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Steps to convert Colours with Pitstop

Simple and effortless process of conversion colours to increase a quality of printing.

Steps to convert CMYK Spot Colours to Pantones with Pitstop.

Install Pitstop first.

  1. Global changes (Mac = Cmd + Option + G)

  2. Expand standard folder

  3. Expand colour settings

  4. Remap colours

  5. Select channel

  6. Select spot colour

  7. Library colours (icon with 4 dots) or from PDF (icon with pipet)

  8. Main tool bar - select object tool

  9. Grab colour

  10. Grab fill as per point 6

  11. Define colour that you want to change - choose spot colour from the drop down menu

  12. Select spot colour

  13. Drop down menu (icon with 4 dots) - define the colour that need to be changed to

  14. Library choose Pantone from Pantone colour book

  15. If standard Pantone isn't in library, go to local

  16. Import/export - choose import - allocate defined Pantone from server/library/new branding/new colours in use (or other path)

  17. Now you can select Pantone

  18. Save configuration

  19. Run process of the function to apply it

  20. Check in output preview

Steps to convert CMYK or RGB to Process Black with Pitstop.

  1. Global changes (Mac = Command + Option + G)

  2. Standard

  3. Expand colour

  4. Remap colours

  5. First drop menu - select colour

  6. Select colour

  7. 2nd drop menu - user swatch

  8. To grab fill - select object tool (first arrow icon)

  9. Select the text or object to get a sample of colour

  10. Grab fill

  11. Apply grab fill

  12. The drop down menu - choose colour

  13. Drop down list - choose definition of CMYK

  14. Set the Black to 100 - press enter or move a slider to the end

  15. Set the overprint to on

  16. Save configuration

  17. Run process of the function to apply it

  18. Output preview

  19. Check by separation output preview

Variations of process

  1. Choose colour picker

  2. Expand document spot colours

  3. Chose legend colour swatch

  4. Press OK

  5. Ensure the Black slider and set up to 100

  6. Overprint is turned on

  7. Save configuration

  8. Run process of the function to apply it

  9. Output preview

  10. Colour separation - uncheck Black swatch

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