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The Easter Poem - Follow the White Rabbit and let it flow. 🐰

Time for Creative Rhyming 🐇

Time to clear my notebooks as the adventure is calling. Big Wilde World. 02 April 2015, Easter, Dublin, Ireland

"I am Little White Bunny

And I am very funny

I like to be silly

And in the mid time I smell beautiful Lilly

I like to jump here and there

So nobody can find me anywhere

My joes are free

And tasty as cheese Brieeee

For this story I do not collect any fee

So open Your eyes wide and see

But before prepare for yourself a herbal fee

And once at least believe me

I would say

At first for this job I am never pay

I wasn't born in March or April but in May

And come on, I am not so small at all

Aha, I have as well beautiful pure soul

And listen, I am not so small at all

And I do not play anymore with a ball

I am old enough

Please do not pretend that you caught

To be honest

And I am not in my family the tallest

And for sure not the oldest

But even I would say I will be rough

And what you hear is gonna be tough

Imagine that now I put black suit

To put away Your Thoughts that I am still cute

To open Your closed mind

And you will be able finally to find

What is important and what is missing

And it is more needed then the sweet lover kissing

Or even necessary time to time pissing

I let you know about The True Truth, oh yeah Truee

Instead of hearing in the church constant Mooo

But before that

I will tell you few things about my Dad

Unfortunately who same people put on the Cross

Honesty hey were stingy as the worst angry wasp

Very sad story

But please do not worry

Because I am here not only once a year

That's actually totally unfair

That they close your heart

Which is not even anymore open for Art

They told you to work hard

And play once a week in Dart

Having lots of beer

Once a week have a lady called "Dear"

Instead of real gold Myrrh

They give you having shinning stones

Or fancy easily broken phones

So I am not coming here

Only once a year to remove your darkest Life fear

I bring to all of you all the time Peace

To everything what's wrong simply release

People are happy especially these Easter days

Instead of having a smile constantly on the face

As you know I am a little bit fat

But still very fast as Robin best friend as black bat

My teeth are even sharper than ugly Ninja Turtles Rat

And I have lots of Energy as 1000 WAT

Even Egyptian wild temple Cat

Never really moved, just frozen forever have sat

No matter where I go

People prefer to just throw

Dirty rubbish

So the Nature is almost vanish

They look for chocolate eggs

Instead of stand up on the legs

And together dance

To across religious and political fence

This world is a little bit weird as you already know

So please have a fun even when you see your Big Toe

Life is much better when you just laugh

So sing loudly when you take a long bath

And have a daily good real fun

Instead of temporary once a year tan

Make a giggles no matter of what

So your life will never be fraught

So from now on

Make a new life colourful tone

Bend to Earth your knees

And do not pay to church any fees

Just simply smile to each other

And appreciate Green Mother

Your Holy

Always Lolly




I see two mice

In your house

Just one Mouse

In mine

Believe me

Everything from now on will be just fine.

Happy Easter

My Dear Miss and Mr

Today I am home

So bloddly hell

Don't ring in the church the bell

Go to forest

Outside is sunny

Your the only one White Bunny

Follow the White Rabbit and let it flow. 🐇

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