals Techniques

Identification of SMART Goals Techniyqes is quite SIMPLE. First, get out of the Comfort Zone and Start to Use Your Brain Differently than until now. Set Goals and Reach the Success Bank - the potential within you which is already inside you! It is a place of abundance. Reach out within.

Set up your SMART Goals:

SMART stands for:

SPECIFIC - increase income by 20-50% from EUR170.000 annually to ...(calculate yourself).

Categorise each source of income and put it together as a big pile.

MEASURABLE - 18 months.

ATTAINABLE - by tasks.

RELEVANT - important, has to give improvement - you grow - money grow - you grow - it is a loop, one comes after another.

TIME BOUND - setting a time - in which You discipline yourself and your plan.

BIG PICTURE - VISUALISATION inside your Brain and if that's not enough, on the paper - the hard copy display everywhere wherever you can + digital form if that it is still not good enough.

Erase the old story and make space to create new one.

THINK DREAM FEEL PLAN a Big Picture of Yourself when You achieve the goal.

Chuck it down! Oh yeah! Smaller pieces are better to digest as the same with the pieces of beef. Otherwise, you can choke. For Real. Happens to one of my ex workmate. Thank god he was rescued in time.


Get rid of those who pull you down!!!!!!!!! Oh Yeah, add millions of exclamation marks and fucking do it!!!! Feels relief. AMAZING SPACE GIVEN - NEW LIFE!

Only have PEOPLE who support You, push you in and up! Speed up your process, help you on your path. Everyone else is a vampire as Artic Monkeys sign.


Implement your own Performance Strategy Plan and Track Your Progress.






  • ???

Do you?


If I knew I couldn't fail... I would be artist, designer, product manager, developer, creative director, head of design, dancer.

If I was sure it was the right thing to do... I would be with him, I would move to other continent, I would study, I would take a new exciting role.

If I have the nerve I would...I would open the own UX/UI digital agency design - art studio, I would back to teaching yoga and meditation online worldwide, I will continue the contemporary dance.

Are they big goals? Goals which are possible to make - I am making them right now! Just do it as Nike said and have remarkable Life.

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