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Soul Mate - Poem for Kids

Being creative is our human natural possibility - if not designing and painting why not creating poems and songs. Try it. It is fun.

You are the Lighthouse

Showing me the right direction in the darkness when I need

You are the thunder fulminating on me to awake me from darkness

You are the lamp shining in my bedroom when I read wisdom book

You are the star sparing in the sky when I make a wish

You are the traffic lights guiding me on my way and slowing down to keep me safe

You are the candle gleaming when I meditate

You are the torch lighten my path through the unknown dark forest

You are the fireplace warming up my body and heart after a refreshing cold walk

You are the sun letting me grow and be alive and awake

You are the moon bringing me the magic of the night and deep rest

You are Christmas Tree Lights shining joyfully bringing love and joy

You are the bulb bringing me cleaver ideas

You are the rainbow fulfilling me with beautiful colours

You are the Light of Your Soul and the Light of many others' Souls

Let it shine

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