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Thrive your Team by boosting your and their Health Management.

As a mentor, and leader with a professional background in fitness, Pilates and yoga, health management, nutrition, sport and holistic massage etc. I always encourage my team and teammates to do basic health management with no pressure. Especially when I ask and when I observe there is room for improvement. First, the resistance must be removed.

Then the fundamentals of health to implemented as regular habits to daily or at least weekly activities. This not only improves the individual life but also boosts the life of others around, the close ones and the teammates. But there is free will. The others including the leader might share tips, but the responsibility is always ly down on each specific person.

What I do not accept in my team is moaning, complaining, bringing up issues on a daily and weekly basis and not doing anything about it. This drives people nuts. Feeling sorry for everyone who has an issue is not actually compassion or pity. Unfortunately, many people do use their troubles as a manipulative technique to not do the job that they were hired to do. And there is no room for feeling sorry. Often, they are so deep in their unhealthy attitude to themselves that they do not even do it consciously. They act on autopilot. The leader's duty is to notice the difference and bring solutions so the entire team can thrive and the project design is accomplished well within the required project management deadline.

Thrive your Team by boosting your and their Health Management.

Take your responsibility for your own Health Management. Give the example to the team.

Thrive Together.

Below I share basic steps, which improve the physical, psychical, weight management and even skin to be, look and feel better, and beautiful. To wake up with the right attitude to work, to engage with colleagues on the positive bright side of life instead of starting the morning with complaints, moaning and whinging.

Why, because there are many more important issues to handle in daily life at work than to focus on people's personal lives. The current trend to maintain mental health at work is huge. The money which is going to improve employees' health is amazing. Well done to all companies. However, statistic shows that not so many people take and use the wellness programs offered for free by the companies. Why, because it is easier to complain than to take responsibility of own health and required changes in own life.

I do observe society's addiction to moaning. And I do not accept that in my team. I give tips, I encourage, I listen, I understand, and I do help but there is a limit, a healthy boundary, how much, and for how long can anyone be willing to listen to complain.

The Healthy Team means Healthy Project Management.

If your body, head and life are in a mess, how could you not bring mess to work? There is a deadline for improvement. Resources are given, free of charge, so use them wisely, apply and choose a change.

1/ Proper Sleep

Why? - Balance hormonal levels, proper digestion, absorption of vitamins, and minerals, which regulate proper weight management, conditions of nails, hair, skin, ageing, figure, health physical and mental.

Better Sleep - Better Day - Good Sleep - Good Day. This is that simple!

2/ Move Your Body Daily

Why? - As above, your hormonal management is improved, and oxygenation of your blood is better, which means your brain has more oxygen, naturally, by improving your digestive system, you remove the fat by implementing the habits of moving.

Whatever feels good, do it daily. No need for heavy training, which most people quit based on research and their own working experience in fitness, gym, yoga and pilates. Make a physical movement, which brings you lightness not resistance. It must be joyful, so you will continue for longer. The longer practice even light one brings overall better results than short and heavy ones.

Walks stretch, dance, running, workouts, fitness, aerobics, step, (if not at the gym, buy step online and do it at home), yoga, qigong, tai chi, kickboxing etc. Try and find what you like the most.

Outdoor walks are better than any activity indoor. Walks help to breathe deeper and let the body learn to adapt to weather conditions. Put on a rainy coat and go outside especially if you spend all day indoors. Go at any time of the day, and see the sky, trees, grass, clouds, sun, stars and moon.

3/ Get Naps

Why? - Especially when you awake in the night and stay active. Sleep is all that really removes tension resistance in the body, and head and adds heart, mind, soul and spirit.

4/ Massage
Fancy a one? Well, you can do a bit of it every day for yourself by yourself.

- Why? Again, by doing it you help your face and body relax. Bloodstream and lymph flow a bit faster. When you wash your face twice a day, touch your face with your fingers gently, and then squeeze and pinch a bit, bit by bit. When you are applying facial cream or body lotion, do it too. No need for self-massage tools. Your hands and fingers are enough.

Put Home SPA into your weekly (preferably at the weekends) practice. Have a good bath or shower and then do a bit of self-massage. If feels good, do it more often. If feel pain, a stiffness in the node, a bump, etc. check with a medical practitioner.

4/ Hygiene
Daily, twice a day, morning and evening showers, fresh clothes, smell well.

- Why, do we have to mention this? Well, because people who feel low, usually do not take care of themselves. Also, people, even adults, are not always well educated about the hygiene level required in life. The standards of hygiene increase each century and each decade. Why be hygienic? Not only to feel fresh but to be clean and kill germs, and bacteria that cause the odour, meaning the smell of unwashed sweat. Access to water, cosmetics, detergents, and washing machines, clothes is available to most of those born in XX and XXI in let's call "progressed and progressing countries". But it does not mean that everyone applies the daily and weekly routine of cleaning their homes, cars, and bedrooms, bathrooms, changing bedline, towels, changing clothes, doing laundry, and washing, flashing well toilet, using toilet brush and detergents.

Mental problems including depression, anxiety, addictions, and lack of self-esteem, do cause a lack of hygiene of own self and the environment. It is part of the symptoms of early-stage depression etc. or other mental illnesses. This must be addressed, gently, otherwise, the bullying might happen. When it notices, it cannot be ignored.

5/ Stop Pushing and Compering

- Why, do we have to address this? That's the addiction of society. No more overdoing workouts, as only bring resistance to long-term practice, and in the end failure. Pushing with comparing over and over again, to multiply unknown folks (e.g. online personas Photoshoped) does not bring effect. It does not work. Better to find 1 role model in your own life, even a stranger in the gym, who is a real person and have him/her as an example. Even better you as a leader, be the example for others in your team or find another team leader or team member to do it together. Join MeetUp groups. Get out of the shell and be with REAL people, not online fantasy examples. Rest the brain, and eyes from scrolling and comparing. Each scrolling does bring the level of compering. Level up to your own level, to your own goal.

Let go so-called imperfection of your body, fractions, details, spots on skin, love handles, belly etc.

Let go overthinking of those parts and places of your body and instead accept and love your skin, belly, thighs, and love handles while you are stripping naked, undressing, dress on. taking baths, showering, looking at the mirror, putting on cream, lotion, and oil, washing your face, and hair, and looking at your face, and body.

Address what you like to change, and improve but with love, kindness, and acceptance, and no anger, pain, or sadness.

Love Faith, Acceptance, and Appreciation make miracles. Pray, or do Reiki whatever you practice, but never build up resistance, envy, or anger toward yourself and others.

Only help others, when you can give an example. The picture (visual example) is better than 1000 words. Never preach, give an example. And make sure that you are maintaining your levelling up and not going downhill when helping others. Slipping is easy.

Enjoy your own process of leading and let others lead you when necessary. Be open to receiving and giving. Never just take. Never just give.

Thrive your Team by boosting your and their Health Management.


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