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Step to 3D Origami

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Few steps to do awesome work with Origami.

  1. Adobe Illustrator - Instal Origami extension.

  2. Open Illustrator.

  3. Open Origami.

  4. Open artwork in Illustrator.

  5. Create Origami a layer in Illustrator.

  6. Copy key line, wireframe technical specification, from the key line layer and paste to Origami layer.

  7. Align key line in Origami layer within key line layer.

  8. Change lines in the stroke to be dashed for better visibility.

  9. Draw rectangles on the bottom and front panel.

  10. To open and close flaps follow steps:

- Select dashed line.

- Change the path to the angle value e.g. 92 degree.

- Refresh Origami and play around with 3D project of any shape at any time. ;)

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