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The Invisible Viking Princess

The story tale written in the middle of night after a night dream.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Viking Princess. She was so beautiful that sometimes, she made herself invisible. Why you would ask?

She did it because she could walk through the kingdom peacefully without being stopped and interrupted by others who endlessly wanted to give her a compliment on her beauty.

But mostly because she didn't feel anything of her was worthy except her beautiful body and face, her hair and eyes, her lips and cheeks, her neck and waist, her hands and legs, her nails and feet.

She wanted more than this. She wanted to be brave and strong. At the same time gentle and caring. Inside herself, she had a hope she was but unfortunately most people only could see her physical appearance.

One day she became so upset that all her tears dropped down on her cheeks as streams which became rivers vanish her own physical body. She became truly transparent merged with water which from her own anger which billed for so long became steam. Boom, no more Viking Princess was along between us. She was gone.

All people, all servants and the whole royal family including her upset and so nervous parents, King and Queen didn't know what they can do. they felt so last. They all live ger and miss her so much, however, didn't really know what she was really feeling and how upset and sad she was, how bitter and angry too, that none actually did understand her at all, none ever listen or ask.

So they all started to pray with love, hope and faith. They cold her gentle voice saying to them that she was initially beautiful the physically. They were so confused at first. Was she? They never really noticed her talents, her feelings, her dreams. Yes, indeed she was healthy and smart but mostly beautiful as that's what they prayed for most when her mother became pregnant. To be the most beautiful of all.

She asked them to imagine as they pray, to see her as a Light so they did try it and after a while, they could see her in the flame of Light.

From the flame of Light, another shape was appearing.

All f them saw a beautiful soul as she appeared in front of them. They looked around and they couldn't see any more crowns on their royal family heads or the sweeping brushes in their servants' hands.

Only what they could see is that everyone was a Luminous Light, shining together in One. Light connected with the whole Earth, Sky and All Universes at once.

She gently smiled at them they could see how good she was, how gentle to animals, plants, and people, and how loving, caring, brave and strong she was. How their own bitterness, proudness, rudeness, powerfulness, and possession cover their true eye of love.

They could see that in all of them as they all had the same qualities and skills. They could see each other as smart and wise, clever but at the same time silly and stupid and pointless. They could see their own beautifulness and ugliness all everyone everything at the same time. All at once.

They could finally understand and truly felt that internal beauty is sometimes covered and invisible because of the external factors. Sometimes quite opposite external beauty covers the more precious internal beauty and distracts to capture their minds to never open their own souls. Keeping for too long as all disappear and become irrelevant with time.

Open your Light to see the beauty in everyone and everything. At least try it. Nothing is too loose.

And all the royal kingdom knew now that she was also a very wise princess too. More than they ever even could imagine. (...)

Now it is your turn to continue as the story of a brave and loving Viking Princess who indeed once was a very lonely and sad one.

On the page, please add some patterns and shapes and colours to her silver dress made by her tears of loneliness and misunderstanding.

Enjoy your imagination and creativity.

This is your storytelling book full of positive and negative adventures described by words and drawn by your hand.

Life is never positive only, it has plenty of negativity too and it is up to us how we will learn from it and if we actually try.

By your thoughts, you create your life, maybe not everything but a lot, you can become anyone who you like to be at least in your imagination and in your dreams, and how knows maybe this will make you invisible so you become visible again by becoming someone else.

Think about of your strongest desire, concentrating on it with appreciation and acceptance of the present moment that can happen or can not happen at all. How do you feel when you chose each path?

By deep loving and strong wish and ream by seeing by your own heart, and then mind and deeply believing in it, you achieve it, you receive it may be fully in front of you but mostly inside you.

You are the bravest and most beautiful and loving Prince and Princess, who I know if you let me know you.

You are as strong and full of courage as Vikings but at the same do not hide your sadness, anger, bitterness, or loneliness. All must be it is loveliness.

Now it is time for you to create your adventure by writing and drawing them. Anything that comes to your mind in your thoughts and dreams is truly amazing even if there is sorrow, fight, or evil as everything can be uncovered and turned into new clay, new form, a new poem, painting, and a new life story. Invite those who are close to you and those who once had been close but somehow vanished from your life or total strangers and create your stories together.

Ask and it is given to you. Be honest and truthful. Scream if you need to. Cry if you need to. But do not forget on the top of all to love. This story was a nightmare of a brutal Viking Princess who fought and killed but when I took a pen after being awake I wanted to listen to her. So I ask her to let me write her story and this is what came up. Behind the brutality, anger, evil and violence is always a pang of sadness. Do not push away your evil and soon will become your friend and let you see the tears of sadness and sorrow. Then the evil might become true and turn into wisdom. Good and evil, beautifulness and ugliest are ultimately the same.

Your Big Friend

Yoga Teacher


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