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How to stay curious in Design World? World Information Architecture Day.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

It is worth everything to Be Curious. To stay and never loose it.

Attending the #DublinUX webinar with Valuable Speakers during the world on the World Information Architecture Day blow my curious mind.

I would like invite you first to

and to watch in a spare time the webinar organised by #DublinUX during World Information Architecture Day on YouTube

Once upon a time, we all have been curious...

are we still curious or we lost it on the way of our career progress?

Newcomers curiosity sometimes might feel overwhelming or even anxious. Here are some questions and tips on how to maintain being curious even after 15+ years of design and how to balance it well for those who are just starting.

Metaphor of Curious Designer's Mindset

I am very Curious Designer, always hungry for knowledge like a very hungry caterpillar.🐛

We all know the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and the unique and necessary transformation of all acquired knowledge (eating phase) to quickly absorb it and transform it (cocoon phase) to finally become a beautiful and free-flying light and brave Newborn Butterfly.

The caterpillar has good manners at the table and share her knowledge with own network of curious and excellent designers. 🤓

Being so hungry it reminds me of: the Oscar-Nominated Animation 3D Animated Shorts: "Sweet Cocoon" - by ESMA | TheCGBros 🦋

  1. The question is how to keep all this design curiosity, adapt to the market/users/clients and never lose it?

  2. How to fit in a human brain all curiosity and stay tune to all this capacity of learning, as there is so much to discover and learn?

  3. How to not lose it while being in the best spot of the meaningful tune to the flow?

  4. Is this ok while researching to end up in the rabbit hole as Alice?

  5. How to trust yourself that your curiosity brings what you looking for?

  6. And if not, is there a value?

Who said this? If you think Good Design is expensive, you should look at the cost of a bad design. ;-)

Check out my website and you will know. That's a little twist to stay curious while reading any content. Researching independently is key in the Designer profession. Do not ask that other will find the answer for you. Stay curious all the time. That Clients will contact you only if they require a good design. "Contact me only if you require a good design, other than that look somewhere else."

If you really open your eyes on your existing products and service design, you will get curious what else can be than better. and how much is to strategies better? Too much to fix, well let's design well this time! Your Business is Your World. We call the business your baby. Stay curious about your world and baby and nourish well. Look closely in what kind of "world" we live in. Let's not put money on fixing but while staying curious on every stage of we will do it well from start! Design Never Ends.

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